Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dagger In My Heart

Few days back I was having a late night booze session with C, who has become a sort of my best buddy in this city. Like me he is a bachelor from one of the Indian mahanagars coming to grips with life in this city and country; unlike me he is also a wild party animal and sometimes finds this place a tad too stale. During the past few months we have come to know a bit about each other and being bachelors living close by, we meet, eat and drink a lot often. I am aware that he has a steady girlfriend in Mumbai (whom he calls every hour) and plans to settle down soon; so it was with no misgiving or suspicion that he shared with me how he recently received a marriage proposal here in Muscat.

Apparently he met a wealthy client here as part of business and soon the client started enquiring about his personal status with a lot of interest. The client then disclosed that he was looking for a match for his daughter; C politely declined and buried the issue. But what got me curious was the details of chick mentioned seemed too familiar – wealthy background, US educated, jobs in Chicago and Dubai; I suddenly recalled that I too had met this chick’s parents sometime before. I did not mention to C, nor I ever will, that I too had been approached by her parents and sadly rejected a few days later

Some days after our chat we had gone to watch a new flick at a nearby cinema hall where we learnt that some more friends will be joining us. One of those friends happened to be this chick, who to my surprise was with her boyfriend! Now imagine her parents are going around town looking for a match whereas the daughter is painting the town red with her boyfriend. Upon checking with C my surprise only increased as everyone was aware of her having a boyfriend

Last evening I had been to a happening commercial complex for a bite, when seated in the open air area outside McDonald’s I spotted this chick with her happening friends having a smoke and good time. Howsoever hard I tried to ignore her I could not take my eyes off her and my uneasiness only grew seeing her uninhibited ways

There is something about this chick, not her in particular but those of her ilk, which makes them more desirous. Someone like me who is now searching for a match would be eager to have a trophy like her; her well known history overshadowed by pretty geography – this chick is amazingly beautiful, is trendy and partying types, wealthy family and very modern parents; in short the kind you can always boast of and make everyone envy around

I have never interacted with this girl before, nor do I think will we ever get to chat around, though we have crossed paths many times in past but I don’t why, the more I think about her and her enjoying with other men around, I inexplicably feel a dagger in my heart

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Delhi’s Power Killed Jessica

I was curious to see No One Killed Jessica and for good reason too, after all it was one of the most high profile cases in the last decade which involved the high and mighty embroiled in a show of strength trying to make a carcass of justice. I was not disappointed on seeing the film, it is one of the rare occasions that film makers have stuck to the facts, including Jessica’s attire on the night and the entire sequence before the actual hit, with only Rani’s character being a fictitious one

At the start only film makes it clear that D-d-d-dilli is all about power, the one who has more power rules; Jessica’s killing was a show of power after all, she was shot because someone thought she was powerless to refuse a drink, the person who shot her nearly got away because he had more power, people who saw her getting killed saw nothing because they did not have power to tell the truth and public which had nothing to do with Jessica enjoyed the show for after all it was a game of power

In a way the supreme struggle for power was the media campaign following the acquittal verdict itself. There are many more heinous crimes committed everyday in Delhi but none having the glamour and power that Jessica murder had; media surely had a field day in 2006 feeding and intensifying the public outrage after the court verdict. There are many Jessicas killed in Delhi everyday; girls are openly molested, rapes go unreported, school girls are abused – if not the life the soul of many Jessicas are murdered each fucking day of the year, let it be the blistering summers or like the current frozen winters; but none of these common folks had the power and clout that Ramanis, Jethmalani or Amod Kanth had

I doubt if Jessica Lal could have ever got so much publicity in her life as she got after her murder. To be clearer I am no sympathizer of Jessica, after all she was not a saint. Living in a plush bungalow in Safdurjung Extension she was lone earner in her family; any time of day or night she used to be picked and dropped by people known and unknown. Under the garb of high flying party life, many manage to escape from clutches of morality and bask in a life of glitz and glamour; however I do not mean to belittle Jessica or her lifestyle here, after all its her death which made news and not her life

Coming back to the film, it is a good watch even for those who may know little about the case. As for me I will wait for another film coming out after two years: Who Killed Arushi!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11 things I want to do in 2011

1.Have a happy and long stay in my new bachelor abode – I shifted my place recently and got a real nice reasonable place. Hope I get to hang in here for a good time

2.Find appreciation in my job – I am in this city and country because of my job and it is doing well here that should be my utmost priority

3.Find a suitable marriage proposal – now I also need to settle down and with wedding bells beaconing, I need to find a girl soon

4.Try to save more money – although I earn decent dough now I somewhere need to plan my savings a tad more carefully

5.Stay fit and healthy – thankfully I have shed a few of those extra kilos in last couple of months, but I need to watch my shape and take care of my health

6.Holiday in either Singapore or Istanbul – now c’mon a last holiday as bachelor is not a bad idea at all and I have these two places in my mind either due to proximity or friends

7.Get to kiss my chick atleast once – I have come close in past but never managed to steal a peck, hope it happens this year

8.Drink lots of daaru and enjoy with friends – I like boozing with friends and hopefully will continue this year too

9.Book a flat – this is not a top priority but I need to invest and plan now; after all I will be turning 30 this year

10.Help someone get a better life – past year saw me get a better life, will be happy if I too can help somebody

11.And lastly get a bit of Holy Grail – be somewhat happy and content , after all that’s what really counts