Wednesday, May 30, 2012

….and my hunt continues

I returned yesterday from a hectic tour of India covering 3 cities in 5 days and boy what a ride it was! India never lacks in excitement and always has surprises up its sleeve, in fact now being outside I do miss the bang of energy so abundantly visible back home. Visiting home is always refreshing and this visit was a tad better than previous ones due to the surprising amity and amicability at my place, guess being away rough relations do tend to smoothen out over time. However coming to main purpose of the trip was my latest craze of bride hunting and I had lined up some choices to meet and assess

Girl 1
This is the girl I never met! Although she was the one I was most excited about and it was because of her that I had included Mumbai in my itinerary but strangely she backed out rather bizarrely at the last moment. To begin the story we came in contact about a month back and seeing her impressive profile I was excited; she reciprocated my interest, in fact she seemed more interested going by the lengthy international calls she used to make to me in middle of night. A few days before my departure she informed she is not in Mumbai but will surely meet me, if not Mumbai then she will fly to Delhi. Even before flying out from Muscat Airport I had messaged her enquiring about her availability and next day in Mumbai when she was not reachable I was forced to spend the day sleeping at an Andheri hotel, twist in the tale was the SMS I received next evening stating that her match has been fixed!! Zor ka jhatka aur ticket fare ka phatka. Today when I checked her Facebook profile she has written a long diatribe on why not to get married…as strange as it could get

Girl 2
The original girl whose proposal was received sometime back and because of whom I planned this trip. When I received this profile everything seemed perfect – professional background, living and working independently in Bangalore, schooled in Muscat, same caste also; however there is a long slip between the cup and lip which I discovered upon meeting her. I had flown to Bangalore specifically for her and spent half a day with her at Garuda Mall where her mother and sister also joined us later for lunch. I tried to strike conversation with her and know more of her life and hobbies but found myself quiet most of the times; apparently we do not have much in common as she clearly doesn’t have a cosmopolitan touch. She mailed me later saying she wants to proceed with our proposal which I politely turned down

Girl 3
Now at my home in Gurgaon started the brigade of Dilli phool chhaddies. I started my list with the first meeting held at a posh hotel where both families were also present, this chick looks much cuter and slimmer than her pics but was too scared of her stern (and rough looking) father so did not talk much even though we were seated much away from the elders. Going by our previous chats she was a real chatterbox but this time didn’t go beyond her smile; she comes from a reasonable family and is very focused on academics as she is still studying and will take another two years to finish her books. The only thing I recall from this meeting is the taste of stale water melon juice

Girl 4
When I met her at an old joint of Connaught Place I was surprised by her disposition of fragrant perfume, Janpath jewelry, sprinkled masacra and a silken accent. She did have brains and loads of passion as she quizzed me on my aspirations beyond work, holiday choices and dream achievements. During the hour and half we were together we talked about art, travel, Modern school, lemon vodka and yes we also spoke about blogging. The conversation could have gone on but then we parted ways as the weather and our chat had just started getting gloomy

Girl 5
When I met this girl at Select City Walk in Saket I wanted to run away within some time. She was short, sex less and spoke like an auto driver, however when I came to know about her family background and the way she had researched about my background, the conversation stretched to almost couple of hours. However beyond the compatible service families on both sides, nothing else matches here

After all these whirlwind meetings everyone wants to know whats there on my mind, although I am myself as confused as confusion could be

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Phases of my life

Everyone’s life has its own crests and troughs, times when you feel you are on top of the world and next day you land up in pits. My life too has been a bit rollercoaster with its own thrills when swing is high and bad pain when rock bottom hits. If I have to look back at my thirty years of existence, I can may be categorize them into different phases

Young toddler: I was so shy and innocent that I sometimes wonder where that young pup has gone. My parents were reticent shouting at me or disciplining me for I would cow down with tears immediately. A true blue ghar ki murgi I knew nothing about bad world outside

