Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend dash to Dubai

This weekend I made a short trip to Dubai; with an extended weekend announced and nothing much to do in this city I decided to hop across the border, of course the pleasant weather and free accommodation at my friend’s stylish flat were added incentives which helped in my decision

However the trip had more in store than I had anticipated. First to start with the bus got delayed or should I say delay is too mild a word to describe the ordeal I went through. A journey that should not have taken more than 5-6 hours took 11 hours and I was completely pooped out by the time I reached Dubai. Visa stamping at both borders took ages and with little food and water I was totally miserable and famished. Thank heavens I had another friend for company who did help me with sorting out the long queues but this long ordeal at border crossing was something I was totally unprepared for. Even after alighting at Dubai my misery did not end for I had to locate my friend’s house in posh upmarket business area. Eventually after I did find my way to his place I learnt from the building guard that he was away and had kept the house keys with my details to be handed to me on arrival; I was totally lifeless after the long day so I took the keys and was delighted to finally see an inviting bed all for me upon entering his room. Just as I was about to push down my jeans after unbuckling the belt, the door opened and in walked an unknown young female.

“Hey are you R’s friend?” she asked
“Yes that’s me” I mumbled
“That’s cool, he has been waiting for you all day. He just left to help me shift my place and so I am staying here for this weekend”

I was a bit confused as to where she will be staying with two boys in a single room but I did not raise any query. After some time R came and we chatted for a good time before ordering dinner ; we finished early and decided to retire to bed. Since there was only a smallish double bed I didn’t know where the girl will sleep so I folded myself at one corner; I was surprised (not sure if this was pleasant) when the girl also came and slept next to me! Her body was very close to mine but I was so tired that I dozed off soon. The next night again the girl slept with me in my bed, must say this is one of the few times I have slept with a female with a straight intention!

Next morning I accompanied R for Dubai marathon near Burj Khalifa; Dubai was abuzz with all youngsters dressed in athletic wear swarming the glamorous stretch of this hip city and the entire set-up resembled a big mela with all nationalities and skin colors present. When R left for his run I took a walk around Burj and was totally taken in with the resplendent and stylish display across malls and eateries. After Marathon got over we came back for a shower and left for lunch at Dubai Marina which too was dazzling and stunning. Dubai is indeed an international city and after having visited some places in East and West, must say Dubai compares with the best in terms of style, entertainment and gentry.

In the evening R had his friends over including the sleep-next-to-me girl when we drank for a good time before leaving late night for a raunchy Russian dance bar. Russians in Dubai are like the cream decorations on top of a cake; they not only add beauty but are also good to taste; inside the bar negotiation were in full flow between the fair skinned sex bombs and desi chhoras eager to taste nature’s nectar. R and myself relaxed at a corner and later played some pool before calling it a day; upon return to apartment the earlier sleep-next-to-me girl was all drunk and asleep, however when I jumped into bed she eagerly slipped next to me (I was too engrossed with Russian dreams to ponder over the obvious local invitation)

Next morning was a bit dull with all of us having hangovers of previous night; the girl next to me awoke first and left soon for her place. R and me took our time and lazily dressed up before leaving for a sumptuous lunch of grilled Turkish food. The return journey was even less exciting; only exception being that the 6 hour journey back to Muscat took 10 hours instead of 11!