Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Disturbing Confusion

Yesterday when I had thought of writing a post, the title in my mind was “A new dawn beacons” and not what you see above. A phone call last evening and the resulting confusion since has left me foxed, bewildered and not at all amused. Last week I had spoken to my future employers in Dubai and Muscat offices, wherein I was informed that I will be required to fly and join them soon. I spent the weekend shopping in all the swanky malls here and must have robbed many of them going by the number of my purchases. I even bought new bags and purchased more stuff to fill them up

Things seemed on track and going smooth, till a casual call to Muscat last evening to know the status of my Visa application. The ambiguous answer I received from the accented mallu guy left me dazed, for it sounded and vaguely conveyed that my joining was not on!! He advised me to speak to head office in Dubai for more details as they would be able to inform better. A frantic call to Dubai followed, where the chick expressed ignorance and said she will consult personnel in Muscat to know what’s happening and then get back to me. I waited for the call with bated breath and when it did not come I tried reaching the Dubai office, but the extension of this chick was engaged till late evening, probably she was in talks with Muscat office only. All through I was edgy and also chanting for things to work out well. Finally I did receive a call at end of day and mercifully my joining is still on, but the distressed voice of this chick could not conceal that all is not well. I am sure that there have been certain developments in Muscat office where my joining was planned to either put on hold or deferred and only some damage control from Dubai last evening has restored order and perhaps my fortunes. I have now been advised not to speak to that mallu guy and be prepared to fly soon, which I will only be glad to do even though my official release from present firm and nephew’s surgery are slated for next week.

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth to lose my sleep over this job offer which has been in a limbo for some time and only now is approaching some sort of fructification. My grappling with the slow response from them has stretched for more than three months now and their ‘blow hot blow cold’ attitude has not done much good for me. I may sound desperate but for someone who has inevitably seen so many slips between cup and lip in the past, it is only natural to be eager and anxious. I am aware that many more challenges await me upon arrival there but I only hope and pray that they should not be insurmountable and in no way beyond me.

Meanwhile the good news is that my resignation and handover in present firm has been smooth and I have also received a warm send-off. Life in this place was very comfortable; perhaps I may not get so much ease in job for some time, but it was lack of dough, growth and dull ambience which had made me anxious for a good change for long. Now that the change is happening my next concern is it should all be good!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is life fair?

This Sunday I had been to a Buddhism discussion meeting in my neighborhood, where participants were supposed to discuss and share their experiences while imbibing Buddhist philosophy. I have been somewhat regular with these meetings off late and this time I too shared my experience, which was well received by those present. Rest of the crowd was also coming up with their own take on life and recent experiences, wherein one member was repeatedly cribbing about his life, even comparing it to hell. Upon coming back to my apartment building, I saw him again in the lift and was surprised to learn he lived in my building only. He then invited me to his apartment, which was two floors below mine, and recounted story of his life. He had changed professions and maybe ambitions often, inspite of a good ability was languishing in his job, he lived reclusively alone and seemed to lack contentment anywhere. Well there were many things I shared with this guy, to start with we were from same college, similar backgrounds, aspirations for Civil Services and wasting of time with it, change in careers, only thing he was married and ten years elder but his wife lived abroad. I must have been in his flat for a short while only, but the despair in his life, heightened by irregular career and lacuna of a family life, was all too visible. His place was not bad by any counts, infact well kept for a single guy and he too appeared decent by all counts, but his current lackluster life was indeed pitiable

Even after living his flat I kept wondering about him, I had never seen this guy before though had crossed his flat many times which was mostly locked. During evening walks these days I make a special note of his apartment, which is always blacked out; I know many occupants of my building but this person was never noticed and going by his rant in the Buddhist meeting, his present life condition was indeed unenviable

Going by few similarities in our lives I too can land in his shoes someday but what bothers me is not the fear of it rather do I, or for that matter anyone, deserve this? I know we all get in life what we deserve and not what we desire, but then can life get so iniquitous? As I am about to embark on a new and major chapter of my life, my Muscat Visa should come through in few days, I often ask myself

Is life fair?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hot Hotter Hottest

Recently I stumbled upon few not-so-old clips from Hindi films, some of which were indeed bold though done tastefully. 80s was the time when conservatism was still the order of the day and our society had just begun to come out its self-imposed moral veil, a far cry from the present day Emraan Hashmi heroines who indiscreetly taste saliva on screen. But some of the actresses did take the bold step during those locked door days and they indeed deserve kudos for shedding their clothes and jumping in the hack for some real uninhibited intercourse. There were many clips I discovered, but here I will mention only the hot, hotter and hottest

Dimple in Jaanbaaz: Dimple made out in shack with Anil Kapoor at the end of a song. What I like in this song is the way she rubs her nude body with the hero. She is lying flat on haysack with Anil on top with continuous body rubbing. There is not much kissing here but Dimple’s luscious body display, complete with a shiny texture, makes up well for it

Rekha in Utsav: now this is long sequence with Rekha and Shekhar Suman in the historical epic, where Rekha plays a prostitute who comes to Shekhar’s house when his wife is away. The seduction is complete as Rekha gives a bath to the hero in complete style. There is lots of foreplay including playing with soap foam, sucking water dripping from mouth and intentional body rubbing. You do feel butter melting inside after seeing this horny sequence.

