Thursday, June 24, 2010

Has my time come?

Since the time I have landed in Muscat, something inexplicable is happening with me, no not the ones one may think of, but I am seeing everything through a prism of coupling up soon. At times such thoughts seemed weird to me, not because they are not unnatural, but because by and large till now I have been content in my solitude and never thought those mushy things were for me. It may seem a lot unusual but I have never desired romanticism or companionship much, satisfying physical needs being something else, and infact have been guilty of running away from open invitations and not picking subtle hints. But off late there is a tacit acceptance somewhere of an eventual and gradual change in status

So what is it that’s making my mind change directions these days? Surely Muscat is not a romantic city by any length though it is a wonderful place to live, much better than many Indian cities. My life has not changed so much – I still follow same routine, same weekend getaways, same shopping at malls, same hobbies – so what is that’s making me open matrimonial sites these days?

Browsing my blog, I stumbled upon this posted exactly an year ago and could then think of following which may explain the tectonic shift in my thinking

*I wanted to be away from my family which I am now, so thoughts about building a future creeping in
*Am now independently managing myself, but will build a better nest if someone to share comes along
*Life is about moving through different stages, now career has upgraded so why not marital status?
*I look more like a real man these days, I was stunned to catch my own fleeting appearance in a corner mirror last week
*And finally I now make decent dough, which counts the most, so can afford some luxuries

But marriage is not an achievement and has dangers innumerable – a wrong partner can bring unlimited agony, if frequencies do not match its hell for both, an alliance should not be a compromise but contentment and importantly where do you search? Matrimonial sites are like brothels with catchy display and each highlighting own self, those who have visited whorehouses will understand. Also for me specifically marriage brings more than its share of risk:

*I am a quiet guy leading a dreary existence who enjoys his drink, music and fuck at end of day not the wild party types
*I hate shopping with a capital H while females swear by retail therapy
*I have never tested waters before so companionship will be a new thing for me altogether with unknown pitfalls
*My upbringing in a dysfunctional family brings its own share of abhorrence and resentment; a far cry from loving, caring and sharing that marriage demands
*I am a sucker for stuff that’s intellectual or spiritual and anyone ignorant of these doesn’t rate too high with me or is rather deplored
*Females are sensitive and complicated which gets tough to decipher
*I have been through shit before in terms of having a too authoritative and suppressing female in my life; I don’t want another reincarnation of my Mom please

Perhaps now I can relate to what some others known to me in past were going through when craving an alliance while I ridiculed them in my heart of heart. Frankly I used to mock and sneer at people, both in real and virtual world, who were always on lookout for love interest as if nothing better to do, but now slowly I am realizing its only a completion of oneself that’s been sought

I have now grasped and realized for better that matrimony is a stage of life which eventually many graduate to when life is complete but there is still something lacking. But the question I find asking myself many times these days is: has my time come?

Monday, June 21, 2010

In the last two days I have…

*Lied to my boss

* Seen a male-strip show on net and absolutely loved those hunks and their bulging biceps

*Tried to steal from nearby mall

*Visited a doctor

*Been caught fiddling with my organ

*Received a marriage proposal

* Came across snaps of my old roommate cum fuck-buddy and still felt an erection, almost 15 years after those wonderful blowjobs

*Learnt I will be travelling to Dubai next month

*Decided not to watch Raavan

*Drank 15 litres of water and still felt burnt in this brazen heat

* Finally found on net pics of the chick I used to have phone-sex with years back and cursed why I could not jump into the phone

*Skipped dinner

*Worn my underwear inside out

*Been ogled at by smoking hot chick

*Lied to my boss (oh not again)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten Things about Being a Teenager

Past few days blogosphere has been somewhat abuzz with stories of teenage, apparently there is a contest being run at ‘Compulsive Confessor’ ; the fad is not surprising, after all Meenakshi Madhavan is the modern diva of blogging. Going by some posts I too could not stop myself and jotted down ten things I recall about teenage, one of the most exciting phases of life

1 List of firsts – first kiss, first smoke, first manly fight, first shag…list goes on. The evolution from an innocent petal to full-blown flower couldn’t have been more exciting

2 Craving for freedom – it’s a paradox that what you desire the most, eludes you the most. All teens want to have their own thing going but are sometimes heavily patrolled, atleast in India, by looming parents. Those who are not eventually become sex symbols (see post below to understand better)

3 Crushes – this is the age for crushes. At first only glances are exchanged, then eyes meet, then eyes meet for a second longer, heart skips beats, longs for those eyes…all part of game

4 Impressionable – you want to try everything and be cool. Have the latest gizmos, boast of prized girlfriend, glittering Cadillac to drive and party like Paris Hilton. No wonder many turn smokers at this stage

5 Dreams and desires – at 20 you want to change the world though by 40 the world changes you. There is a time in everybody’s life when desires include visiting moon, dining at White House and finding cure for cancer. These days some dream of kissing Katrina Kaif

6 Glimpse of adulthood – at a time when you leave the childish innocence behind, the bad world of responsibility envelops soon. A grown-up in the family is taught many things considered incapable of before and expected to fend for himself now

7 Breaking rules - now c’mon its more fun to run free when reined in than when unconstrained. One bunks in college but the excitement of bunking and visiting malls during those school days is something altogether different

8 Puberty – now now now there are changes happening in your body you get conscious about. Suddenly watching porn feels all the more better with the inexplicable butter melting somewhere; I still recall when those raging hormones had become too much to control I used to makeout with my room buddies in hostel toilet. That was some fun with the fresh and hot sperms guzzling out

9 No dough of own – as I said before this is the time you desire all goodies but get shit in return. Sadly no money of own means someone else deciding what to do or rather what not to do

10 Acads burden – this is last and perhaps the worst part. If you are growing in India, pressure of doing well in academics at times is too much to handle for the tender brains.

