Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 For Me

When I look back at 2010 many things come to mind, moreso as last year was a slightly better one and the years before that have also left a lasting impact, so it becomes a bit tricky to label this special year. As every year draws to a close, it gives an opportunity to look back upon the 12 months that have gone by and the sweet and sour memories they have left behind; and when I look back at 2010 many things come rushing into my head as I try to speedily type on keyboard

For me 2010 will always remain a very special year, this was a year where I accomplished what I wanted to since 2007, this was a year which gave me confidence that I can do it in life, this was a year which lifted me personally and professionally, as this was a year I finally managed to get a good job and better life outside India. 2010 gave me the hope and optimism that I was looking for long, it gave me assurance that I have it in me, it reinforced that I am not always born to lose

The first three months of the year can be categorized as the most trying as I was not very sure when I would get to leave for Muscat with my Visa not coming through; the old known cobwebs of doubt and fear raising their ugly head time and again. Finally when I did get to travel to Muscat I was not sure as to what will await me in my new city, myself never having stayed away from home and always condemned to a lowly life, perhaps one of the reasons I wanted to run away. But I have to unabashedly admit Muscat has been much better and comfortable for me than I ever expected it to be, in fact when I visited Delhi in November it was clear where my new home was

2010 was also a year of self discovery where I discovered more about myself than I had previously known. It is fascinating how less we know about ourselves unless we fend for ourselves and understand ourselves in much detail. I learnt that I can make good friends with interesting people, I learnt that I do have some elegant tastes which need more honing and I also learnt that I can survive in adversity

Ohh before I forget 2010 also gave me a girlfriend of sorts; this chick is indeed hot, fun and sexy and enjoys flirting with me. The only regret of the year has been that I have not been able to kiss her as yet, maybe a bit more mardangi on my part and I will eventually taste those inviting saucy lips

As 2011 beacons, it is going to be a year where I will have to make one of the most crucial decisions of my life in choosing a life partner. I am aware that it is going to be a tough call, I am going to walk on a road which has been much travelled by many in the past but very few have come out successful having made the right call, it is a tricky road on which the most experienced slip and which has no logic of success yet I am going to walk on it and I am not afraid. I am aware that sometime in 2011 I may have to say Yes to someone, having made up my mind to settle down, and right now I can only hope and pray that I make the right choice.

Monday, December 13, 2010

When good men slip

Recently one of my friends here had sex with a cabaret bar dancer; of course he had to pay for it. I was very surprised to learn this though his fascination for bargirls was never hidden going by how he lavishly splurged on them while enjoying their hypnotic body movements and pelvic thrusts. I used to accompany him and also enjoy with him all the bright lights and gaudy dances but was a bit taken aback upon hearing his disclosure; admiration from distance is something else but taking the plunge is something else altogether

However I could always sense a bit of disillusionment and discontent in him, maybe that had something to do with his deciding to hit the bed. Unsurprisingly my hunch was proved right when I met his wife - average looking, narrow minded, and hospital like cleanliness freak. I am sure that had my buddy been a bachelor like me he would have contented with a girlfriend here and enjoyed life but never gone the distance that too doling out dough. Its evident that his plain Jane wife eats his head like a termite and whenever he gets a respite from her, he tries to make the most of it though I have to admit that the chosen bar girl here was a mast pataka, her sizzling dances in short skirts and high boots do make the butter melt

After his admittance last week, that too in a late night drunken stupor outside another cabaret bar, I wondered what makes good men slip and take the plunge. There can be various reasons from lust to loneliness though I strongly believe men are not alone here; bored housewives and naughty chicks also do seek thrill though not openly. One of the most unexplored reasons for slipping, common to both genders, is the loneliness which creeps in modern day lives and the resulting in satiated craving for intimacy. Many nights when I have been alone in bed I have looked around hoping to find someone in whose soft arms I can find rest, my soul peace and my body sex. It is a loneliness which hits many men, mostly at mid-life, but which females sadly never understand much.

Last year when I slept with a whore it was culmination of a combination of reasons – curiosity, loneliness and of course lust. I never felt any guilt after that my only regret being perhaps not opting for the sexy Spicejet airhostess. However after that I was also a bit disappointed for sex with a stranger, that too who does it routinely, was not what I expected; it is making love with someone you have crush upon or whom you truly adore that gives a high – the looking into eyes, soft nibbles, gentle rubbing of nude skin, caressing in arms, masti in eyes – a touch of heaven it is. There is a sense of indescribable warmth and intimacy that consenting female bodies provide and nothing believe me nothing, can match that. It’s a woman’s heartfelt love, affection, warmth and sex that can make man a man and whose absence makes good men slip badly

Monday, November 29, 2010

Is it too tough to let go of past?

This weekend I was at a cabaret bar with my friends enjoying the raunchy and sizzling display of flesh complete with gyrating hips and pelvic thrusts to the tune of loud numbers; besides friends I also had booze for company but in between all the noise I started losing myself somewhere and recoiling in the past bygone days. I was enjoying the late-night enthusiastic show being put up by young girls and also cheering them on but in between and almost all of a sudden, some scenes from past came flashing by along with small doses of pain. It was not the first time and sadly not last either, when episodes from not so pleasant past have come to haunt me from nowhere and I find myself drifting into a world I have left behind and would like to forget very soon

I am aware that some episodes from past can haunt in good measure when alone but then from where do they come and bother in a cabaret bar of all the places? My mind was tuned to the voluptuous babe dancing invitingly in front of me, her twists and turns were evidently well practiced and certainly well admired; she would not let me leave early egging me to stay till end of show and just when I am beginning to enjoy myself in heaven memories from hell abruptly reappear. My past has very little to do with sleaze or seduction, its only after coming here that I have started enjoying good things of life so from where the fuck do tormented relationships jump into my mind just when I am being turned on?

It was not the first time that past has bothered me nor do I think it will be the last. Blogpals who have been coming here often are aware why I so desperately wanted to leave India and live anywhere abroad, but now that it has successfully happened why do the bad bygone days keep reminding of themselves again and again?

Lisa Ray recently quoted that key to happiness is to have a short memory; coming from someone who has so bravely fought cancer the words do have a ring of truth to them. But what Lisa tacitly implied was that happy people are also strong people; Lisa though a stunning beauty in appearance is also a very strong person never compromising on her own identity

We all have a past, some have more bitter ones, but why is too difficult to let go of the past? Instances of past hitting like bullets at times can cause and do cause pain and ideally are best forgotten. But as I keep finding the hard way, a future is yet to happen but past has already happened and nothing can change that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Refreshing home trip

My trip to India went off well and was everything that I anticipated it to be. If you read my below post I was undecided whether to feel excited or indifferent, not sure how this visit will take shape, but at end of day I am glad it all went well

After landing the first think which struck me outside Delhi Airport was the noisy ambience with cacophony of voices and blaring sounds being a far cry from the calm surroundings of Muscat; outside Airport I could spot the pot-bellied police cops relaxing in afternoon sun while the frenzied crowds screamed and shrieked – all this seemed so normal sometime back but so different this time. I was myself amazed as to how a little time away can make regular things look unnatural; however I must confess the new terminal looks swanky, modern and world class – thank heavens atleast something of international standards is there

Upon reaching home everyone was expectedly excited and happy to see me and note how my appearance (thankfully) had not changed much. During the next few days I spent time at home, I went shopping at malls, caught a movie, dinner with my folks, rode in new Delhi metro, took a tiring and expensive trip to Vaishno Devi and also a visit to my old office after my ex-boss had invited me over for coffee. And not to forget there were loud deliberations at home on my marriage with all chipping in with what I should look for and what to be careful about, its rather fascinating to note everyone’s take on marriage for it also somewhere reflects their own marital experience. In between all this I also bought some alcohol and a porno DVD combo where I later discovered the scenes were censored!!

Before flying I was cautioned that first trip home is nostalgic, a week will seem like a day, one won’t fell like leaving and will always wish if the days can be stretched. However I will not deny that I did feel some of these emotions at times but only after a couple of days I was thinking when I would get to fly back, I was after all missing my naughty bachelor life here and moreover it was those restricted environs only from where I had ran away from. Also I decided that my next visit next year would be only for a week and not the eligible month; I would go bonkers if I stayed there long.

Day before yesterday when I eventually landed at Muscat Airport and took the waiting pick-up for home and settled into my bachelor pad later, I felt this where I belonged and this is where my future lay

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going back

I fly off to India tomorrow morning and will be there for a week; my office is closed for most of next week so makes sense to make a small dash home. Visiting home or native place for first time is sure to be exciting but am I really excited?

