Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot favorites

The first time I had watched a hot scene as a kid on newly launched uncensored Star Movies, I had felt something strange and good, it was my first erection. Since then Hollywood has not disappointed and I am recounting few of my favorite ones here, categorized as per the effects they leave

Gives a fever
– Evan Rachel Wood is spunky as a desirable teen. Love the scene where one girl first seduces her friend’s neighbor and then eggs her friend also to kiss him, both finally having him together

Hot Spot – this was first hot scene seen by me and in my innocence did not why someone should put mouth into the male zipper. When a friend apprised me of the act I was flabbergasted as how can one suck that! Yuck

Cruel Intentions – watch the climax of second part where the hero goes to his girl complaining of his step-sister’s behavior. Soon the step-sister steps in and he discovers to his horror that they are both lesbos. It finally ends with a threesome of sorts

Erects something somewhere
Dead On
– Shari Shattuck is mind blowing hot as the bored disgusted wife. Watch out for the long dialogue and flashback where she has it all the time from back

Sexual predator – the intensity of scenes is simply unbelievable, depicts real commitment

Zebra Lounge – shows a couple looking out to swing. Good stuff

Absolute turn-ons
– Demi Moore is Goddess of Erotica. Clips of this film are still considered the benchmarks for any female shedding her clothes to please men. Moore showed what gifts a woman can really give

Basic Instinct – no I am talking of the second part where a threesome was so hot it had to be deleted. Sharon Stone has seductive eyes and expressions with that butterscotch body and in this deleted sequence she manages both genders

L Word – the series is not shown anywhere outside West but clips are available on net. Never knew so many lesbos could have so much fun

Wild Things – undoubtedly one of the hottest scenes ever. Dennis Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dimon turn it on big time in perhaps the best threesome ever shot; watch it in context of movie and will leave you with a sexy sensation for atleast few days. Parts two and three also tried to copy the threesomes but could not match this one

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nice time away

This weekend was a long break with many days off, so while everyone was planning a trip somewhere I was left some what stranded wondering where to go. Initial plan was a short trip to Abu Dhabi but with the Visa not coming through I was left clueless with literally nowhere to shake my ass. As a last moment plan I ventured out to explore more of this country and decided to visit Salalah, a hill resort south of Oman for a couple of days

I am glad I visited Salalah for the place has a truly breathtaking beauty. On appearance it resembles Mussoorie, Ooty or any other good hill station replete with cool weather, lush greenery, abundant water and coconut trees. Infact its hard to believe that this was a place in Middle East and not South India. Nowhere could I spot date palm trees or sand dunes nor was the scorching heat visible or felt; instead I had plenty of coconut milk and enjoyed the cool breeze and waterfalls. Fortunately many from my firm were holidaying there so I tagged along with some of them and when they were unavailable, ventured on my own. Most interesting thing I perhaps saw was an anti-gravity road where a car moves ahead on its own without any ignition effort! Strangely this road has no signage on display and can be easily lost in obscurity. Had this been India many temples would already have sprung around with all speculative theories of ghosts and deaths doing round. Perhaps the only low point of this trip was that it was a bit heavy on pocket, having been planned at last minute

Meanwhile I completed another year of my existence last Friday. I was a bit skeptical initially as where to celebrate since this was my first birthday outside India and in a place I am slowly getting acclimatized to. Most of my guys had already left for India so I decided to celebrate alone and in style. I went for a deep sea cruise in the morning watching dolphins play which was remarkably spectacular; myself going deep into a clean sea on a high speed boat for first time. There I made friends with a guy who accompanied me to a nearby cabaret bar in evening where we had a bachelor bash complete with beer and lovely bar girls. Must say one of the girls is real tabahi, she is absolutely smashing to look at and also dances provocatively. What more she resembles my first crush and can match her dancing skills too. My friend had a surprise birthday song played for me and all the girls blew kisses to me, sadly they were only flying kisses. My new friend gave me another surprise later footing the entire bill

Unfortunately holidays do not last forever but the rigmarole of routine life does which I am sleepily accepting since today morning

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Status Update

My life seems to have come to a bit of halt after all the excitement and exuberance in the last post. Two of the three chicks are now out, either backed out or kicked out and the only one remaining will take time to move from chats on phone to rubbing nude skin on bed. The first chick whose parents met me for matrimonial prospects declined my interests and for a full day I felt the agony of rejection. It does hit somewhere deep on being shown the door by a pretty chick; it doesn’t matter if I have not even met the girl personally. The second girl, who has been busy with my brother in India, did exchange a lot of mails with me and she did appear genuinely interested till she learnt my full name and linage. We did talk once where she discovered who I really was and as expected, never spoke again. My brother too chipped in with his share of discouragement, saying the girl is modern partying types hence not suitable for me. I wonder what he will have to say about me if he reads this blog someday. The third chick, my constant flirt companion, is making steady progress and hopefully I should be able to taste her juices in a not distant future

Meanwhile Eid holidays are coming up and all my pals are busy packing for a short trip back home to India. Even some guys who arrived here later than me are also visiting their places, already missing their folks. It’s a bit strange that I have never missed anyone here and in a way I am glad that I am away. My relations back home had hit a nadir so much so that I was yearning to run away, any place in the world, expecting some peace of mind and I have not failed my expectations. Its not that I have painted the town red in this city or if I have had a real kick ass time, but atleast there is contentment and have some what escaped from the negative dogmas dogging my life back home. It is strange how one can grow out of the same people one had lived with but I desperately needed to break away to emancipate from ill-existence where even domestic servants mocked at me.

However on a positive note I am happy to have now settled in this new city and new country which has given me a sense of optimism in life, so badly lacking for a long time