The ugly duckling adolescent: this was the time I went to a school hostel and understood why growth is associated with loss of innocence. I was bullied heavily and found life with creatures from other habitats very tough; it was here I learnt how to masturbate and also got my first blowjob

Suppressed teenager: I was back home during high school but now feel living in that small town missed out on mischief. Plus my distant cousin, whom I was seeing for the first time in my life, had come to stay at my place to study along with me which was much against my wishes; from here on I started finding little difference between my parents and aliens

Freebird romantic: moving to Delhi was not bad at all and life in Hindu College was indeed fun. Most carefree days of my life where future was a dream deferred and stars in my eyes could make up a constellation of their own

Agonized loner: I lost my father soon after college after which life was never the same again. Also I ended up doing my PG at a place I loathed and never wanted to join. This was the time I despise most in my life as I remained mostly aloof, friendless and listless

First steps: one never forgets first kiss likewise one never forgets first employment also. Looking back my first couple of jobs were not that bad also, I did have my share of babes and Bacardi though also learnt some hard lessons unfortunately the hard way

Frustrated: when I started this blog I was so damn frustrated and itching to get away; read my initial posts which reek of angst and frustration to better understand my despair. Had this phase continued for some more time my own sanity would have been in grave danger, seriously

Relief and hope: I am more relieved than happy to be away and abroad now; uncomplicated life here does show a glimmer of hope after being tormented and caged for long

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is he really that into you

I am sure many of you would have seen the popular flick, He is just not that in to you; if not then go right now, it’s one of the most warm and endearing flicks I have ever seen. When I had seen the film first I could not relate much to the relationships stories depicted therein; I merely enjoyed Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johnson being persuaded by equally good looking men (I guess I really am bi-sexual). But now when I am actually interacting with females and trying to decipher their psyche about men, relationships and marriage a lot of hitherto unknown female characteristics are becoming known to me, especially the expected interest response from men

Last week I had a good chat with a chick based in Mumbai, she does look promising though I know very little of her apart from her given details in her matri-profile. Having worked in same workplace though at different times, we did speak for long and shared notes about khadoos bosses when the talk later diverged to serious stuff; she wanted to know when I plan to visit India and how things can be taken forward, but it didn’t end just there
Me: hey nice catching up with you…
Her : same here, so when do you plan to visit India?
Me: May be next month, let see. I was not planning Mumbai initially but guess may halt if things look good with you..
Her : So you must be meeting other girls also (blush)
Me: Of course yes
Her: do you find…no no, I hope you liked my profile
Me: Yes I did, that’s why we are talking
Her: did you really like it? I mean…no..nothing, bye

Another girl whom I promised to meet soon never fails to ping me whenever she sees me online. Our initial chats were about life in general and understanding each other more but her recent pings border on desperate
Me : good to c u online
Her: same here, u liked my snap
Me: yes I saw it
Her: did u like?
Me: yes I saw ur pics..
Her: OK…..but did u like?.....i mean they were good no
Me: (confused) yes
Her: OK….no I am much better than that….
Me (confused again): ok
Her: so u liked me na??
Me (better to log off): busy with work, c u later

Then there is another girl in Bangalore whom I had promised to meet in February but meeting got delayed; I called her to inform I may fly down soon
Me: hey hi, its me
Her: so time mil gaya….aap to bhool hi gaye
Me: no I called to inform I am coming soon and we will meet
Her: finally you are coming, you promised you will come before but you never did. So how many days you are coming?
Me: just one day, then I go to Delhi
Her: Delhi why?
Me: of course my people are there….
Her: that means you meeting other girls also, tell me do you have more choices???
Me: err..yes, but what makes you say that?
Her: gosh….ohh…nothing….ok bye

I am not sure if I will meet Drew Barrymore anytime in this life, but if I do my suggestion to her would be to rechristen her popular flick "Is he really that into you…or are there others too?"