I am excited because

*C’mon visiting own people is fun and after all nothing in world can beat your own room, own bed (maybe a blonde accompanying on bed can beat)

*First visit so all will be curious to hear me and my tales about the city I have been living in for now. My good and not so good experiences should be listened to with some interest

*Have already been planning this visit for sometime and am glad that ticket booking dates and holidays have fit in perfectly; I had blocked tickets a month back taking a gamble on holiday dates and was overjoyed when dates coincided

*Have bought gifts and all for everyone so this shows I care. Now I am not a big buyer but then first visit home, that too from a foreign locale, does call for mementos and gifts. Not carrying any gifts would have been grossly wrong

I am not excited because

*Going back to the drudgery that I left and I despise so much, who in his senses would like to recall all of that?

*Have grown apart from my folks but anyways its only a short visit

*Always believed better to maintain distance than become too close and develop ill-will

*My past and uneasy relations still haunt me here, so where the fuck does any excitement come in here?

*My Eden is here where I intend to build my future so should be more excited by my stay here than visiting home

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And the flirting continues…

Yesterday evening I called up my flirt partner, having not flirted with her for some time I was feeling something missing. Thankfully she was available and in mood giving both of us a good time

Me: Hey long time
She: long time? Since what long time, we have not done it once (giggles)
Me: oh come on, you know other day I had a bad dream involving you. I dreamt you were dropping me off in your gleaming red sedan and suddenly you stopped car in middle of nowhere and started molesting me. I was shouting help, help… but you didn’t stop
She: I am sure you would have enjoyed the dream, it wouldn’t have been scary
Me: so are you planning to make my dreams come true anytime soon?
She: if you want me to…
Me: I am sure you must be smiling, you have nice smile and nice skin; should show more of it
She: what will you do with it?
Me: I like your soft flesh, have many plans to do many things with it. But we need to be fast else I will do it with that Russian in Dubai
She: do it na…you really want to do it
Me: yup…but then I think about you and stop
She: why about me? That’s going to take time, do it the next time you go there, I am sure you will enjoy her you flesh eater
Me: make that flesh admirer; can never keep my eyes from your satin arms and cleavage I always try to stare at
She: keep staring only, as if you need an invitation to proceed…

I am not sure where all this is progressing but I am enjoying the journey before the destination though I wonder when the chats on phone will fructify to cuddles on bed – if anyone has ideas please share, I fly off to India this weekend and will be glad to implement them upon return

Addendum: guys, gals and fellow commentors - this chick is a sherni over phone but bakri otherwise (drawbacks of staying with parents); tell me how to break her shackles first, breaking of membrane will follow

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When will I understand love?

When I was studying in college a close friend of mine had a very monstrous mother, she was full of devilish attributes and hated by all, so much that I still loath the image and sight of her. She would easily be the most unreasonable and cruel woman I have ever known but my friend loved her no end. I could never understand then (nor can I now) how could one like, let alone love, a person so devilish and unkind. But my dear friend was different: she indeed loved her devil incarnate mother

I am aware that daughters are more attached to their mothers but this kind of love, which ignores cruelty and forgives brutality, is still beyond me. I have also come across other countless stories of such so-called love, and not just limited to India, where wives love their nasty and drunk husbands; where daughters still yearn for affection of their fathers who had secretly molested them during puberty; and of girls of my generation who crave for bad boys known for their ill ways

I have tried and made attempts in past to understand better what this kind of love actually is but all have come to nought, the only time perhaps I came somewhat close was during an Art of Living discourse where I realized that true love is actually beyond rationality and logic. And someone like me, who relentlessly tries to analyze moon and stars understandably will never understand love which explains why I have to think hard whenever it comes to love; someone told me once that I should start here by keeping a pet to atleast understand affection first

I also heard somewhere that true love is the one which hurts; now I did not even attempt to know what this means, after all novices can never learn rocket science

But yes I do understand lust, if not love, and a lot of it. I have now become regular with visiting cabarets here and love the uninhibited flesh display there; I am a porn freak and enjoy good quality stuff; I have made out with guys in hostel and enjoyed it no end; and off late I can do a bit of dirty talking as well

But over and beyond the enticing lure of lust lies the tender care of love which I am still trying to decipher. Maybe in the past I have been ignorant of my own failed understandings but now that I have to somewhere start making something of this damned life, I better begin to understand a bit of this illogical thing called love

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dazzling Dubai

I returned from my trip to Dubai last evening which was indeed exhilarating and exciting. I found Dubai to be an international city crowded with nationals of all countries from Europe, Asia and North Africa; a city comparable to Hong Kong and Singapore, the only two foreign lands I had been to before coming to Muscat. However unlike those two places Dubai still has some way to go for its knee-jerk attempted overnight development is all too visible.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to Dubai was to meet my office colleagues with whom I had only interacted over phone till now. Its always tricky to put a face to voice and words as it can be surprising how different people can actually look from what one had imagined. However it was good catching up with all and they too were happy to see me

As a city I found Dubai to be full of malls, beaches and babes; comparable to any of the concrete jungles sprouting all over India having a frenzied lifestyle. One of the flagship malls at bottom of Burj Khalifa is so fucking big; it can take ages to go through all floors. However Dubai does have an amazing nightlife not easily found at many places or atleast the type I had not seen before; only Bangalore of 6-7 years back is somewhat comparable. The hotel I was staying in had so many discos and pubs that the loud music did not let me sleep, infact not just the watering holes the entire city is alive till late night

I had heard many interesting things too about Dubai and was curious to explore so one night I jettisoned off to a known nearby hotel and entered their disc after paying entry fee. Upon entering I saw the floor all decked up with gaudily clad females of all colors and nations waiting and eying men around. I worked my way to the booze counter and after taking my drink ventured around the floor. Soon I found girls coming up and offering their services at different rates depending upon length and duration. One Filipino claimed to be good in blowjobs, one Moroccan expert in massage and one had me touch her soft tender flesh all over before quoting her rate. Now there are limits before a man can succumb to temptations and I too found a Russian difficult to ignore. I negotiated with her for oral variety and both of us came out of the disc together for planned rendezvous. However the deal broke off when she summoned a taxi and wanted me to pay for fare also (which was not told to me earlier) after which I came back. Thank heavens the deal did not materialize, I remember the after effects of last time I had slept with a whore.

After my office training was over in Dubai my cousin came from Abu Dhabi over the weekend and showed me around town. Dubai is full of gora chamdi, a reason why South Asians now find it unaffordable, hence the amusement avenues and their rates too are suitable only for whites. Next day I was shown around Abu Dhabi including the huge mosque and the stunning Emirates hotel before flying back to Muscat. The only days I miss home is when I have to do my household chores and believe me cleaning my bachelor pad upon return last night was no fun

Finally I am glad that my long awaited trip did materialize and was some real memorable stuff; next trip there may take a while

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chewing gums and relationships

I had commented on a blogpost sometime back on how chewing gums and relationships are alike. They are remarkably similar, my justifiable arguments given below; I am sure those who enjoy chewing on gums and have been through the grind of relationships will agree with me

1 Both taste very sweet in beginning, freshness and newness makes it refreshing
2 Both give sweet tingly juices to start with
3 Both come in different size, shape and flavors, chose as per your taste
4 If you taste one for first time, it can give a real hitherto un-tasted hit
5 Both become stale after initial euphoria and use
6 Even after knowing that they are past prime we still try and yearn for those wonderful tingles it gave at start, all the time unnecessarily stretching it long
7 Both taste best alone, never ever mix with anything, else taste gets rotten spoilt
8 Both come with an expiry date
9 Excess consumption of both is bad for health though we never realize or accept this
10 When the taste wears off, best if both are discarded for good

On personal front I fly off to Dubai in a couple of days and will return next weekend. Since this is my first trip there I am damn excited; have heard all good things in life are available openly and in plenty in that city, will keep all of you posted

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Whats up with me

*Saw Anjaana Anjaani this weekend. The film is such run-of-the-mill affair; you wouldn’t feel you have watched a new film at all. Jesus save us from the new breed of directors and bring back the dishum dishum of 80s. Only highpoint of the film for me was the burqa clad female seated adjacent to me who went wild upon seeing Ranbir’s striptease

*Last Thursday had been to a new cabaret bar, easily the raunchiest place I have ever been to. The females were clad in sexy, skimpy, shortest possible skirts and high leather boots, wildly gyrating to hot numbers. I was there till 3 in morning and for once felt really turned on; in fact was about to tear my shirt upon seeing a special item maang meri bharo (remember Mamta Kulkarni) complete with wet hair, see through blouse and special lighting effects. Man that girl pleading on floor and opening her legs was real stuff, more intoxicating than half bottle of whiskey I consumed

*Few days back I stumbled upon photo album of Akash Banerjee. Akash was with me in Hindu College and after viewing his album I feel he is one of the most amazingly talented people I have known. I was not much friends with him in Hindu but this guy was immensely talented,easily the best orator around campus those days. He is now a journalist with Times Group; perhaps that’s where he cultivated this rare gift of photography - anyone interested in photo journalism who happens to view his album will never be disappointed and infact I can vouch will not be able to close the window soon.

