Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Blogging helps?

Blogging is therapeutic – nothing heals or helps as venting out does. This is one place where you can vent out to your heart’s content and find e-shoulders to cry upon. Life is full of twists and turns, and if that’s not enough we also carry some past baggage, but they all seem play maze here. No matter whats bothering you, someone is always listening (or reading) you. A perfect place to share and care

So many colors, shades of people – let it be a housewife dealing with kids, a teenager masturbating with fantasies, a hottie writing about her sex life or broken hearts crying over spilt milk; at times so many types of bloggers are there and amazingly you seem to connect somewhere with each of them. It always seems as if an unexplored, unseen & exciting world is awaiting you

Always best friend - Nobody supports you or understands you better than this URL. It will always listen to you and stands by you ignoring your time and again brainless idiosyncrasies. Best pals may ditch but not this old fellow

Deepest and darkest persona comes out – I have shared so many of my lonely desires here but felt no shame whatsoever. I look forward to good things in life and my sex hungry body lusts for those natural juices – where else could I admit this unabashedly? Long time readers will also recall my other escapades told here. I know being anonymous helps, but let this not deter named bloggers. Blogpals will never ditch, back bite or sneak, I can swear on that

Old friend in new place - now I can vouch for it like no one else. After relocating to Muscat I did not have to look around for friends. A simple log-on was enough to bring my best buddies around and let them know more about my new place. Also you can make new friends easily; now would you ever walk upto someone in a mall and talk with him/her? But you always can comment on new blogs

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My New Workplace

It has been more than a month since I joined my new workplace and the experience has been interesting. Infact this place has a lot happening most of the time and is far from the dull and lifeless environs of my last workplace.

To elucidate, this office is located on top of the company showroom and is not very large in size with only few employees. A good advantage of having a smaller unit is that people become close knit and you always know what is happening around. Also one always has a curiosity of whats happening where and the accompanying gossip, bitching and pulling down. So all in all it does make for exciting and fascinating events and proceedings at times

Most of the guys working here are Indians, most of them being either Muslims from small towns or the archetypal mallus found in this part of the world. However the work style followed here is sometimes seen to be believed with all shouting at each other and the blame games on with full vigor and force. Thankfully I am not part of this slugfest and have a desolate corner of my own, with a hidden monitor from where I access the naughty sites (porn is banned here) and blog uninhibitedly. Another observable feature is that there are not many smokers in this office and one has to go down and behind to smoke. I haven’t had my first puff here though may start soon

Sadly there are not many females in this office and those present are all condemn maal. However don’t mistake this part of the world to be conservative when it comes to females, one can never miss the tharak in eyes whenever they meet. Sometimes I feel as an ice candy whenever I find eyes gazing at me, doesn’t matter from where they are looking

Interestingly nobody comes to office on time including the boss. I find myself alone in morning here, having got used to the militant reporting times in previous firm. However many guys also stay late or have late night sales visits, thankfully I have a comfy job having the mundane routine and not the cut throat variety like others

Interesting things are surely happening which reminds me that last night I had again been to the beer bar and this time I exchanged some flying kisses and winks with the willing girls. Seems I am making good progress here

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hope floats

Location: Some place we all know exists but have never been there

Almighty: tell me Pesto with this new change in your life, are you happy and content?

Pesto: yes My Lord, I am absolutely over the moon. I have got what I desired, albeit a bit late in life but now I am happy. I only hope this happiness lasts and does not go away soon

Almighty: I am happy to hear you are happy. But why are you afraid that happiness will go away soon. Remember nothing is eternal, good days follow bad and bad days follow good; we all have our deeds behind us

Pesto: I know but this long-desired wish has borne fruit now; I only wish it lasts for sometime

Almighty: its upto you how long you want to make it last. By the way what is this I keep hearing that you fret too much because of your folks?

Pesto: yes My Lord I always wanted to get away and get away soon

Almighty: oh get away from whom? Do you know when you die who will cry? Remember, relations are only what we make of them. If you only want to abandon your own people, one day you yourselves will be abandoned by all

Pesto: I will remember that

Almighty: also remember that it is important to let go of the past. You have started a new life in a new place, so wipe off all your ill-feelings that have dogged you in the past. A new life in a new city/country demands that you start life on a clean slate, which is without any black clouds

Pesto: I will try to forget and move on with life

Almighty: I also see that you are at times lonely though deep down you harbor some dark desires. These desires are only human and natural, so why don’t you do something for them?

