Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uff ye garmi

Muscat is undoubtedly one of the hottest places I have set foot on and I am not at all enjoying this fucking unbearable heat. Anyone witnessing the sauna type climate for first time is sure to have his balls burnt (literally) and would anyday like to jump in an ice pond. Don’t believe, judge yourself

*Water for bath has to be collected night before since water available in morning taps is boiling hot. Also its better to cool the collected water with ice-cubes so that its somewhat bearable next morning

*Pickles, bread and all other eatables have to be kept in fridge, otherwise be ready to eat fungus infested or naturally burnt food. Imagine eating cold pickle or icy bread

*Before leaving Delhi I had planned of purchasing sunglasses from one of the swanky malls here. In hindsight it was a bad decision as due to initial exposure to the blinding sun my eyes have literally burnt and are now full blown black. I won’t be surprised if anyone seeing me starts ye kaali kaali aankhein…

*Skin on my balls has started wearing out what with all the sweat accumulating down there. I initially used talc powder to absorb the drippy sweat but it seems the enormous sweat pouring out easily beat the soft powder making my balls resemble outgrown vegetation. Fuck I have even forgotten the name of ointment to be used and am too embarrassed to ask anyone around. But the irritation of sweating balls is no joke, it can burn like hell

*6-7 bottles of water have to be consumed everyday else risk dehydrating yourself. Worse water is not free here like India and is actually more expensive than petrol. So along with your monthly expenses budget something for peene ka pani too

*A C always has to be kept at maximum limit but its no guarantee that you will be comfortable. Last night I had AC running at full blast but still felt the heat rubbing my round ribs and lovely ass

*As I said that AC does not solve all woes, so even in an air-conditioned car you continue to feel roasted. Although sweating will not occur under a running air conditioner, but it will not diminish the heat much and legs and limbs will continue to experience that burning sensation

Now is there anyone willing to join me in this interesting weather?


  1. first of all,i love pesto sauce.the actual thing,i.e.i had it in Barbeque Nation once,and we bonded for life,pesto sauce and i.

    as for the ointment,try using coconut oil + talcum powder (a mixture),it provides oodles of relief when you have that horrible burning sensation.

    hot weather sucks,i know.nothing u can do about that.and that is why i wunn suggest anything.just do fun blogging.

    nice blog,btw :)


  2. The heat is unbearable. I knew this before! But I never realized the extent of suffering you guys go through!

  3. But ur from Delhi originally arent u? I never thought I hear someone from Delhi cribbing about the heat. Things must be really bad!

  4. i know how bad delhi heat can is impossible to survive without A/C..and there are so many ppl who can't afford a/c's in india..

  5. *Pesto
    It's mostly between 20-25 deg cel in Bangalore :-|

  6. KHEHHE!
    Now i enjoy this opportunity to laugh! All the while you enjoying ur beer and bare the brunt of heat.

    Now that eveyone's into giving u tips..i'll drop a tiny one too..
    Glucon-D piyo.(spell check required, but its the same Glucon-D available in India in different flavours, now a new Lemon too..which costs on ly Rs-25)
    Let me know if you don't get it there..
    I can courier the same to u ;)

  7. OMG, you poor thing ! I lived in Barcelona during the summer, but that was obviously nothing compared to your ordeal.

    Ballsweat is definitely no fun ! I'm glad that I don't have to find out.

  8. i feel better about 45 degrees that we experienced 2 months back in Delhi and also feel better about being a woman. no great balls on fire.

    hope you find relief

    and when will the weather be better there? its raining here :) on n off

  9. It's ridiculous and right down scary!!

  10. why would you describe the condition of your male anatomy here! LOL!

  11. Awwwww man the heat sucks. You're speaking my mind!

    And ahem for your skin problem try Skinoren. It's a great ointment. Speak to your pharmacist if you can apply it on irrtated skin :D

  12. That is crazy.. I knew ME was pretty hot but I thought that was only outside.. I didn't realize that even inside with the ACs it gets so bad.. and the boiling water from taps during showers, that is the worst!!

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