*My below post saw some guarded comments and understandably restrained response. Porn and sex is for men what shopping is for women, so guess some tacky posts can be allowed in once in a while. I have also started surfing porn in office as I now have a corner seat with a hidden monitor and no server to catch my hits

*My flirting with my potential girl friend is going fine and on course though she has made it amply clear that she will never sleep with me. How on earth can these girls know the real intentions? Guess females are endowed with a sharp sixth sense when it comes to men though men foolishly keep staring at other juicy endowments

*I have joined a gym out of compulsion to try and somewhat control my burgeoning body fat. Life in this city is so comfortable, I had initially thought living away from home I will shed a lot but now it seems I will have to fight real hard to control my waist line. The gym for the record is pretty ordinary and nowhere near the trendier ones seen in India

*Meanwhile my Dubai trip should be happening soon. It has been coming for sometime now and should hopefully materialize in October. I was slated to travel much earlier and for reasons known and unknown, it got delayed time and again though I am not complaining. October is anytime a better time to travel there than torrid peak summer heat

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot favorites

The first time I had watched a hot scene as a kid on newly launched uncensored Star Movies, I had felt something strange and good, it was my first erection. Since then Hollywood has not disappointed and I am recounting few of my favorite ones here, categorized as per the effects they leave

Gives a fever
– Evan Rachel Wood is spunky as a desirable teen. Love the scene where one girl first seduces her friend’s neighbor and then eggs her friend also to kiss him, both finally having him together

Hot Spot – this was first hot scene seen by me and in my innocence did not why someone should put mouth into the male zipper. When a friend apprised me of the act I was flabbergasted as how can one suck that! Yuck

Cruel Intentions – watch the climax of second part where the hero goes to his girl complaining of his step-sister’s behavior. Soon the step-sister steps in and he discovers to his horror that they are both lesbos. It finally ends with a threesome of sorts

Erects something somewhere
Dead On
– Shari Shattuck is mind blowing hot as the bored disgusted wife. Watch out for the long dialogue and flashback where she has it all the time from back

Sexual predator – the intensity of scenes is simply unbelievable, depicts real commitment

Zebra Lounge – shows a couple looking out to swing. Good stuff

Absolute turn-ons
– Demi Moore is Goddess of Erotica. Clips of this film are still considered the benchmarks for any female shedding her clothes to please men. Moore showed what gifts a woman can really give

Basic Instinct – no I am talking of the second part where a threesome was so hot it had to be deleted. Sharon Stone has seductive eyes and expressions with that butterscotch body and in this deleted sequence she manages both genders

L Word – the series is not shown anywhere outside West but clips are available on net. Never knew so many lesbos could have so much fun

Wild Things – undoubtedly one of the hottest scenes ever. Dennis Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dimon turn it on big time in perhaps the best threesome ever shot; watch it in context of movie and will leave you with a sexy sensation for atleast few days. Parts two and three also tried to copy the threesomes but could not match this one

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nice time away

This weekend was a long break with many days off, so while everyone was planning a trip somewhere I was left some what stranded wondering where to go. Initial plan was a short trip to Abu Dhabi but with the Visa not coming through I was left clueless with literally nowhere to shake my ass. As a last moment plan I ventured out to explore more of this country and decided to visit Salalah, a hill resort south of Oman for a couple of days

I am glad I visited Salalah for the place has a truly breathtaking beauty. On appearance it resembles Mussoorie, Ooty or any other good hill station replete with cool weather, lush greenery, abundant water and coconut trees. Infact its hard to believe that this was a place in Middle East and not South India. Nowhere could I spot date palm trees or sand dunes nor was the scorching heat visible or felt; instead I had plenty of coconut milk and enjoyed the cool breeze and waterfalls. Fortunately many from my firm were holidaying there so I tagged along with some of them and when they were unavailable, ventured on my own. Most interesting thing I perhaps saw was an anti-gravity road where a car moves ahead on its own without any ignition effort! Strangely this road has no signage on display and can be easily lost in obscurity. Had this been India many temples would already have sprung around with all speculative theories of ghosts and deaths doing round. Perhaps the only low point of this trip was that it was a bit heavy on pocket, having been planned at last minute

Meanwhile I completed another year of my existence last Friday. I was a bit skeptical initially as where to celebrate since this was my first birthday outside India and in a place I am slowly getting acclimatized to. Most of my guys had already left for India so I decided to celebrate alone and in style. I went for a deep sea cruise in the morning watching dolphins play which was remarkably spectacular; myself going deep into a clean sea on a high speed boat for first time. There I made friends with a guy who accompanied me to a nearby cabaret bar in evening where we had a bachelor bash complete with beer and lovely bar girls. Must say one of the girls is real tabahi, she is absolutely smashing to look at and also dances provocatively. What more she resembles my first crush and can match her dancing skills too. My friend had a surprise birthday song played for me and all the girls blew kisses to me, sadly they were only flying kisses. My new friend gave me another surprise later footing the entire bill

Unfortunately holidays do not last forever but the rigmarole of routine life does which I am sleepily accepting since today morning

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Status Update

My life seems to have come to a bit of halt after all the excitement and exuberance in the last post. Two of the three chicks are now out, either backed out or kicked out and the only one remaining will take time to move from chats on phone to rubbing nude skin on bed. The first chick whose parents met me for matrimonial prospects declined my interests and for a full day I felt the agony of rejection. It does hit somewhere deep on being shown the door by a pretty chick; it doesn’t matter if I have not even met the girl personally. The second girl, who has been busy with my brother in India, did exchange a lot of mails with me and she did appear genuinely interested till she learnt my full name and linage. We did talk once where she discovered who I really was and as expected, never spoke again. My brother too chipped in with his share of discouragement, saying the girl is modern partying types hence not suitable for me. I wonder what he will have to say about me if he reads this blog someday. The third chick, my constant flirt companion, is making steady progress and hopefully I should be able to taste her juices in a not distant future

Meanwhile Eid holidays are coming up and all my pals are busy packing for a short trip back home to India. Even some guys who arrived here later than me are also visiting their places, already missing their folks. It’s a bit strange that I have never missed anyone here and in a way I am glad that I am away. My relations back home had hit a nadir so much so that I was yearning to run away, any place in the world, expecting some peace of mind and I have not failed my expectations. Its not that I have painted the town red in this city or if I have had a real kick ass time, but atleast there is contentment and have some what escaped from the negative dogmas dogging my life back home. It is strange how one can grow out of the same people one had lived with but I desperately needed to break away to emancipate from ill-existence where even domestic servants mocked at me.

However on a positive note I am happy to have now settled in this new city and new country which has given me a sense of optimism in life, so badly lacking for a long time

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hallelujah…its raining girls

How often does it happen that you spot a hot and happening chick somewhere - the sort of girl who makes you alert and conscious, the one who you want to catch often from corner of your eye, the one who can make you blush, give a high – and few days later you receive a marriage proposal for the same girl! Well it has unbelievably happened with me

Few days back I received a response on my profile from one of the matri sites. It was from a family settled in this part of the world for some time who were looking for a suitable match for their US educated daughter. I pinged them on the number given and after a brief chat, set up a rendezvous for yesterday evening. I was picked up from my home at given time and escorted to their workplace where the girl’s parents offered me tea and refreshments thereby initiating a discussion to know more about me, my background, interests etc. This family is indeed well-off and very affluent having been settled in Middle East for ages, also they appeared modern and broad-minded in outlook what with the girl’s Mom dressed in complete western attire. They also seemed happy with my profile and appearance and later informed about their daughter’s upbringing, education, tastes etc. Coming from an affluent family this chick has seen the best of life having studied and worked across the globe though, I do not know how, I did not ask to see her picture. I bid them goodbye soon promising to revert shortly and they too looked happy, promising to set up a meeting with their daughter soon. While dropping me back the chick’s Mom started talking of her daughter’s interests in Buddhism as I too was part of the same; suddenly I recalled that couple of months ago I had spotted a girl at a meeting with the same name, who had instantly made my heart go dhak dhak. I immediately asked for her picture and recognized her as the same bomb. Incredible! I am yet to get over it. Perhaps the only hitch here is that I am a mangalik and this family doesn’t even remember birth details

I also received another response a few days back from a chick based in Delhi. She too is in the same profession as me and interested in my profile. We have exchanged mails with all details though haven’t got around a suitable time to chat. However I haven’t given my full name to her as yet though I have her complete profile. Now upon knowing her name I immediately recognized her as she had been kind of dating my brother sometime back and it will be kind of sacrilegious if she ties up with me! My only brother, ten years elder, is a bit of philanderer with a discontented marriage and always having an eye for colorful and hot stuff; he does like asking girls out and has ostensibly been with this lass as well. I am dumbfounded how to proceed here going by the elaborate mails and a very keen expression of interest I have so far received.