Pesto: I am a loser when it comes to girls. Yes I do long for Holy Grail, but somehow have never been able to make the right moves. Also I have been guilty of losing golden opportunities and not converted those easy half-chances in the past. At my age when all are bored with sucking and licking, I have to content myself only by gazing at visible bra straps

Almighty: don’t worry son, your time will come. You too will taste nature’s nectar someday, though some time back you did have a paid adventure in some dark alley of Delhi

Pesto: My Lord I have never been in a relationship and never craved for one. Am I abnormal?

Almighty: no only a bit recluse. Let go of all your barriers and open up to the world. Be a bit outgoing and the entire world will come to you. But for that you will have to start immediately on doing something which you hardly do and which at times becomes the first striking aspect of you

Pesto: whats that Lord?

Almighty: smile a bit more!!!!

Pesto wakes up and gets back to work

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moving around

My weekends here have been interesting and often with a lot to do, unlike Gurgaon where I was mostly listless and indolent. The first weekend I spent having a look around the city and visiting some known and yet-to-be known acquaintances. The second weekend went in shifting to my new place while the recent one again found me meeting and moving around

My interactions with folks around here have been interesting, to say the least. Since this place is mostly dominated by Indian expats, I have been floating amongst the Indian diaspora only but then they too come in different hues. Indians here can easily be categorized into three categories: first there are Indians coming from small towns of Kerala, UP and other states (many Muslims here); then there are Indians like me, who have been bred in Delhi, Mumbai and other metros; and lastly there are Indians who have immigrated to Muscat from other international locations. Now you well can imagine the difference between all three in terms of taste, lifestyle and general outlook; however the sad aspect is the first variety glaringly dominates, second variety is tough to find around while one will be fortuitous to come across the last one which are the rarest but also the most sophisticated to be with.

The first weekend I was invited to a mallu family household who lived in a large villa though they had maintained it like a Kerala boathouse. Next I visited another friend of family friend who egged me to live with him in his dungeon hole since it was coming at a reasonable rent, wanting me to ignore that this locality was largely inhabited by Bangladeshi labor. Last week I visited a new acquaintance who lived in a classy apartment, I later learnt that he hailed from a good Mumbai family.

Apart from all these meetings I have been moving around and discovering more about this exotic place. Yesterday I saw Houseful at a nearby cinema, here bollywood films are shown with Arabic and English sub-titles. I also visited a Toastmasters club nearby which I will join soon and also attended a Buddhist chanting session, which I relished most since got to see and meet many like-minded people.

Oh I also visited the dance bar again (see last post). This time I avoided beer and ordered the cheaper Pepsi instead though I again enjoyed the seductive movements of slim waists. It is amusing how same chicks in different skimpy attires never miss in making you feel good, same way one drink can give the same high in different glasses. Few girls joined the show late while some left early this time, I guess they also service customers in closed rooms.

In days to come I intend to move around and learn more about this place and yes, also post about them here

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My visit to beer bar

Last evening after dinner I was feeling like having a drink and ventured out searching for a bar. I did find one; however this seemed shady with dim lights and no board outside. However as I was eager for booze I ordered for a beer and salad; in this country you cannot order drinks alone. I had only settled down when I noticed some skimpily clad girls come in front and soon there was a music system visible. Then started some bollywood music on which the chicks gyrated themselves and danced raunchily

To start with three chicks were seated on a table and fourth one standing was lip-syncing the songs from behind. The chicks were Indian and must be in their early youth, but all of them were hotly dressed in different attires complete with lovely cleavage display. They were making eye contact with the audience and making naughty gestures which were returned by many admirers enjoying their drinks who were busy ogling at the skin show on display. I too was having a good time and one chick, dressed in pink, started making inviting gestures at me. I smiled back though sadly it did not progress any further

A noticeable thing was the chicks were not dancing full throttle but only making suggestive body moves but never losing eye- contact, all the time enticing the male pigs to come on. I could feel the beer actually give a good high once I concentrated on the slim waists and their slow, inviting movements. Their is something about the female body which does have a good effect down somewhere if the owner knows how to make optimum use of its assets, I could feel that yesterday

However one drawback was the beer and salad were not good, I felt like puking when I came back and had a bad night, which also involved emergency use of vomit stopping tablets. Next time will have to be careful on what I order

Meanwhile I shifted to my new place yesterday morning and spent the day setting my stuff. Good thing is its walking distance to my workplace and good facilities are available around (including this beer bar); it’s the first time in my life that I am staying at a place rented from my own money, a point highlighted by my Mom in last evening’s call

Things are surely fun here, don’t believe then should have seen those hip movements