Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The year that was

Things that went well
1.Away from home
: now don’t ask me to elaborate but I am glad to be away. Period
2.Europe trip: this will be the highlight of year. It took a long time to plan schedule but I am glad I undertook this venture, first time in my life I have splurged and explored new territory all on my own
3.Positive frame of mind: some years back I used to be in a constantly petulant mood but thankfully since sometime last year, with change of location, I have somewhat managed to keep negativity away. Old readers of my blog will vouch that my current life, if not too exciting is not much depressing either
4.Better work life: I have a better job now and thankfully this year saw some recognition coming my way, only hope it lasts long
5.More moolah: for a job to be better, better money is essential; thankfully have some dough with me now

Things that could have gone better
1.No chicks: now don’t label me a loser but this year was barren for me. Maybe I am too pre-occupied with thoughts of settling down so have not given any chase and also the old flirt chick has got busy with some stupid exam, so the drought continues
2.Shifting abode: it hurt badly when I had to reluctantly give up a good place and shift to the current insect hole. Shucks the old spacious carpeted place was indeed envious
3.Dull and dreary: apart from being peaceful the year has mostly been uneventful. Perhaps Muscat has now started getting to me with its lack of life and spirit but then I cannot complain much for was this independence not what I yearned for?
4.No investments : being away from India I am not tuned to how and where to invest, hopefully new year will shed some light

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When do you say yes?

As someone contemplating matrimony there is no shortage of proposals but the choices available can leave one confused, what with the options varying from Mayawati to Madonna. In the ensuing confusion at times it can be real hard to decide when to say yes, or even to forget what is right, its a bit akin to searching for lost possessions and then when you search long and hard you forget what you were originally searching for. My condition these days is too a bit similar, since I landed in this city last year and embarked on my hunt I am myself at times a bit skeptical whether to say yes, no or say nothing at all. But before all this one needs to evaluate and decide own criteria and maybe then hunt for the right fit so deciding upon criteria first becomes critical, few of my own are jotted below:

Compatibility: first and foremost criteria since two separate individuals are planning to live their life together. And this does not mean searching for a temporary flat mate, by the way I am looking for one these days, it is much more complex. All other stuff goes for toss here as this defies logic and at times even morality, I know couples who help each other get laid but then they are compatible.

Exposure: while hiring for corporate those exposed to best management practices stand best chance to get in, similarly those who have lived life independently and faced its fluctuations do make a better fit. It must be for some reason that children are sent to boarding schools away from home, some of those virtues attained there remain companions for life and are easily and appreciably evident even years later

Attitude: this is one of the most decisive factors and is simply a no-brainer. Last some years I have seen so many relationships and marriages go down the drain just because one of the two was acting unreasonable (and also maybe because the other person did not have the maturity to handle this difference) that I sometimes feel casinos are a lot safer bet than entering matrimony with an hitherto unknown person, believe me in a bad marriage there is simply lot to lose and sometimes the sole criminal is the irrational attitude of one or both partners

Background: no I do not mean any wealth here; it simply means someone who can be related with. Someone hailing from a professional or services background may make for a better companion for we may have seen life through similar lens, but then this is not a disqualification. As someone whose roots hail from South but has lived in North, another tricky aspect of culture gets added here

Looks : this is last and does not matter as much as it is made out to be or like many wrongly believe it to be. If looks were indeed that important there would never be so many divorces or break-ups in showbiz

Maybe when most of these criterion do match up, I am sure all of them will never match together unless that person is result of some cloning experiment, it maybe time to say yes but then again think twice and bide time before making the all important call.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Face in the mirror

Today morning I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the face in it. The face looked familiar, it could have been of any man, a face so common that it could easily get lost in the crowd, a face one may never notice or remember for long. The face has nothing remarkable about it, infact the hairstyle looks too ordinary with no style whatsoever, lips never break into smile unless forced, some facial hair is present on otherwise clear skin which make up the round face. Those who see this face, often remark that this person is too seedha much incapable of any wrong doing or understanding the pitfalls of life

When I look at this face I often wonder who this man really is? He is someone who enjoys solitude for sure, for he has been alone most of his life. He is someone who hates violence as his calm face amply reflects. Is he someone naughty? Can never be, someone with such straight a face can never be mischievous. Can this person have done something wrong in his life? no no he can never hurt anyone, his composed face has no traces of anyone meddling into others affairs. Then if this person is so straight is he a saint? Maybe yes he is some sort of a saint though he has his own flaws. A quiet man may not have many flaws but then he may have his own needs. He has slept with whores twice but was it too wrong to have done so?

When I look deeper at the face I wonder what this man has gone through. He ran away from deeply tormented relations and is very relieved to be away from chaos. But then there is still a hint of infulfillment somewhere, those eyes may look sad but don’t think they were born to be this way. But wait whats this? There is no trace of any love on this face, it is possible this person may have never understood much about love and care. It is possible he may have been alone most of his life so doesn’t get much about what unconditional love and relations are all about but then he also realizes that life is not complete without love. Maybe he yearns for love and companionship deep within and is seeking fulfillment somewhere or possibly this man is confused as to what he really wants from life

Looking deep into the face, which has a stoic tranquility, I wonder what the future holds for this man. If I ask this man he too may not be having answers, after all who knows what future beholds. But wait this man looks scared, yes in fact he is very afraid of death, darkness and disease. His soft face betrays no trace of his soft personality, which has been exploited by many till now for this man knows nothing about getting back. Didn’t I tell you this man is a saint?

This face also has many contradictions and paradoxes. If he is so straight, his life shouldn’t have had any evil deeds, if he is so aloof how can he have a sense of humor and if he is so simple how come he relishes alcohol so much? Perhaps this face holds many mysteries and is remarkably deceptive, it doesn’t say much but possibly hides a lot, it appears mostly pensive but no one knows what he thinks and it may appear unharmful which I believe it largely is. But this face is potent and has a thinking brain somewhere inside

Have you seen this man’s face anywhere? Do look out