Oh I should not forget here the original babe I have been flirting with for past some weeks. We again met last evening at a gathering and sat next to each other, where both of us tried to touch each other – now this was not the innocent touch but one full of lust and tingling. We did chat with each other trying to look innocent all time so as to not attract attention from old foggies seated around though I believe some did catch our mischief. She volunteered to drop me back where she deliberately took a wrong, longer route so we could have more time to ourselves. Ofcourse we did make the most of time inside the car with some good sexy flirting; we discussed smooches, make-outs and sex, as if we have done that too often. Before dropping she asked me to sleep tight to which I replied I sleep alone and that moment we looked in each other’s eye for a long second. I swear had this city been New York we would have surely kissed on the open street. She later texted me “wud u like me to drop u again” to which I replied “sure maybe much more than just drop”

I am not sure how all three cases here will proceed in time to come but its surely raining girls

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ah...the joys of flirting

I continue to flirt with the chick mentioned earlier and am making some good progress. Flirting is fun and good for mind, body and soul. I am now discovering that effective flirting has no rules, only requirement is that spine must tingle somewhere, surprises should never cease and for ultimate nirvana no barrier should be left uncrossed. Girls enjoy flirting as much as boys and maybe even more; this chick is surely a veteran at flirting given she messages back very fast and considers no topic taboo when it comes to having a good time; check out the snippets below

Me: u looking hot in that green dress. Keep it up
She: up?? Some1 will have to pull it up…can’t do evryting myself…btw I m in KFC
Me: wah…I too enjying my drink…wanna join
She: bottle not yet over???? U 2 slow…sleep tite
Me: sleeping alone is no fun
Me: my neighbor gal again smiled at me today
She: oh oh oh….development…u waved a hi? Do dat nxt tym u c hr. myt inspire her 2 cm overspk d nxt u c hr
Me: that’s ok but can’t seem to progress
She: talk to her n ask abt weather bt don ask her out
Me: u know I want to take her places….starting from ice cream parlor n ending with motel
She: oh u 2 r sex addict
Me: m a virgin dear, u wanna test it?
She: puhleeeesssee!dat explains why u wanna lose it soon….all d best
Me: I need ur help here…I can’t even put a wire cable in properly, have a bad aim
She: I too am bad at aims, at times the cable only breaks
Me: she again smiled at me 2day
She: u seem to enjoy her….is she special
Me: yeah…she has big ones
She: all guys r same……fascinated by biggies
Me: she has big shoes…..wat were u thinking
Me: am getting bored
She: go get a life…make most of it, go deeper
Me: wat do u mean by deeper?? I m only trying to scratch the surface
She: was jst thinkng abt u….gud things
Me: I 2 was thinking abt u…..gud things I can do wid u

Am not very sure where all this is headed to but believe me this is mindblowing fun

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can’t believe but something is happening

In my last post I had mentioned about a chick flirting with me preceding week but was not sure if it will be carried forward. When I had first seen her, she looked innocent in her thin frame and glasses but I could not miss the tharak in her eyes. Few evenings back I was surprised to find this girl messaging me, which I promptly returned thereby initiating a marathon SMS exchange lasting almost two evenings, fascinating excerpts reproduced below

She: just woke up after long…office timings make me work long

Me: ok am calling u

She: hey don’t…am sitting with Dad…pls understand

Me: ohh….u have good co….enjoy ur evening

She: good co in form of Dad….our discussion every evening is which car to but, my fav is Bentley

Me: my fav is Ambassador….all VIPs in Delhi travel in it

She: hahaha….fav is Ambassador….why…any escapades done there?

Me: u don’t need car for escapades in Delhi, they happen anyways

She: I need to visit Delhi again, I recall travelling in cycle rickshaws there

Me: I had time of my life on those riks, best place for bird watching

She: haha…am not for a moment thinking u talking of birds here…I know u rascal, anyways gtg…gud nite, sweet dreams

Me: ohhh…before going lemme share a secret…Ambassador has lot of free stuff at back, dream stuff

She: what??? I can’t understand what u talking here…*blink* *blink*

Me: someone’s pretending innocence

She: innocence?? A woman messages u to talk and bas shuru ho jao bakwas bolna

Me: ooops…anyways I m feeling hungry. Also my Teacher’s bottle is finishing…looking for someone to finish this off with…why don u come over? Khub jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar, aap main aur Teachers

She: ha..u think I will booze with u! btw I can out do u anyday in boozing…y don u hit the nearest resto…

Me: can’t go alone, yet to get my license here….u drive me around city OK?

She: get urself a chick then will drive u around

Me: I m yet to find a chick for myself, u help me find one

She: u wanna me play pimp? Find one for urself…

Me: there’s a chick in my building, but I don’t know how to flirt, can u teach me flirting….pleaaaseee

Now the last line was a honest confession….I am a novice at flirting and never know how to make those moves thereby squandering easy chances, so guys please drop your suggestions – how to move ahead with this willing chick?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Latest tidbits from me

I had planned to watch a movie this Friday but my siesta prolonged and I woke up only 15 minutes prior to start of show. Don’t know how but I reached cinema hall before start but by then tickets were sold out, so had to settle for Aisha instead of planned Once upon a time… last time too wanted to catch up on Lamhaa but got tickets for Khatta Meetha. Next time should book tickets in advance but then will have to cut short on dear sleep

There’s a new guy who has recently come to this city and taken a place behind my building. He is from a big city and looks my type so I am excited. Hey don’t get me wrong, I am only talking about planned sleepovers and booze sessions nothing else though I am somewhat of a bisexual

Nothing else reminds me I did have a chat with a chick last weekend who did flirt with me to both of our heart’s content. Females here do like to have fun and every possible thing happens behind closed doors. Our chat started innocuously but went to all places plausible and I certainly enjoyed this expression of interest

Talking of females and mutual interest, my bride hunt seems to be going nowhere. I have posted on matri sites but its not easy to catch something suitable and interesting easily there. Plus these sites are a bit like brothels, all females displaying themselves and vying for male attention. Guess will have to wait before something starts happening

These days I have started doing something which I never fathomed I would ever do – I have started to cook! Eating out every day was not feasible for long and add to that the oodles of weight I have put on since coming to this city, I was left with no choice but to try my hand over water and fire. I don’t have access to kitchen so will have to do with only a rice cooker for now though I plan to buy a microwave oven too. Till now I have done rice, chicken, spinach and rajma, but wait am not finished yet

And lastly I put myself on Facebook yesterday. I could not keep myself away from this fad for long, so your dear Pesto Sauce is finally on the most popular site. You can reach my profile by clicking here or by searching ‘Pesto Sauce’

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When I called Malaika on MTV

In my last post I mentioned that I had once spoken to Malaika Arora Khan, that bomb of a female on MTV Loveline and some wanted me to recount that experience, so here I am obliging you all.

It was the summer of ’99 and the only time in my life that I was undergoing heartache having yearned for someone beyond me. Looking back I guess it was infatuation pure and simple, however lets not get into that here. Back to Malaika and MTV. Loveline was a hot running show those days and everyone wanted a slice of it, I too never missed many episodes and listening to many callers and their tales, I thought I too had something similar to share. So one fine day I picked up the cordless and dialed the number displayed on bottom of MTV screen; to my disappointment, instead of Malaika it was a tele-message which greeted me and asked me to leave my contact details and love problem. I recited what all I wanted to and left it there

Few days later a call was received at my home, and as luck would have it was picked up by my Mom! MTV executive asked for me and when I came on line, asked if I had called with my love problem. Now the troubling issue that day was a pooja was being held at my place, so had all the peeping toms listening in. To run away I grabbed the cordless and bolted myself in a distant room to speak alone to the ever sexy Malaika

First things first, Malaika has an irresistible sex appeal which does not get camouflaged any bit even in the phone voice. You can easily picture those sexy shiny legs kept on top of each other and displayed with pride. The voice, the accent, the giggle…a touch of heaven it is. Malaika listened to my teenage angst with patience and offered her sage bit of advice, but I was not willing to put down the phone easily. I wanted to go on and on and make Malaika suggest something really drastic. After all who could let an enticing voice like that go waste, I have had explicit horny chats on sex lines before but this was something different. Malaika somehow concluded the talk soon and in a way forced an abrupt end, before hanging up I heard her comment loud “now that was a real desperate guy”

When I emerged from the room after finishing Malaika I found many of my kin curious to know what had transpired. Somehow they knew it was MTV and later that night after dinner entire family mafia was eagerly watching MTV in drawing room. Thank heavens my chat was not aired that night; else imagine all Uncles and Aunts listening to my love tale! Later one family acquaintance heard my love chat on his honeymoon in Kathmandu and was too flabbergasted to recount to my family. However he did kind of distance from me for sometime.

