Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Parking

I have never been a great fan of paid parking; not that I mind paying for parking but it bugs if you pay in a totally safe and secluded area as well. The parking goons crop up from nowhere once they see a good catch and never lose an opportunity for a quick buck. It does not deter them if you confront them or even engage in a scuffle, after all they get their bread and butter and what not else from this open loot.

Every Sunday I visit my Club which is in a posh corporate location in Suncity and it irritates no end when a parking fee is demanded there. It is to be noted that earlier there were no parking fees and it was a free facility, with everyone enjoying their off on weekends. But can slimy bastards ever ignore the smell of money? Soon parking keepers came from nowhere once the frequency of regular Sunday visits was noticed. And the collusion also spread as the building security also got hand in glove with the parking mafia, blocking basement and other parking spots so that parking is possible only in designated spots, so that they also get their cut

Parking is a menace in most cities of India and Gurgaon is no exception. All malls and complexes charge a hefty parking fee, which is justified; but what beats all rationale is the parking you pay even when you use the road! And to add to this, no parking slips are issued here, only threats are made demanding money. Sometimes I really wish I could pay my parking with bombs instead of petty cash, would love to see these buffoons go up in smoke

You guys think I am venting a bit too much? Then note this conversation I had few days back

Me: Bhaiya bees rupaye to le rahe ho, lekin agar meri gaadi chori ho gayee to kya karoge?
Answer: main bees rupaye aapko waapas kar doonga!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Does patience pay?

Off late my patience is running thin and for good reason. Some of you may be aware that I had been chasing a job offer from Muscat for some time and although I have made some progress, the lethargy at other side is bugging me no end. It has been almost two months since the job was promised to me and salary details shared, but there afterwards everyone seems to have gone on a long slumber.

First there were visa issues, which to be honest were somewhat genuine since this position is based in Muscat while this firm is primarily based in Dubai. Then the concerned employees for my mobilization had proceeded on a long vacation, perhaps in some exotic location enjoying themselves much to my chagrin. Now at the beginning of February when all have come back and other outstanding issues stand resolved, my offer letter seems to have been misplaced! I can’t understand how a courier from Dubai can take more than two weeks to reach Gurgaon, even if it was coming on camel back.

Even repeated calls and emails have not borne any results so far, with my future employers stoically maintaining that the offer letter has been dispatched. I will call them again this week and chase them further in days to come, but till how long can you keep asking and pursuing. And mind you this firm had given me an offer earlier too, when the global crisis had just started, only to pull the plug at the last minute. True I understand the current job market is not the same, as say couple of years back but that does not diminish my irritation a wee bit.

Instances like this and their occurrence time and again, make you doubt your abilities and down somewhere your confidence also does take a silent hit. What makes it worse is the delay is happening due to factors beyond my control and I can’t fathom why something so urgent for me is being treated casually by those who matter. Perhaps sooner or later I will get this job and work for them but the preventable wait has already started causing me much avoidable agony.

I have discussed this with few folks who all agree that I have to be patient and after all patience pays, but there are also limits to my patience.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I was in a hurry

Today afternoon I was in a bookshop, doing what I like doing most of the times – whiling away my time. I did pick one quick read but my bowels were grunting, what with those exotic meals I had last few days taking their toll. I asked for the nearest washroom and was directed up the staircase, outside the entrance door. I hurriedly ran up the staircase where there were two doors opposite each other with Men and Women marked but in my haste I forgot to see which washroom I was entering. I remember seeing caricature of a man on the door before entering though in hindsight I am not sure if I did catch a good glance. After all as I said, I was in a hurry

Once inside there was something distinctly different, it was a bit cleaner and neatly maintained than most men loos are. What I did notice, and that should have been a warning for me, was that there were no stand-doing type urinals present. There were cubicles facing each other in the large room, each enclosing a built-in commode. I quickly entered one and bolted from inside. After all I was in a hurry

I unzipped my jeans, took my seat and was relieving myself all too well, when I heard those kind of noises from adjoining cubicle. Now you do hear sounds of fury from bowels and the final blast sound before release, but these sounds were kind of different than what I was used to hearing. These were less aggressive and softer. Also while I was seated on the commode I noticed a pad disposer on the side, which I thought must be a novel feature in these rooms little realizing that I may be in the wrong place. I should have got the message when I heard giggles from outside, but then my innocent mind banished them thinking them to be only sweepers or scavengers. Now who has ever seen a sweeper giggling, but after all I was in a hurry.

