Monday, December 17, 2012

Tidbits from my India trip

I returned from a whirlwind trip of India last evening and am still getting accustomed to my routine life but I must admit this trip of India was indeed refreshing; initially I was circumspect as this was my longest vacation till date but now I feel the time was indeed well spent

Travel, travel and travel – I travelled so much in this trip that I can easily recount five overnight journeys, two day trips and many more short trips using all available modes including bus, rail and air. Phew! That was some travel

South India is so distinct from North and in many ways better – I spent most of my vacation down South and found it to be much pleasant than the rowdy North. Bangalore, although crowded, is not a bad choice to relocate back and surely scores over Delhi’s brashness and crime

Home atmosphere gets better – for the first time in ages my home looked like abode of a family rather than separate warring individuals occupying own space. It may be the twin kids or new found reconciliation amongst all or maybe my absence but this time I could actually feel some warmth and care, which was so different from the battlefield of earlier years

Many short trips – if this trip involved long distance travelling it also involved many short trips. I visited my father’s grave after long and also visited Vaishno Devi this Friday in bitter cold weather ; believe me it was no fun climbing in middle of a severe blizzard

Met old flame from college – we met over coffee and recounted old days. She is still the same person and has kept her in shape even after delivering two boys; also she retains the same fondness for me even after so many years (why am I blushing?)

Not a drop of alcohol – all three weeks I did not have a drop to drink which made me cringe at times. I should now control myself as this fondness for booze is not going to take me far

Guilty pleasure – I again picked up more than necessary quota of books, so Shobhaa De, Kuldip Nayyar, Abdul Kalam and host of others took most of my luggage space

Sad to return - For first time felt sad to return which was so much different from my first trip 2 years back;I recall my trip at this time of the year in 2010, at that time I was relieved to board the flight back but this time I was myself surprised by the warmth on offer replacing the animosity of old. Time does heal many things and tormented relations can surely count as one

Failed to reach a decision - I again failed to reach a decision; for all the long time blog pals who must be waiting to hear on this, I failed to decide this time too, although I met many females and even shortlisted couple of them but could not decide. Why? I am still asking myself this question again and again and still don’t know why I could not take a call. I was very sure I will decide between the two shortlists but still don’t know what went wrong in both second meetings. Maybe fault lies within me as I tend to expect too much, a sure shot recipe for disaster in any marriage; every human being has his/her own flaws and maybe no one is complete without shortcomings, its accepting those shortcomings with open heart is what makes any relationship tick