I never got to watch the episode in which my call was featured, though as luck would have it some of my school buddies heard that episode and I was later informed that many calls had gone around town that afternoon asking to switch on MTV

Now if you ask me if I would like to call Malaika ever again, I would say yes (for that matter why only call, would love to do many more things with her!) but surely without anyone listening in

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Idea of a great day

*Get up from wrong side of bed and discover you did not sleep alone

*Reach office to discover boss is on leave

*Check bank balance and find a large interest credited

*Receive surprise mail from old flame

*Office grapevine says you are on way up

*Have a sumptuous lunch free replete with good wine and women for company, find your feet tugged from below the table during the luncheon

*Uncharacteristically you grab the hint and having your dream escapade, albeit a short one, in the nearby loo

*You find free gift vouchers lying unattended only for you

*Are invited to a happening party where you get sloshed till the drain gets clogged

*Watch Wild Things uncensored

*Your best friend decides you deserve better in life and gifts you a tasty smooch

*Seeing you want more she gets eager and readily unhooks her bra

*You see fat missing from your ribs and find some of it converted to muscles

*MTV is running re-runs of old, old episodes of Loveline – the ones in which you had chatted with Malaika, during your only days of heartache

*Your pals invite you to holiday along at beach resort that too at unbelievable prices

*Unearth an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels from the wine closet, after all Mr Daniel is an old buddy

*And lastly you realize this is just the beginning of good times

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uff ye garmi

Muscat is undoubtedly one of the hottest places I have set foot on and I am not at all enjoying this fucking unbearable heat. Anyone witnessing the sauna type climate for first time is sure to have his balls burnt (literally) and would anyday like to jump in an ice pond. Don’t believe, judge yourself

*Water for bath has to be collected night before since water available in morning taps is boiling hot. Also its better to cool the collected water with ice-cubes so that its somewhat bearable next morning

*Pickles, bread and all other eatables have to be kept in fridge, otherwise be ready to eat fungus infested or naturally burnt food. Imagine eating cold pickle or icy bread

*Before leaving Delhi I had planned of purchasing sunglasses from one of the swanky malls here. In hindsight it was a bad decision as due to initial exposure to the blinding sun my eyes have literally burnt and are now full blown black. I won’t be surprised if anyone seeing me starts ye kaali kaali aankhein…

*Skin on my balls has started wearing out what with all the sweat accumulating down there. I initially used talc powder to absorb the drippy sweat but it seems the enormous sweat pouring out easily beat the soft powder making my balls resemble outgrown vegetation. Fuck I have even forgotten the name of ointment to be used and am too embarrassed to ask anyone around. But the irritation of sweating balls is no joke, it can burn like hell

*6-7 bottles of water have to be consumed everyday else risk dehydrating yourself. Worse water is not free here like India and is actually more expensive than petrol. So along with your monthly expenses budget something for peene ka pani too

*A C always has to be kept at maximum limit but its no guarantee that you will be comfortable. Last night I had AC running at full blast but still felt the heat rubbing my round ribs and lovely ass

*As I said that AC does not solve all woes, so even in an air-conditioned car you continue to feel roasted. Although sweating will not occur under a running air conditioner, but it will not diminish the heat much and legs and limbs will continue to experience that burning sensation

Now is there anyone willing to join me in this interesting weather?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Describing life partner

Please describe your desired partner in few words

I was stumped upon seeing this while uploading my matrimonial profile and stumbled many times before I could draft a reply. Infact after so many corrections I finally gave up and only wrote: Its difficult to describe the partner you are looking for as cannot say I want A,B or C; I believe at end of day its two individuals clicking together and contently living with each other. It honestly doesn’t matter what or from where she is coming from, as long as we are compatible and share the same passions and aspirations from life. But if I have to specify, I am looking for someone broad-minded, generous, compassionate, trustworthy, caring and preferably having spiritual bent of mind. A person having interest in current affairs and intellectual stuff will gel well with me

Now I never thought before in my life what my partner should be like nor did I ever have any picture in my mind. Sure I have been attracted to females, and many of them for that matter, but that attraction may not have been to the total person as such. Getting attracted is easy, and men easily fall for hot stuff if subtle hints are dropped but can this attraction endure the test of time? Or for that can any relationship stand on solid strength for long? Maybe not, or maybe not easily, for if they were actually solid then break-ups wouldn’t have been the order of the day

Perhaps a reason relationships fail is because we allow them to fail, expecting or thinking the other person to be what he/she is actually not. And then there are other fulfillments sought which may not be critical but is somewhere important. Lust and passion are vital to keep the fire burning; I will not deny that I yearn to taste nice boobs. However more important than lust and from where lust stems from, is the chemistry between two people. Many times the fire extinguishes because the chemistry fizzles off and what started off as a roller coaster of excitement degenerates to a stale rigmarole of monotonous existence.

However this piece is not about relationships but about what you expect or want your partner to be. Some of the common answers I found were the clich├ęd honest, caring, truthful, sincere etc. and expectedly nobody wrote hot, passionate, sexy. For me I would really expect my partner to be someone I get along with well and someone I can relate to at some level. A couple I honestly adore is Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, both of them knew each other for long and when towards end of their careers they did come closer, both gave each other space and ensured their companionship succeeds. Both had their fingers burnt in past and knew the troubles of fame; only towards end of their tumultuous yet successful careers they found solace in each other. It was not a teeny booper romance by any stretch and it succeeded because both came from same profession, similar careers and respected each other for what they were

Honestly there have been females I have been with in past who I thought could turn out to be good companions, though each for a different reason. However one thing common to them all was that they were all wonderful human beings, and I guess thats what actually matters at end of the day

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thinking of dreaded R

Last evening I uploaded my profile on a matrimonial website, I don’t know why I did so and still can’t understand what exactly made me go for it. Perhaps it is the pangs of lonesomeness engulfing me off late, perhaps I now have some sort of a life which can be taken forward, or perhaps I am only testing waters. Whatever be it but sometime back I could have never imagined myself doing this but I guess something’s changing somewhere

Previously I was scared of alliances, I still am to a certain extent, and could never fathom why sane folks tie the dreaded knot. I am aware life is better when shared but life can be hell too when controlled and I can vouch for that. Matrimony is a double edged sword which can bring unlimited bliss if the coupling is right but can also cause heartburning agony if compatibility is missing. It doesn’t fucking matter if what you do is tenable or not, as long as both are in it, it works; I know of couples who swing and swap partners, hire professionals for threesomes, help their partner seduce and get laid, but they are in perfect harmony. I am also aware of perfectly reasonable people with the best of intention whose alliance fails to take off if frequencies do not match

Perhaps a reason folks do go for belling the cat is because some thing somewhere does want it. After all how long can you sleep alone? You need someone to sleep with, hold in your arms, make love at night, rub skin with, and also importantly be friends with. But don’t get me wrong here, its not physical thing alone which matters, I have been physical before but its completely futile if its without emotions. It’s a different feeling altogether when there’s someone on top, tongues rubbing with each other and eyes staring into yours in close proximity. This is someone who cares, who shares, who you can have a good time with and who never bites

In a sense entering a relationship is akin to boozing, both give an initial high and promise a real good time, but once you have too much of it trouble starts. Only the best and matured quality can be sustained for a long time else it can ruin no end. The worst part is no one except you can help if the addiction is bad and you end becoming the butt of jokes around.

All said and done, humans were not born to be alone and everyone does take a chance once, so whats wrong if its with the dreaded R

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coming soon - Aged 30 years

What does approaching 30 mean?

I have been asking myself this question many times past days. Surely there are turns associated with each age – as a kid fantasy fascinates, as a teen opposite sex and sex fascinates, during 40s there’s a middle-age crisis with men and menopause with women, but turning 30 – what does this mean?

Maybe approaching 30 means getting your act together, settling down in profession, seeking stability in relationships, body becoming less athletic, becoming a man finally having outgrown the boy and maybe, just maybe, have a permanent partner to share and care. There is an age when flings fascinate (they never cease to fascinate, moreso ones with no strings attached but there’s an age when they seem end of world) but there is also an age when you want to settle down, perhaps relax with someone at end of arduous journey

I know of many of my acquaintances, moreso the female ones, who have been robbed of their sleep if they are not settled down when dreaded 30 approaches, no matter how well they are doing professionally. And it is not limited to conservative India only, many chicks settled in West too feel left out if not tied up somewhere. Surely this craving is not for physical needs alone; sex is easy these days having lost sanctity with everyone from school girls to bored housewives freely indulging, its perhaps of something more. Something which I struggle to find words for, something you feel missing out, something you feel its time

Maybe approaching 30 means a change in status, when you no longer want to live in that bachelor pad but have some your own stuff, be looked upon as Anil Kapoor rather than Ranbir Kapoor, when that blazing orange T shirt looks a bit odd, when porn pics seem to bore, when you seriously begin to plan your finances and lastly you begin to think for whom should you plan

Maybe turning 30 means a lot more, but why bother I still have more than a year to go

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

Have been tagged any times previously but have been guilty of not obliging. However I am giving this a shot for one its interesting and two its by one of the sweetest bloggers around, that’s if you know Dipti

So here’s the tag – please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to. And ones I am guilty of are:

1. Playing with dolls – I actually loved dolls, brushing their hair, chosing their dress, ribbons etc. I had collected about 5 dolls much to the amusement of my parents

