Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot favorites

The first time I had watched a hot scene as a kid on newly launched uncensored Star Movies, I had felt something strange and good, it was my first erection. Since then Hollywood has not disappointed and I am recounting few of my favorite ones here, categorized as per the effects they leave

Gives a fever
– Evan Rachel Wood is spunky as a desirable teen. Love the scene where one girl first seduces her friend’s neighbor and then eggs her friend also to kiss him, both finally having him together

Hot Spot – this was first hot scene seen by me and in my innocence did not why someone should put mouth into the male zipper. When a friend apprised me of the act I was flabbergasted as how can one suck that! Yuck

Cruel Intentions – watch the climax of second part where the hero goes to his girl complaining of his step-sister’s behavior. Soon the step-sister steps in and he discovers to his horror that they are both lesbos. It finally ends with a threesome of sorts

Erects something somewhere
Dead On
– Shari Shattuck is mind blowing hot as the bored disgusted wife. Watch out for the long dialogue and flashback where she has it all the time from back

Sexual predator – the intensity of scenes is simply unbelievable, depicts real commitment

Zebra Lounge – shows a couple looking out to swing. Good stuff

Absolute turn-ons
– Demi Moore is Goddess of Erotica. Clips of this film are still considered the benchmarks for any female shedding her clothes to please men. Moore showed what gifts a woman can really give

Basic Instinct – no I am talking of the second part where a threesome was so hot it had to be deleted. Sharon Stone has seductive eyes and expressions with that butterscotch body and in this deleted sequence she manages both genders

L Word – the series is not shown anywhere outside West but clips are available on net. Never knew so many lesbos could have so much fun

Wild Things – undoubtedly one of the hottest scenes ever. Dennis Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dimon turn it on big time in perhaps the best threesome ever shot; watch it in context of movie and will leave you with a sexy sensation for atleast few days. Parts two and three also tried to copy the threesomes but could not match this one


  1. Demi Rocks, even in ghost!
    agree with Wild things, it was a hot scene!

  2. he he .. Reminded me of my first encounter he he :)

  3. Agree to bebo....Men will be men....but Demi Moore is surely *Drooling* kinds :P

  4. Haha, agreed with shona. MEN WILL ALWAYS BE MEN!

  5. Thrice I came here and couldn't read it cuz I guess its NSFW lol

  6. Check out a film called "Shortbus". The sex is real - the actors actually were required to have sex, not fake it.

  7. I agree men will be men! no doubt about it!

  8. LOL... Good one. Interesting choices, actually. :)

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