Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Parking

I have never been a great fan of paid parking; not that I mind paying for parking but it bugs if you pay in a totally safe and secluded area as well. The parking goons crop up from nowhere once they see a good catch and never lose an opportunity for a quick buck. It does not deter them if you confront them or even engage in a scuffle, after all they get their bread and butter and what not else from this open loot.

Every Sunday I visit my Club which is in a posh corporate location in Suncity and it irritates no end when a parking fee is demanded there. It is to be noted that earlier there were no parking fees and it was a free facility, with everyone enjoying their off on weekends. But can slimy bastards ever ignore the smell of money? Soon parking keepers came from nowhere once the frequency of regular Sunday visits was noticed. And the collusion also spread as the building security also got hand in glove with the parking mafia, blocking basement and other parking spots so that parking is possible only in designated spots, so that they also get their cut

Parking is a menace in most cities of India and Gurgaon is no exception. All malls and complexes charge a hefty parking fee, which is justified; but what beats all rationale is the parking you pay even when you use the road! And to add to this, no parking slips are issued here, only threats are made demanding money. Sometimes I really wish I could pay my parking with bombs instead of petty cash, would love to see these buffoons go up in smoke

You guys think I am venting a bit too much? Then note this conversation I had few days back

Me: Bhaiya bees rupaye to le rahe ho, lekin agar meri gaadi chori ho gayee to kya karoge?
Answer: main bees rupaye aapko waapas kar doonga!!!


  1. Paid parking sucks hairy, smelly balls.

    I have parking meters on the street of my apartment and I do not have a garage spot. It can be a real pain in the ass to find a free spot.

    Luckily parking is free on Sundays.

  2. Yes, auto waale bhaiyya zindabad :D

  3. hilarious reply!
    that's just what you need when your car is stolen!!

  4. Lol @ the reply.. rather lots of fuming than lol, so to speak.

  5. salaa smart ass!!! one phatka you should have given him na Pesto...bloody watchman itna attitude...cheeee

  6. no ticket? damn thats looting in day light..why not call up the cops and check

  7. LOL. All said and done. The parking guy was super cool. ;)


  8. Man I believe without much infratsructure India should have put some restriction on Private vehicle ownership...

    In western countries infrastructure can support the vehicles on road...Here our roads,parking lots can't support the vehicles there in...

  9. And they'll proffer a Rs. 10/- parking ticket and tell you it is Rs. 20/- and that the price has changed, and the tickets reflecting the new price are still being printed.

  10. I agree wholeheartedly...but just tell me where did this conversation take place??? Wouldnt dare to park my car there.... :O