When I had completed my hurried stuff and was coming out I noticed a pair of eyes staring at me and making a dash for the door. I did not see who it was or even if it was a he or she. I proceeded to the wash basins to wash my hands. As I was soiling my hand with the liquid soap, I noticed another person coming to wash hands, but this person was different, as in wearing low-waist jeans, nail polish and had boobs. She looked at me and gasped; another chick who had come in looked at me in surprise; both females then exchanged quizzical looks of shock after seeing me. I left washing my hands and marched outside the door where I noticed the men’s toilet was actually on the opposite side. There were more females outside who were bewildered upon seeing me exit from ladies loo, but after all they did not know and nobody except me knew that I was indeed in a hurry

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A good day at Mall

Yesterday I had been to a bowling bar along with an office colleague and the experience was simply mind blowing. Blues in Amby Mall is a wonderful, wonderful place and if anyone happens to visit Gurgaon do drop in there. It is a state of the art facility with bowling alleys on both sides of the large hall and a bar in the middle, with dimly lit décor giving it company. I am not much of a bowling enthusiast myself but could not turn down when asked out, more so as I did not have anything to do on a holiday. We played two rounds, both I lost; nonetheless I enjoyed the experience to the hilt. What makes Blues special is the entire get-up, inside there are small enclosures where you can have your private talks along with drinks and sometimes also do your private thing if you have willing company. There is a tattoo room, karaoke bar, lounge and a separate smoking room, all done in tasteful décor

When we came out of Blues we found a new Golf restaurant outside. On enquiry we were shown inside the huge complex which consisted of shopping stuff like tees and shorts, golf equipments for display and sale, eating place with accompanying lounge; and a simulated golf course! The virtual golf course was divided into different enclosures; one had to take shots with a golf stick in front of those screens which simulated an entire golf course experience. If that was enough, there was also a separate Cigar bar where only Cigars can be smoked and select single malts are served. Needless to say the interiors were done tastefully and the woody ambience reeked of vintage cigars. Adjacent there was a conference room and other business room facilities, all on the top floor of a mall!

I have heard there is also a beer island somewhere in this mall, will try for sure next time

Later I and my friend went to the floor below for lunch but the choices available made it difficult to choose from. There were simply too many outlets, more than we could take in and some of the brands were unheard of before. Also lined up on that floor were specialty restaurants with designer interiors and a food court where street foods from all parts of world are available, I guess this variety may not be easily available even abroad.

I have heard Amby Mall will soon become as big as Mall of Emirate in Dubai, only the broken roads of Gurgaon will discourage visitors

Monday, February 8, 2010

I dream of…

Going by the dreams I get in my sleep off late I often wonder if I am really a dreamer, and if yes, then what my dreams really are? For the dreams I am getting or rather which are haunting me, are nothing short of bizarre

Dreams are known to portray reality and if not in full, atleast a shade of our daily life. I do envision the same people who are part of my life but in totally weird situations. Once I dreamt I was holidaying with my family by some seaside boulevard and suddenly giant waves start lifting everything up. Once I dreamt I am being chased by goons because I had overheard their conversations. Once I was climbing up a hill and suddenly pushed down forcefully and next morning discovered I had actually slid down somewhat in my bed

Not all dreams are crazy some are sweet as well. In school once I dreamt of a hot classmate smooching me and full night I had an erection. Later whenever I saw her a sweetness used to fill my mouth. There was another dusky babe in my class who was happy to display her chocolaty legs with her lifted skirt, I once dreamt of eating hot chocolate fudge off her legs

However some dreams can be sorrowful and leave you aggrieved. Few nights back I dreamt of an ordeal involving me and my kin which was so tearjerking, I even shudder to write about it here. All my hands and legs were stiff after I had woken up all of a sudden and I found myself crying big tears. I was in such distressed depths I even contemplated waking everyone and asking for their forgiveness, that too at 3 AM! Next morning when I was narrating my dream, I again broke down which surprised and shocked all, going by my restrained self

Foul dreams can be a hazard and a mood spoiler but I guess dreams are somewhere an essential part of our existence, for what would life be without any dreams. After all only those who dream fly

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party time

This weekend there was an office party at Buzz, which is becoming our favorite haunt for all get-togethers. However this time around there were folks from other groups as well, so the entire experience was somewhat different. However what did not change this time, and perhaps never will in most pubs in India, is the type of customers visiting and if you are a frequent partier, its not at all difficult to categorize them

One of the first to occupy their seats that evening along with us, was a skimpily clad female who was seated on the lap of a real hot beefcake. Now this guy was something anybody would drool over, who could actually turn anyone gay. He was tall, lean, muscular, ponytailed hair and had real taut skin. The girl on his lap was making most of him, fondling him at all those places, playing with his tongue with her own, necking him up all the time when not smoking. Those two with their cuddling did pose a pretty picture

On the other table were a group of young girls, who had apparently lied at home and stolen their way to the most happening pub. All of them looked and behaved decent initially though after sometime they began undressing till only important clothes remained to cover important regions. What was amusing about them was their effort at smoking, for none of them appeared to be smokers but only trying to make the most of freedom for the night. Its real funny to see face getting red along with the cigarette tip

There was also another group around our table, who appeared to be having a corporate party like us. There were men and women of young to middle ages having a good time with cocktails and small talk, though the youngsters among them appeared more enthralled and were also enjoying more, going by their good drinking. And yes the female smokers here were actual smokers in real life too, you know by the circles of smoke rings

A group which made a late entry was of school going teenagers who were trying to impress one and all by their beer guzzling and macho outfits. Atleast they could be forgiven for their age

What is astounding is that almost all females smoke in a pub, even more than males whereas you hardly find anyone lighting up on the streets. Many of them can be easily found as fakes, even by an occasional smoker like me; you come to know difference in doing and showing off

Away from all this I did have a good time with office pals and good old Teachers for company, I must have had ten rounds or more that night, for I was well and truly down when dropped home past midnight