Wednesday, January 5, 2011

11 things I want to do in 2011

1.Have a happy and long stay in my new bachelor abode – I shifted my place recently and got a real nice reasonable place. Hope I get to hang in here for a good time

2.Find appreciation in my job – I am in this city and country because of my job and it is doing well here that should be my utmost priority

3.Find a suitable marriage proposal – now I also need to settle down and with wedding bells beaconing, I need to find a girl soon

4.Try to save more money – although I earn decent dough now I somewhere need to plan my savings a tad more carefully

5.Stay fit and healthy – thankfully I have shed a few of those extra kilos in last couple of months, but I need to watch my shape and take care of my health

6.Holiday in either Singapore or Istanbul – now c’mon a last holiday as bachelor is not a bad idea at all and I have these two places in my mind either due to proximity or friends

7.Get to kiss my chick atleast once – I have come close in past but never managed to steal a peck, hope it happens this year

8.Drink lots of daaru and enjoy with friends – I like boozing with friends and hopefully will continue this year too

9.Book a flat – this is not a top priority but I need to invest and plan now; after all I will be turning 30 this year

10.Help someone get a better life – past year saw me get a better life, will be happy if I too can help somebody

11.And lastly get a bit of Holy Grail – be somewhat happy and content , after all that’s what really counts


  1. great post. happy new year.

  2. you do realize that resolutions are more often than not broken.

    I hope these are not!

  3. Happy new year and I hope you are able to achieve all your goals this year! :-)

  4. Hope u get all this and more :)

  5. Gosh! I come to your blog after long spells thinking NOW you must have done SOMETHING atleast with that chick, but NO! Make that your resolution, please!

    And All the Best for the rest! :)


  6. unbelievable...i can't believe to read this from you.

    But good man...atlast you have decided to be one among 'em.

    Hope you find a hot chick, get married to her and be contented...

    (Am sure many of the female followers here may miss your raw , rash writing ;))

  7. All the best for your new year resolutions!

  8. All the best with all those resolutions i mean god is listening u never know when all of them will be taken care of :)

    and point 8.. U inviting me Or u coming over :)

    Hope you get and find ad good girl ...

  9. Good luck with the resolutions!

  10. I quite liked the last one. I hope you can accomplish all the things on your list and more

  11. All the Best!
    And may each of these materialise! :)

  12. lol @ lsl's comment

    you sound so grown up n all!! pesto sauce !!

    i've forgotten how to kiss :/

  13. you can help me... :) just by telling me... a real nice reasonable place !!!
    WHR?? WHR ???

  14. Nice resolutions and very practical. Hope they come true. Amen.

  15. last holiday as a bachelor you should be headed for amsterdam.