Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life changes every four years

Cricket World Cups are indeed one of the most exciting and looked forward to events in our country; infact I doubt if anything parallels the euphoria and excitement of this event, tinge of which I can feel even here outside India. World Cups are an important milestone and after having watched repeated reruns on TV of past World Cups during bygone weeks, I couldn’t help but smile how my life has changed with every Cup that I can recall

This was a young boy just understanding the game and life. An age of pure innocence, the world seemed to comprise of Hansel and Gratel characters; I wish growth was less associated with loss of innocence

The young pup had now begun growing up and was grappling with adolescence, that too in a hostel with hardened molesters for company. I recall the India Lanka game in Delhi, many had escaped to watch it live on ground and remaining were glued in TV room, while I had a sizzling hot make-out, one of my firsts, in a closed dorm

This was the age when dreams were made. I had just finished high school and was about to change cities moving to Delhi, where I would reside for the next decade. I was also dealing with my first heartbreak, something so common for this tender age; infact I don’t think cricket was much on my mind as I now discover many hitherto unseen games of this edition during numerous TV reruns

The malaise gripping my present life had just begun to set-in, only I had failed to recognize the initial symptoms. I was about to finish my studies in a year and was eagerly looking forward to life, planning many things but did not know someone up above had a different script in store

Life had hit a nadir and much like this World Cup, my life was non-descript by all standards. I sometimes wish 2011 was 2007 but then those agonizing years taught me patience and tolerance; hopefully virtues which will never again allow me to be cynical about life

This is a bright young man who is enjoying his new found life, all the more gratifying as it has come after a long wait. He now understands that life has its crests & trough, at times life does throw lemons but also has its share of surprises; only those who take rough with smooth survive. Also he is now looking to settle down in life, a phase of life that he recognizes will bring its own challenges

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What guys look for in girls and what girls look for in guys


1.Sex appeal
– men adore women who have good sex appeal, one of the key factors which initiates attraction. Its straight and simple, needs no elaboration
2.Attitude – no point having sex appeal if not backed by right attitude, its like wearing school uniform over sexy lingerie, spoils everything. Men especially like bold and broadminded females who can take own independent decisions
3.Compatibility – all men like to relax after a hard day’s work with friends over a drink or two. Now its essential to be compatible as friends first before entering the complicated world of relationships
4.“Trophy” factor – now this is important as men like to flaunt their possession; it always gives a high when you know others are envious of you. I won’t be surprised if Facebook soon comes up with a new button which captures expressions of old mates when they first view your sizzling new companion
5.Understandability – men have certain needs which women need to understand although it may not be easy for them. Men like if their wives understand and allow them to visit strip bars, maybe tag along once in a while
6.Values – now this may seem a surprise and a bit contradictory too but guys actually don’t like sluts


– a very key factor as no girl wants to be seen with a dumbo. It’s a guy’s intellectual capital which makes the first pull
2.If not height then charisma – girls like men with personality, someone tall and handsome whom everyone wants to meet and greet, someone who can hold his own anywhere and someone who actually has a pull
3.Wealth – need I say more, deep pockets are a must else all is waste. Now don’t curse me, I know this is not the be all and end all hence not put it first
4.Emotional security – ever wondered why girls need men? It’s a man’s heartfelt love which gives an unmistakable security
5.Career – no point in being seen with a tall handsome and caring toilet cleaner, he may love you with all his heart but ultimately its that hot-shot investment banker who matters the most
6.Sense of humor – girls like men who know how to use their mouth (not literally, ummm…maybe literally too!). All girls want something new, something exciting, something funny – a man with a good sense of humor can have good conquests too
7.Commitment – I put this last because this matters the most. Commitment is to women what sex is to men. Period

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bridehunt: dilemmas abound

As someone looking for a life partner through the arranged mode many thoughts, views, suggestions keep pouncing in my mind and unsolicited opinions from self-proclaimed gurus further complicates the process. I know I am not the first one facing these dilemmas nor will I be the last but that doesn’t make it any easier for me

Chick from Delhi/other metros vs smaller cities – Metro girls are perceived to be fast, demanding and into boyfriends (not my humble opinion but what I hear from bade buzurg) while small town girls are more adjusting though what I have seen is the other way round - metro folks are more exposed and more in sync with life

Working vs non-working – I have been advised that housewives look after domesticity well while working wives are spendthrifts and do not share their incomes but instead send it to their parents. Again my observations are a bit different with all girls being shopping freaks across every breed and creed, better if she shops with own income. As far as sharing salary is concerned, it boils down to DNA of person - whether she wants to build a home with me or remain stuck with her parents

Staying with parents vs staying alone – girls staying with parents are thought to be more controlled, obedient and disciplined. Maybe true but a bit of independence can work wonders; caged existence is no good and breeds contempt, who knows it better than me

North vs South divide – now as someone having roots in South but having been bred in North a major dilemma with no clear answers is if to look in North or South. I maybe a Southie in terms of linage but I am a hardcore North Indian in terms of taste and living, so there is a language and culture issue with Southies but a caste issue with Northies. I myself don’t know which world I belong to, both being so different and contradicting (reminds of 2 States by Chetan Bhagat)

Modest family vs well to do family – again bade buzurg are of an opinion that someone from a modest background will be more adjusting and compatible than someone who ushers in own wealth. There may be some wisdom here but I have mostly seen humble originers become shopaholics and spendthrifts post-marriage, its a bit like atoning for something missed out

Lifestyle issues – now this something I may have to work out on my own for I am neither a party freak nor can I boast about having trendy friends but am also not averse to having a good time. Finding the right balance is tricky

In middle of all this basically what I am looking for is just a person with whom I can connect somewhere – am I demanding something too much?