Thursday, May 26, 2011

Varieties: chose your bride

With some of my blogpals now contemplating arranged marriage, it may be helpful if I show the way around a path I have been attempting to traverse for some time now. Finding a right match for yourself is never easy, saying No is even tougher and being confident about your choice is the toughest. Scouting around though is not hard in this internet age, you can always use this very machine you are reading this from; logging on to matri-sites does give a lot of interesting and hitherto unknown options some of which can leave one baffled and puzzled. However it should be kept in mind that writing about one self to attract right life partner is tricky and many present their garden with different shades of roses and thorns

Juhi Chawla types
“I am a simple loving caring and giving girl and these are the qualities I look forward in my life partner also. He should be honest sincere and understanding, in short someone who can keep me happy and treats my parents the way he treats his.”
Don’t know why but this reminds me of Juhi and her innocent charm

Khadoos baap types
“Our daughter is right blend of tradition and modernity. She is homely, respectful and hardworking; does not have any show-offs and is emotionally content. Convent educated with a B Sc in Nutrition and diploma in hygiene, now working in a big company. Boy should be decent without any bad habits”
If above was Juhi then his must be her father from Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar kein…

Fun types
“Can dance at night, recite Shantaram from page 1 and enjoy going out. I am a very fun loving person who can give anyone good company. My hobbies include dancing, painting, singing…….My family and friends mean the world and I can’t live without them nor can they be happy without me. I am looking for someone who can be a part of me and expect all he wants in return.”
You seen Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na….Genelia D’Souza anyone?

Air India types
Namaste! I am Khushbu presently working as a customer care executive in a reputed firm in Noida. I have completed MCA from Noida and currently pursuing MBA from Pune. My friends describe me as fun and confident”
Reading this reminds me of Air India welcome Namashkar Air India ke vimman main aap ka swagat hain. Kuchh hi der main hamara vimaan Dilli ke liye rawana hoga, aasha hain ki aapki yatra mangal may ho. Dhanywaad”

Practical types
Looking for someone who can understand me and be a support in all my ups and downs. If you feel you can support and respect a person and not feel jealous of anyone’s success then contact me. Those who want just a doormat as wife stay away”
Reading this you can imagine her in bespectacled frame and no-nonsense look

In middle of all varieties I am as confused as a kid when asked to chose between kebabs, dosa or omelets – they are all so different and can’t be sure if it will be as per your taste or liking.

Lastly I am not sure if arranged marriages are only for convenience, may be a bit like Abhishek- Aishwarya who look so loveless and look miles apart as if strangely put together

Sunday, May 22, 2011


You know you are leading a content life when

•You can afford to get up late everyday because you don’t have to drive to office which is at a stone’s throw from your door

•In office you have a corner seat where you can surf with no one watching the hidden monitor

•You enjoy your work and are grateful to be working here

•If you don’t have much work in office you can do what you like which these days includes planning a holiday in Europe

•Slowly your thoughts ponder to planning for a bright future rather than grimace about morbid past

•You get to booze with friends a lot and if that’s not happening visit cabaret bars on weekends

•You have been watching so many movies off late that hardly a weekend goes without hitting nearby cinema hall

•Your old buddy tells you that you look much relaxed in latest snaps than the grave expression you always carried in India

•You have not planned your next trip to India because you like this city and what it has offered you

•You look at your bank balance and are thankful to atlast have risen above earlier penury

•You are so relaxed these days that can’t think of a topic to blog!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who knows thou?

One of the reasons bloggers remain anonymous is because it allows a greater freedom of expression; there is no fear of being judged or being caught with your pants down. Anonymous blogging does allow one to let go and not hold back, infact it leads to self-discovery and individual identity in ways more complex than simple. It is not as if anonymous bloggers get away with murder or remain beyond law simply because they are unrecognizable, it just gives them a veil which removes fear of being judged to some extent; I add emphasis to some here because I know one blogger who is unwilling to be too candid even in comments section lest she be judged although she is anonymous!

There is a widespread misgiving that anonymous blogging allows one to do or rather write mischievous stuff which may not have been possible under real name; I agree to this to some extent but being anonymous also allows an unhindered expression of hidden self thereby resulting in a free flow of words and emotions; can anyone blog about his loneliness, desires, broken relationships etc under real name? Some people do and I commend their bravery but imagine meeting a sweet smiling face with no apparent traces of corruption visible, but a quick search on Google will soon spill the hidden secrets behind the camouflaged smile; nobody wants to be there for whatever it may be worth

However remaining anonymous does not deprive one of any blogging joys that real name bloggers may enjoy, infact every blogger has an own support group who understands the real person, no matter if real name is not known. Blogging does give a shoulder to cry, a place to rest and solace to the despised; I for one can vouch with both my hands up that my blog is my best friend for I share secrets, rejoice and cry with it like I do nowhere else even if it doesn’t know my odd sounding name

A major criminal forcing some bloggers to hide their real identity is Google baba. I used to write a blog way back in 2004 under my real name but the blog died prematurely as unknown people soon started knowing less known stuff about me; infact I gave up expressing on WWW altogether since dirty curiosity had now become everyone’s favorite pastime. I recall at about same time that I was attempting to blog Indiatimes ran a contest wherein readers had to write about their first sexual experience and like a fool I wrote in from my real name e-mail ID. Soon I started receiving gay proposals and requests for gay encounters, some were even willing to pay! Years later that write-up still showed on my real name Google search, a major cause for my remaining edgy in all job interviews

Lastly remaining anonymous is not a license to sin, it is only a convenient mode to express without guilt. Blogging is about being free and unleashing the hidden character uninhibitedly, it is very less to do with real name; after all whats in a name?