Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A bit of pondering, torrid heat and planned holiday

There are times in life when mundane routine sets in and things which seemed exciting previously now become kind of habitual, its like if you party every weekend then the excitement withers off a bit for how much of a joy and high can the same wildness give. Perhaps that’s why I see so many around indulging with opposite gender to keep up the excitement pump though some also suffer hard falls and gut wrenching heartbreak, maybe my regular blogpals will understand this more. In a way its good to take a break and lead a dreary existence for a while, getting habituated to too much fun and adventure makes one inadaptable and prone to misery; my close buddy is leaving this country soon kicking away a brilliant career just because he misses Bandra and is unable to find a glamorous lifestyle here. A good dating life and frequent one night stands can give unparalleled ecstasy but can also lead to doom sooner than anticipated, its like a cracker which bursts bright but what eventually remains is a black burnt hole. Quest for excitement may bring new things but not all of which maybe exactly undamaging

Speaking of new things heat in this city comes with a new force every year around, its hard to imagine any place hotter than this. Both my balls are nearly burnt by the sweaty perspiration; perhaps the only way to remain cool is to sit inside an air conditioner rather than near it. Last night I was so drenched in sweat that even bedsheets had got a bit wet, no its got nothing to do with me touching myself. Even walking upto the car park can induce a burning sensation all across limbs and ribs; I am not sure if survival is possible if it gets even a bit hotter than this, my face has already turned a bit dark and may soon resemble the complexion of my lovely balls if the heat persists

Meanwhile I have booked my tickets for Greece in August end; it took a lot of thought and cost research to decide amongst the European destination choices fitting in my kitty but as of now it’s the Greek islands and beaches which await me, the only possible hitch being the economic turmoil in that country which may cause a last minute change of plan. However I can’t keep myself from surfing every now and then about the exciting white beaches and the accompanying abundant skin display; maybe that’s what is the required necessary excitement I was talking about!