2. Crazy about pink – I loved strawberry ice-cream and everything pink. I had a pink undie which I would wear day in and day out

3. Inquisitive about sanitary pads – I never knew what pads were meant for and periods only meant classes in schools. Whenever I asked Mom she would only brush it aside replying ‘later’

4. Liked playing kho kho than cricket – I never enjoyed playing bat and ball because I was never good at it, infact my team ensured I never got a chance to bat. I liked the company of softer girls and cute games they played (no pun intended)

5. Perfume – my parents had a good collection neatly kept on dressing table, from which I would get small sprinkles. Loved the fragrance

6. Trying my hand at knitting – many of the ladies visiting our wooden house used to keep their hands busy with two needles and balls of wool, making some endearing designs for warm sweaters, much required in snowy Kashmir. I was very charmed and wanted to replicate their acts but the skill is not easy to pick

7. Embarrassed at being kissed – I was first kissed accidentally while playing outdoors by a girl when in class IV, still remember her name Kanchan, I was so embarrassed that I hid my face. But the kiss was great – soft, silky and sexy. Actually will not mind a repeat these days

8. Sitting with legs on top of each other – I used to watch senior girls in school sit in front of boys hostel displaying their silky legs thinking in my innocence this stance to be more appropriate. I tried copying the posture, a habit which sadly stuck with me for long

9. Loved going to beauty parlors – as a kid I used to love visiting parlors with my mother and seeing those chinki girls do threading, facial and pedicure. I too wanted one of those for myself

10. Hated video games and gizmos – I was never and still am not, a big fan of gadgets or gizmos for I can never decipher them. I still don’t know and can’t recognize whats an MP3 or i-pod

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Has my time come?

Since the time I have landed in Muscat, something inexplicable is happening with me, no not the ones one may think of, but I am seeing everything through a prism of coupling up soon. At times such thoughts seemed weird to me, not because they are not unnatural, but because by and large till now I have been content in my solitude and never thought those mushy things were for me. It may seem a lot unusual but I have never desired romanticism or companionship much, satisfying physical needs being something else, and infact have been guilty of running away from open invitations and not picking subtle hints. But off late there is a tacit acceptance somewhere of an eventual and gradual change in status

So what is it that’s making my mind change directions these days? Surely Muscat is not a romantic city by any length though it is a wonderful place to live, much better than many Indian cities. My life has not changed so much – I still follow same routine, same weekend getaways, same shopping at malls, same hobbies – so what is that’s making me open matrimonial sites these days?

Browsing my blog, I stumbled upon this posted exactly an year ago and could then think of following which may explain the tectonic shift in my thinking

*I wanted to be away from my family which I am now, so thoughts about building a future creeping in
*Am now independently managing myself, but will build a better nest if someone to share comes along
*Life is about moving through different stages, now career has upgraded so why not marital status?
*I look more like a real man these days, I was stunned to catch my own fleeting appearance in a corner mirror last week
*And finally I now make decent dough, which counts the most, so can afford some luxuries

But marriage is not an achievement and has dangers innumerable – a wrong partner can bring unlimited agony, if frequencies do not match its hell for both, an alliance should not be a compromise but contentment and importantly where do you search? Matrimonial sites are like brothels with catchy display and each highlighting own self, those who have visited whorehouses will understand. Also for me specifically marriage brings more than its share of risk:

*I am a quiet guy leading a dreary existence who enjoys his drink, music and fuck at end of day not the wild party types
*I hate shopping with a capital H while females swear by retail therapy
*I have never tested waters before so companionship will be a new thing for me altogether with unknown pitfalls
*My upbringing in a dysfunctional family brings its own share of abhorrence and resentment; a far cry from loving, caring and sharing that marriage demands
*I am a sucker for stuff that’s intellectual or spiritual and anyone ignorant of these doesn’t rate too high with me or is rather deplored
*Females are sensitive and complicated which gets tough to decipher
*I have been through shit before in terms of having a too authoritative and suppressing female in my life; I don’t want another reincarnation of my Mom please

Perhaps now I can relate to what some others known to me in past were going through when craving an alliance while I ridiculed them in my heart of heart. Frankly I used to mock and sneer at people, both in real and virtual world, who were always on lookout for love interest as if nothing better to do, but now slowly I am realizing its only a completion of oneself that’s been sought

I have now grasped and realized for better that matrimony is a stage of life which eventually many graduate to when life is complete but there is still something lacking. But the question I find asking myself many times these days is: has my time come?

Monday, June 21, 2010

In the last two days I have…

*Lied to my boss

* Seen a male-strip show on net and absolutely loved those hunks and their bulging biceps

*Tried to steal from nearby mall

*Visited a doctor

*Been caught fiddling with my organ

*Received a marriage proposal

* Came across snaps of my old roommate cum fuck-buddy and still felt an erection, almost 15 years after those wonderful blowjobs

*Learnt I will be travelling to Dubai next month

*Decided not to watch Raavan

*Drank 15 litres of water and still felt burnt in this brazen heat

* Finally found on net pics of the chick I used to have phone-sex with years back and cursed why I could not jump into the phone

*Skipped dinner

*Worn my underwear inside out

*Been ogled at by smoking hot chick

*Lied to my boss (oh not again)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten Things about Being a Teenager

Past few days blogosphere has been somewhat abuzz with stories of teenage, apparently there is a contest being run at ‘Compulsive Confessor’ ; the fad is not surprising, after all Meenakshi Madhavan is the modern diva of blogging. Going by some posts I too could not stop myself and jotted down ten things I recall about teenage, one of the most exciting phases of life

1 List of firsts – first kiss, first smoke, first manly fight, first shag…list goes on. The evolution from an innocent petal to full-blown flower couldn’t have been more exciting

2 Craving for freedom – it’s a paradox that what you desire the most, eludes you the most. All teens want to have their own thing going but are sometimes heavily patrolled, atleast in India, by looming parents. Those who are not eventually become sex symbols (see post below to understand better)

3 Crushes – this is the age for crushes. At first only glances are exchanged, then eyes meet, then eyes meet for a second longer, heart skips beats, longs for those eyes…all part of game

4 Impressionable – you want to try everything and be cool. Have the latest gizmos, boast of prized girlfriend, glittering Cadillac to drive and party like Paris Hilton. No wonder many turn smokers at this stage

5 Dreams and desires – at 20 you want to change the world though by 40 the world changes you. There is a time in everybody’s life when desires include visiting moon, dining at White House and finding cure for cancer. These days some dream of kissing Katrina Kaif

6 Glimpse of adulthood – at a time when you leave the childish innocence behind, the bad world of responsibility envelops soon. A grown-up in the family is taught many things considered incapable of before and expected to fend for himself now

7 Breaking rules - now c’mon its more fun to run free when reined in than when unconstrained. One bunks in college but the excitement of bunking and visiting malls during those school days is something altogether different

8 Puberty – now now now there are changes happening in your body you get conscious about. Suddenly watching porn feels all the more better with the inexplicable butter melting somewhere; I still recall when those raging hormones had become too much to control I used to makeout with my room buddies in hostel toilet. That was some fun with the fresh and hot sperms guzzling out

9 No dough of own – as I said before this is the time you desire all goodies but get shit in return. Sadly no money of own means someone else deciding what to do or rather what not to do

10 Acads burden – this is last and perhaps the worst part. If you are growing in India, pressure of doing well in academics at times is too much to handle for the tender brains.

These were my ten guess others will have their own teen tales

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Searching hotties on Facebook

Last couple of days I have been frequently browsing Facebook, not that I have an active account or have uploaded much stuff, but then what else to do when boss is off on rare days? At times Facebook can be more enchanting than even porn sites and surely you get to explore more here than anywhere else. After all it makes it easier to reminisce by gone days and also you get to know what those left behind are now doing. Of course being a guy I am more prone to search for hotties, the sort you eyed in college cafeteria or the ones you fantasized about in smoke zones. And checking some of their accounts has been fascinating to say the least

One thing for sure, a tota will always remain a tota no matter what, only form and shape may change but that doesn’t decrease their lure any bit. After all don’t we jump upon extra large scooping of chocolate fudge with same glee and excitement as chocolate sticks? And yes charm and attraction are eternal, I underwent the same flutter after so many years that I used to feel during those wonderful years.

