Thursday, October 27, 2011

India here I come

There are certain things in life which are expected to evoke and incite emotions, but when they don’t cause much scratch it puzzles more than it amazes. Tomorrow morning I fly to India on my first and only trip this year; while visiting back home should be exciting I am not very sure as to what I am feeling right now. Maybe it is because that it took a lot of effort for me to get here that I am not giving much to going back or maybe I am finally relieved being away; but whatever no one can deny that home is and will always remain home

I have an interesting menu on offer this time, after all I am now looking for my very own dulhan; tomorrow I fly to Bangalore where I will be joined by Mom along with whom I will scout around for couple of days before proceeding up north on my hunt. A week later I return to sadda Dilli; same environs I left back last year and not very sure if and when I will return. Apart from this there is other usual stuff – trip to Vaishno Devi, buying Indian authors, exploring investment options …visiting home can indeed be a stuffed bag

Being away from India, few things at times look a bit too different like for instance last year I found Delhi to be very noisy upon landing and total city to be too congested. However it is the same noise that we all are made of which I missed like anything yesterday when I had to pinch myself repeatedly to believe it was indeed Diwali for there were no loud celebrations visible in this Indian dominated city. Having got so much used to crackers, noise and smoke that make up Diwali I was badly missing the euphoria so decided to celebrate my own way and trudged off to watch RaOne premier, after a long time I could enjoy a typical Bollywood potboiler. In this city I have watched all sorts of films, its not that expensive here and also there’s not much else to do, so after going through all that mundane cinema seeing a real entertainer was good fun

On the aside going back also brings my own apprehensions to the fore; I was never too comfortable living with my folks and always wanted to be away. After coming abroad this will be my longest visit back, so don’t want any demons of past to come and haunt. There is no bigger wealth in the world than peace of mind and there is no bigger happiness than to be content in life; now that I am finally getting to taste a bit of what I desired I don’t want any of the bad days or any memories of it to come back

Looking forward to positive things, I have to wind up many things here before I fly and only have a day left, I am still listing down things to do as I type this. Its funny how we are always short of time, no matter how much we plan; those last minute runs are so much built in that they hardly surprise anymore. But hey am not complaining, all said and done its fun to go back…India here I come

Monday, October 17, 2011

Expect the unexpected

My life till now has not been too exciting that I can expect moons out of it but then I do not think I am wrong if I expect some stuff to go right sometime. But then someone up above seems to be having different plans for me each time something pertinent comes around

If you have read some of the below posts, you will know how much I cursed and cried while shifting to my new place. I have not settled in here fully yet and many times wonder couldn’t I have stayed back there a bit longer? Perhaps good things in life do not come often and when they do perhaps they are not meant to last long

Staying outside India, managing finances becomes a different ball game whose ropes I am just now beginning to understand. Thumb rule of the game is that it is easier to predict catastrophe but the fluctuating exchange rate should never be chanced upon; I am still ruing upon spilt milk as the exchange rate went up unexpectedly, a bit of prudence here and I may have made a bit more

In middle of all this my personal life or the lack of it, seems to have unexpectedly beaten all expectation of bearing any fruit. The year is almost drawing to a close with neither any signs nor any suitable marital prospects around; maybe there are some games I need to master a bit more

Meanwhile if all this was not enough, comes the unexpected and disturbing news of my firm reducing headcount in head office in Dubai. Last year after arriving in this country I had thought of doing away with job hunting and switching for a while, almost since the time I have started working I have always been looking around so thought its time to relax a bit but then for me perhaps it is a crime to expect any comfort even for a while. I started updating my resume only yesterday which itself seems a big chore now, maybe in this corporate jungle one has to be always on the go

Expectations are best mood spoilers for they cause dissatisfaction setting the bar too high at times. Perhaps life will become a wee bit easier if you always expect dirt, believe me then atleast the probability of getting hurt will diminish substantially. As I write this I am having a running nose and symptoms of cold, which again is unexpected in this hot desert country. How the fuck can anyone catch a cold in a place where 39 degree is considered pleasant? But then as I said expect the unexpected