These were my ten guess others will have their own teen tales

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Searching hotties on Facebook

Last couple of days I have been frequently browsing Facebook, not that I have an active account or have uploaded much stuff, but then what else to do when boss is off on rare days? At times Facebook can be more enchanting than even porn sites and surely you get to explore more here than anywhere else. After all it makes it easier to reminisce by gone days and also you get to know what those left behind are now doing. Of course being a guy I am more prone to search for hotties, the sort you eyed in college cafeteria or the ones you fantasized about in smoke zones. And checking some of their accounts has been fascinating to say the least

One thing for sure, a tota will always remain a tota no matter what, only form and shape may change but that doesn’t decrease their lure any bit. After all don’t we jump upon extra large scooping of chocolate fudge with same glee and excitement as chocolate sticks? And yes charm and attraction are eternal, I underwent the same flutter after so many years that I used to feel during those wonderful years.

Okay now coming on to the profiles, first one I found was a white pataka, the sort who displayed her marvelous white legs uninhibitedly and invited attention with their lovely shine. She had supporting parents, the ones who encouraged boys to sleep over and partied late nights. She once had her skirt opened in class, what a sight it was! Next was a chick who was short and out rightly slutty, it was rumored she had flings with her own brother. Once on a picnic bus she asked me if I wanted chips, when I declined she put them in my mouth but also made sure I lick and suck her fingers too. Another was a chocolate variety; her dusky complexion was too sexy to believe. Her boobs had grown too much too soon which made her more alluring and she was aware of how to make use of it. Even on Facebook now her profile pic makes full use of blown-up assets. Last profile I checked was disappointing, this chic was a charsi but has now settled down to domesticity; she looked out of sorts with those babies

One good feature was all these hotties are in each others friends list, I don’t know how; perhaps Delhi has a common hip party circle, so all those who love being ogled at move around together. And why not, aren’t all ice-cream flavors always kept together?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fear of Fury

On Wednesday afternoon while I was outside office for lunch a cool breeze was blowing, which was a welcome respite from the sweltering heat of this horrid summer. Since the weather was unusually pleasant my group lingered around a little longer than usual, taking in the cool air when murmurs about some approaching cyclone were heard. At first the suggested cyclone was dismissed, as another piece of baseless rumor which out-of-work folks keep circulating. Later in the evening I had gone to attend an Art of Living celebration, where everyone looked a bit grim, I was told that a cyclone alert had been sounded and then realized the rumors were indeed true. While driving back that evening I saw thick, dense clouds racing past each other that too at a dangerously low level. We stopped at a shopping mart to purchase goodies incase the city was jammed due to the impending cyclone but then discovered all malls and marts to be crowded with everyone jostling for space; perhaps the entire city was shopping so as to remain well stocked in event of catastrophe

Next day was no better with all preparing for trouble, in a way entire city was on edge. By evening everyone was cuddled up at home, well stocked with water and eatables, waiting for the deadly cyclone to unleash. By late evening all streets were deserted and though a wild chilly breeze was hitting down hard, waterfall had not started. Friday morning the turbulent cyclone hit with full fury and soon the entire city was engulfed with water. Down from my apartment I could spot rising water level and at times the parked vehicles seemed to float in the water! Thank heavens I live well above the ground level, so did not have water seeping in from anywhere and was spared the agony of seeing all belongings float in unstoppable water. Later information reached that many parts were still water logged and some coastal towns had totally submerged

I spent the cyclone-hit days locked in my room and bored as TV too had given up. Thankfully before leaving India I had read a porn novel in which a young school girl has raunchy affairs and encounters with her next door lady and later her husband, so it helped me heat up and shag well, the only interesting thing I could do behind closed doors.

The cyclone has thankfully now subsided and only pray it doesn’t come back soon

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Do’s and Don’ts when you are in Muscat

*Go around and meet as many people as you can. Omanis are warm, friendly and peace-loving, basically people who welcome others with open arms

*Negotiate price on anything you want to buy or rent. Although the cost of living is very reasonable its prudent to try not to miss a good deal

*Do not miss to eat local cuisine. Hamoos, shawarma and qubus are the tastiest delicacies you can lay your hands on

*There is no need to be paranoid about safety and belongings. Muscat is perhaps one of the safest places I have been to; upon landing I was late to collect my luggage bags but found them safely in a corner near the conveyor belts

*Look both ways four times before crossing road. Traffic here is dangerous moreso at night when cars ram through the roads

*If one wants to booze, better visit the dance bars. Skimpily clad girls will be delighted to see you and will receive you with inviting and sweet unmentionables, as I am discovering these days

*For all shopping freaks, and this includes mostly fairer sex, don’t expect world from the malls. Here only hyper-markets serving groceries and other utilities are popular, unlike the brand conscious servings found in Gurgaon malls

*Always carry sunglasses along if you come visiting in summer, else have your eyes burnt like mine

*Never even think of breaking the law. Maybe folks who have lived abroad previously will be more law abiding, but for someone stepping out of anarchistic India first time, discretion is advised

*Don’t try to flirt with local females (or males). Firstly its not worth it and secondly you may regret it later. However this does not apply to easy stuff available at times under streetlamps

*And lastly never talk about Sultan here, its taboo sshhh sshhh