Madhuri in Dayavan: this one takes the cake by a long margin. Anyone who has seen this one will never forget the eroticism in a hurry and would like to watch again and again. This shot depicts the way a female is to be taken and would be undoubtedly bold in any era. What makes this one stand out is the entire aesthetics of it- the way Madhuri turns in bed with hunger burning in eyes, the way Vinod Khanna looks at her before taking a dip, the passion with which lips are offered and sucked, the want with which Madhuri rubs the back of hero and the licking towards the end. One of the all time bests

Already enchanted? Now don’t waste time and log on to YouTube to watch the fun

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls Do Dare

These days I am reading a new book, which is albeit different from many of the works one sees around these days. The book titled ‘Where girls dare’ chronicles life of female cadets inside military training academy and well captures the challenging military life, moreso for a female, by the main protagonist the author herself. To be honest the book is a bit boring, after reading all the shit by new age authors coming out nowadays which have a good sprinkling of sleaze and sex and are mostly centered on the life of single chicks living lavishly in metros, this one looks a bit insipid. However this does not take away one bit of the effort put in describing the hard military life borne bravely by the tender gender.

Life in a military academy can be tough for anyone to cope with, and the book narrates the gory details in which miniscule errors are also handed out harsh physical punishments. To undergo this baptism by fire, one has to first keep ego aside and be acceptable to getting persecuted at any time day and night; something which is not easy for anyone, howsoever brave and Bond like one maybe, to undergo

In a way the book is a refreshing change and throws good light on the ability of the new age female, who can take on tough physical grind as well. I remember in my first job, our team was taken to a hill resort nearby and adventure sports were a part of the schedule. To my surprise all girls out did the boys by doing tough sports with ease while we boys were left panting and some like me gave up before starting. In the evening bonfire, girls again outdid guys by soon wiping all Bacardi we had got

Perhaps this indeed is the age of modern day daring girls, who do lead a not-so-long-ago unthinkably bold life. Many of my female acquaintances live independent lives, change boyfriends, call me home for drinks and fags, have uninhibited sex and never deny having done it. But don’t get me wrong, this is a change for the positive. We all want a fair society and only an equal society can be fair for all, and also good for all

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Incredibly Inhuman

Few days back I had been for a pre-departure medical checkup to some desolate clinic in South Delhi, from where a medical clearance is mandatory before taking up employment in the Gulf, but I must admit that I was totally unprepared for the experience I went through. There is another face of India which remains hidden and is so far away from the world I have seen or expect that sometimes I am shocked by its existence.

Now my idea of a medical clinic is a neat place with doctors and practitioners running around; and some patients waiting for their turn. Also the clinics I have been to till date usually service Indian middle class, so the folks around are the kind you could commonly see in any market place. But upon arriving at this clinic I was surprised to find the place filled up with laborers, truck drivers, scavengers and some of their brethren. Most them were shabbily dressed in torn garments and some even smelled of beef. Add to this the matching attitude of doctors and administrators, with all shouting expletive abuses and pushing each other around.

All patients/clients were seated in a hall upon entry; some were seated on floor also, and were proceeding inside a narrow passageway as their name was being called one by one. Now if someone delayed to respond to his name call, he was shouted upon and abused and if not well-built also hit. Needless to say all laborers were used to this treatment being meted out and accepted it for good. I interacted with a few of them and learnt of their sorry existence, as many of them came from interiors of India and were somewhat charmed by the lucrative money in Gulf, the tough and inhuman conditions notwithstanding.

Soon my name was also called and I proceeded in the passageway where I entered the first room on way. Inside the room I was made to strip behind a curtain, with two doctors having a good look at my organ and the all important hole, my hands forcibly kept up all the time. Later I went to other rooms where blood, urine and unmentionable samples were taken, all the time I was roughed and pushed around. In one room filled-up injection syringes were kept and as patients entered, dosages were callously pushed inside their arms and they were pushed out to make way for the others behind, all done in a matter of seconds!

Thankfully the tests have declared me fit, results of which I have dispatched to apply for my Visa, but I shudder at the prospect of visiting such places ever again