Okay now coming on to the profiles, first one I found was a white pataka, the sort who displayed her marvelous white legs uninhibitedly and invited attention with their lovely shine. She had supporting parents, the ones who encouraged boys to sleep over and partied late nights. She once had her skirt opened in class, what a sight it was! Next was a chick who was short and out rightly slutty, it was rumored she had flings with her own brother. Once on a picnic bus she asked me if I wanted chips, when I declined she put them in my mouth but also made sure I lick and suck her fingers too. Another was a chocolate variety; her dusky complexion was too sexy to believe. Her boobs had grown too much too soon which made her more alluring and she was aware of how to make use of it. Even on Facebook now her profile pic makes full use of blown-up assets. Last profile I checked was disappointing, this chic was a charsi but has now settled down to domesticity; she looked out of sorts with those babies

One good feature was all these hotties are in each others friends list, I don’t know how; perhaps Delhi has a common hip party circle, so all those who love being ogled at move around together. And why not, aren’t all ice-cream flavors always kept together?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fear of Fury

On Wednesday afternoon while I was outside office for lunch a cool breeze was blowing, which was a welcome respite from the sweltering heat of this horrid summer. Since the weather was unusually pleasant my group lingered around a little longer than usual, taking in the cool air when murmurs about some approaching cyclone were heard. At first the suggested cyclone was dismissed, as another piece of baseless rumor which out-of-work folks keep circulating. Later in the evening I had gone to attend an Art of Living celebration, where everyone looked a bit grim, I was told that a cyclone alert had been sounded and then realized the rumors were indeed true. While driving back that evening I saw thick, dense clouds racing past each other that too at a dangerously low level. We stopped at a shopping mart to purchase goodies incase the city was jammed due to the impending cyclone but then discovered all malls and marts to be crowded with everyone jostling for space; perhaps the entire city was shopping so as to remain well stocked in event of catastrophe

Next day was no better with all preparing for trouble, in a way entire city was on edge. By evening everyone was cuddled up at home, well stocked with water and eatables, waiting for the deadly cyclone to unleash. By late evening all streets were deserted and though a wild chilly breeze was hitting down hard, waterfall had not started. Friday morning the turbulent cyclone hit with full fury and soon the entire city was engulfed with water. Down from my apartment I could spot rising water level and at times the parked vehicles seemed to float in the water! Thank heavens I live well above the ground level, so did not have water seeping in from anywhere and was spared the agony of seeing all belongings float in unstoppable water. Later information reached that many parts were still water logged and some coastal towns had totally submerged

I spent the cyclone-hit days locked in my room and bored as TV too had given up. Thankfully before leaving India I had read a porn novel in which a young school girl has raunchy affairs and encounters with her next door lady and later her husband, so it helped me heat up and shag well, the only interesting thing I could do behind closed doors.

The cyclone has thankfully now subsided and only pray it doesn’t come back soon

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Do’s and Don’ts when you are in Muscat

*Go around and meet as many people as you can. Omanis are warm, friendly and peace-loving, basically people who welcome others with open arms

*Negotiate price on anything you want to buy or rent. Although the cost of living is very reasonable its prudent to try not to miss a good deal

*Do not miss to eat local cuisine. Hamoos, shawarma and qubus are the tastiest delicacies you can lay your hands on

*There is no need to be paranoid about safety and belongings. Muscat is perhaps one of the safest places I have been to; upon landing I was late to collect my luggage bags but found them safely in a corner near the conveyor belts

*Look both ways four times before crossing road. Traffic here is dangerous moreso at night when cars ram through the roads

*If one wants to booze, better visit the dance bars. Skimpily clad girls will be delighted to see you and will receive you with inviting and sweet unmentionables, as I am discovering these days

*For all shopping freaks, and this includes mostly fairer sex, don’t expect world from the malls. Here only hyper-markets serving groceries and other utilities are popular, unlike the brand conscious servings found in Gurgaon malls

*Always carry sunglasses along if you come visiting in summer, else have your eyes burnt like mine

*Never even think of breaking the law. Maybe folks who have lived abroad previously will be more law abiding, but for someone stepping out of anarchistic India first time, discretion is advised

*Don’t try to flirt with local females (or males). Firstly its not worth it and secondly you may regret it later. However this does not apply to easy stuff available at times under streetlamps

*And lastly never talk about Sultan here, its taboo sshhh sshhh

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Blogging helps?

Blogging is therapeutic – nothing heals or helps as venting out does. This is one place where you can vent out to your heart’s content and find e-shoulders to cry upon. Life is full of twists and turns, and if that’s not enough we also carry some past baggage, but they all seem play maze here. No matter whats bothering you, someone is always listening (or reading) you. A perfect place to share and care

So many colors, shades of people – let it be a housewife dealing with kids, a teenager masturbating with fantasies, a hottie writing about her sex life or broken hearts crying over spilt milk; at times so many types of bloggers are there and amazingly you seem to connect somewhere with each of them. It always seems as if an unexplored, unseen & exciting world is awaiting you

Always best friend - Nobody supports you or understands you better than this URL. It will always listen to you and stands by you ignoring your time and again brainless idiosyncrasies. Best pals may ditch but not this old fellow

Deepest and darkest persona comes out – I have shared so many of my lonely desires here but felt no shame whatsoever. I look forward to good things in life and my sex hungry body lusts for those natural juices – where else could I admit this unabashedly? Long time readers will also recall my other escapades told here. I know being anonymous helps, but let this not deter named bloggers. Blogpals will never ditch, back bite or sneak, I can swear on that

Old friend in new place - now I can vouch for it like no one else. After relocating to Muscat I did not have to look around for friends. A simple log-on was enough to bring my best buddies around and let them know more about my new place. Also you can make new friends easily; now would you ever walk upto someone in a mall and talk with him/her? But you always can comment on new blogs

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My New Workplace

It has been more than a month since I joined my new workplace and the experience has been interesting. Infact this place has a lot happening most of the time and is far from the dull and lifeless environs of my last workplace.

To elucidate, this office is located on top of the company showroom and is not very large in size with only few employees. A good advantage of having a smaller unit is that people become close knit and you always know what is happening around. Also one always has a curiosity of whats happening where and the accompanying gossip, bitching and pulling down. So all in all it does make for exciting and fascinating events and proceedings at times

Most of the guys working here are Indians, most of them being either Muslims from small towns or the archetypal mallus found in this part of the world. However the work style followed here is sometimes seen to be believed with all shouting at each other and the blame games on with full vigor and force. Thankfully I am not part of this slugfest and have a desolate corner of my own, with a hidden monitor from where I access the naughty sites (porn is banned here) and blog uninhibitedly. Another observable feature is that there are not many smokers in this office and one has to go down and behind to smoke. I haven’t had my first puff here though may start soon

Sadly there are not many females in this office and those present are all condemn maal. However don’t mistake this part of the world to be conservative when it comes to females, one can never miss the tharak in eyes whenever they meet. Sometimes I feel as an ice candy whenever I find eyes gazing at me, doesn’t matter from where they are looking

Interestingly nobody comes to office on time including the boss. I find myself alone in morning here, having got used to the militant reporting times in previous firm. However many guys also stay late or have late night sales visits, thankfully I have a comfy job having the mundane routine and not the cut throat variety like others

Interesting things are surely happening which reminds me that last night I had again been to the beer bar and this time I exchanged some flying kisses and winks with the willing girls. Seems I am making good progress here

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hope floats

Location: Some place we all know exists but have never been there

Almighty: tell me Pesto with this new change in your life, are you happy and content?

Pesto: yes My Lord, I am absolutely over the moon. I have got what I desired, albeit a bit late in life but now I am happy. I only hope this happiness lasts and does not go away soon

Almighty: I am happy to hear you are happy. But why are you afraid that happiness will go away soon. Remember nothing is eternal, good days follow bad and bad days follow good; we all have our deeds behind us

Pesto: I know but this long-desired wish has borne fruit now; I only wish it lasts for sometime

Almighty: its upto you how long you want to make it last. By the way what is this I keep hearing that you fret too much because of your folks?

Pesto: yes My Lord I always wanted to get away and get away soon

Almighty: oh get away from whom? Do you know when you die who will cry? Remember, relations are only what we make of them. If you only want to abandon your own people, one day you yourselves will be abandoned by all

Pesto: I will remember that

Almighty: also remember that it is important to let go of the past. You have started a new life in a new place, so wipe off all your ill-feelings that have dogged you in the past. A new life in a new city/country demands that you start life on a clean slate, which is without any black clouds

Pesto: I will try to forget and move on with life

Almighty: I also see that you are at times lonely though deep down you harbor some dark desires. These desires are only human and natural, so why don’t you do something for them?

Pesto: I am a loser when it comes to girls. Yes I do long for Holy Grail, but somehow have never been able to make the right moves. Also I have been guilty of losing golden opportunities and not converted those easy half-chances in the past. At my age when all are bored with sucking and licking, I have to content myself only by gazing at visible bra straps

Almighty: don’t worry son, your time will come. You too will taste nature’s nectar someday, though some time back you did have a paid adventure in some dark alley of Delhi

Pesto: My Lord I have never been in a relationship and never craved for one. Am I abnormal?

Almighty: no only a bit recluse. Let go of all your barriers and open up to the world. Be a bit outgoing and the entire world will come to you. But for that you will have to start immediately on doing something which you hardly do and which at times becomes the first striking aspect of you

Pesto: whats that Lord?

Almighty: smile a bit more!!!!

Pesto wakes up and gets back to work

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moving around

My weekends here have been interesting and often with a lot to do, unlike Gurgaon where I was mostly listless and indolent. The first weekend I spent having a look around the city and visiting some known and yet-to-be known acquaintances. The second weekend went in shifting to my new place while the recent one again found me meeting and moving around

My interactions with folks around here have been interesting, to say the least. Since this place is mostly dominated by Indian expats, I have been floating amongst the Indian diaspora only but then they too come in different hues. Indians here can easily be categorized into three categories: first there are Indians coming from small towns of Kerala, UP and other states (many Muslims here); then there are Indians like me, who have been bred in Delhi, Mumbai and other metros; and lastly there are Indians who have immigrated to Muscat from other international locations. Now you well can imagine the difference between all three in terms of taste, lifestyle and general outlook; however the sad aspect is the first variety glaringly dominates, second variety is tough to find around while one will be fortuitous to come across the last one which are the rarest but also the most sophisticated to be with.

The first weekend I was invited to a mallu family household who lived in a large villa though they had maintained it like a Kerala boathouse. Next I visited another friend of family friend who egged me to live with him in his dungeon hole since it was coming at a reasonable rent, wanting me to ignore that this locality was largely inhabited by Bangladeshi labor. Last week I visited a new acquaintance who lived in a classy apartment, I later learnt that he hailed from a good Mumbai family.

Apart from all these meetings I have been moving around and discovering more about this exotic place. Yesterday I saw Houseful at a nearby cinema, here bollywood films are shown with Arabic and English sub-titles. I also visited a Toastmasters club nearby which I will join soon and also attended a Buddhist chanting session, which I relished most since got to see and meet many like-minded people.

Oh I also visited the dance bar again (see last post). This time I avoided beer and ordered the cheaper Pepsi instead though I again enjoyed the seductive movements of slim waists. It is amusing how same chicks in different skimpy attires never miss in making you feel good, same way one drink can give the same high in different glasses. Few girls joined the show late while some left early this time, I guess they also service customers in closed rooms.

In days to come I intend to move around and learn more about this place and yes, also post about them here

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My visit to beer bar

Last evening after dinner I was feeling like having a drink and ventured out searching for a bar. I did find one; however this seemed shady with dim lights and no board outside. However as I was eager for booze I ordered for a beer and salad; in this country you cannot order drinks alone. I had only settled down when I noticed some skimpily clad girls come in front and soon there was a music system visible. Then started some bollywood music on which the chicks gyrated themselves and danced raunchily

To start with three chicks were seated on a table and fourth one standing was lip-syncing the songs from behind. The chicks were Indian and must be in their early youth, but all of them were hotly dressed in different attires complete with lovely cleavage display. They were making eye contact with the audience and making naughty gestures which were returned by many admirers enjoying their drinks who were busy ogling at the skin show on display. I too was having a good time and one chick, dressed in pink, started making inviting gestures at me. I smiled back though sadly it did not progress any further

A noticeable thing was the chicks were not dancing full throttle but only making suggestive body moves but never losing eye- contact, all the time enticing the male pigs to come on. I could feel the beer actually give a good high once I concentrated on the slim waists and their slow, inviting movements. Their is something about the female body which does have a good effect down somewhere if the owner knows how to make optimum use of its assets, I could feel that yesterday

However one drawback was the beer and salad were not good, I felt like puking when I came back and had a bad night, which also involved emergency use of vomit stopping tablets. Next time will have to be careful on what I order

Meanwhile I shifted to my new place yesterday morning and spent the day setting my stuff. Good thing is its walking distance to my workplace and good facilities are available around (including this beer bar); it’s the first time in my life that I am staying at a place rented from my own money, a point highlighted by my Mom in last evening’s call

Things are surely fun here, don’t believe then should have seen those hip movements

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travelling within Oman

Past two days I have been travelling in interiors of Oman as part of my induction and have already covered more than 1200 kilometers in two days! Travelling within any country is an experience and Oman is no different. It is very much similar to India though it has a few intricacies which can seem amusing on first notice

Roads in Oman are the best I have ever seen. In all the distance that I travelled there was not a single pothole visible with a smooth surface maintained all through. Also the roads have good signage on the sides, that too without any tearing. A peculiar feature here is the way given to animals, for killing animals on road is not acceptable and killing a camel can lead to life imprisonment! All cars here are equipped with hazard lights, which have to be flashed on any road blockages visible. However the smooth roads and tight discipline cannot be taken as an excuse for speeding, as there are radars on both sides of road which can detect speeding vehicles.

Going by the geographical spread Oman is a large country, largest after Saudi in this part of the world. I enjoyed most talking with Omanis, leaving away from Muscat in towns of Ibri, Nizwa, Humra, Sohar, Shinaz and Moussanna. Most of the Omanis are peace loving folks and revere you irrespective of religion or faith. However most of them lead a desultory existence removed from the hullaballoo of modern day living and are ignorant to the extent that net connections are not available in some of these towns.

This weekend I have to shift to my new apartment, which is near to my office though I am coughing out an unreasonable sum for it. It is inhabited by an old guy who will be my new flat mate and sincerely hope he is not an asshole. The only benefit perhaps coming is that I am getting a place furnished so will not have to look around for stuff in this new country. On work front there is lot to do though for now I am only sizing up everyone around. Seems I am in for interesting times…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first days in Muscat

It all seems a blur…the night before leaving for Muscat I was having all sorts of nightmares, and even wanted to drop out of the flight! But then I guess destiny has something else in store for me and I am simply following on. I vividly remember Sunday morning, getting up at crack of dawn, hurried taxi to airport, all my folks wishing their final good byes, custom and security clearance, the laborers on the adjacent seats on Oman Air, watching the sea in awe from my window seat, the Arabic announcements on flight, the small Muscat Airport... upon landing in Muscat the clearance from Airport did not take long and thankfully a pick-up was arranged, from where I proceeded to the arranged service apartment.

First impressions about Muscat is that it’s a very clean city, though its small in size and nothing near a modern cosmopolitan. However rule of the law is feared and respected with constant vigil maintained by authorities in all forms, Sultan is a God here. However the cleanliness of the city is remarkable, I can’t imagine this cleanliness and maintenance anywhere in India. Also the city is blessed with a very bright sunshine and there is no pollution, a stark difference from Delhi. Moreover there are a good number of Indians around, so one feels not very far away from dear motherland but the differences cannot be ignored also, all your blogger profiles except the blognames and Facebook appear in Arabic here

Perhaps the only couple of things one has to be careful about are never to get involved with the feared authorities and the killer traffic on the road. Apart from this, the people appear friendly and helpful, atleast till now. The city is not at all hard to settle in and first few days have been pleasant and hassle-free, though I guess the real test will start once I move out of the company accommodation. A good feature of this city is the proximity of residential apartments to the workplace, one can actually do without a conveyance! Also the cost of living is reasonable and essentials are available nearby. The only drawback is the entire city goes to sleep after 9, though there is a cabaret bar near my apartment

On workfront it is all very challenging for there is nothing in name of HR here. I have been meeting different employees past some days, but I doubt if I could have ever got anything more daunting and testing at this stage of my career. I am aware that I am in for interesting times but am not intimidated by the uphill task awaiting me. After all good money demands good work too

My weekend starts on Friday and work week commences on previously lazy Sundays. This weekend I plan to go house hunting, a major concern for me is to find good housemates and then look to find my feet in the city soon. Will keep all of you posted, though replying to comments may take sometime.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hope, fear, excitement…a new dawn awaits

The day I was waiting for is finally here. I will be flying to Muscat tomorrow morning and am already experiencing a myriad of emotions. For someone who has craved for a change for long this is indeed a welcome boon, but some where there is also an apprehension of stepping into the unknown and what the future actually holds for me. I am sure there will be no dearth of challenges in the new place moreso for a pampered kid like me, who has never lived away from home and has lived a life replete with splendor. But there is also an awareness that it is high time for me to step out of my comfort zone into the real world and make something of this damned life

I am not very sure of what I am getting into, for I am a greenhorn at handling domesticity. I don’t know cooking, have never washed my clothes, never even changed bedsheets and am going to live all alone in a far-off land all by myself! But admittedly this has not deterred me one bit and am sure down the line somewhere I will find my feet in the city, though it may take sometime

However there is also hope and an undeniable tinge of excitement. Anything new does bring some freshness along and it becomes all the more sweet if it is long sought. I sincerely wish that this new and a very major turn of life does turn out to be good and rewarding; and all the wait and perseverance does pay off somewhere. For the past many years I had been on look-out for a good international assignment, which was seen by me as a panacea for all the ills dogging me. One I would have been away from home and secondly, it never hurts to rake in the moolah. Now that it is finally happening, its only upon me to make it successful.

This is my last post from India and am not sure when I will be able to post next. Also I will not be able to comment on other blogs for sometime, but be assured that I will seize any opportunity to access WWW at the first instance. Till then alvida…