Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things I am looking forward to

There are things we look forward to in life and keep ardently praying for them to materialize but as it happens often in life, when one niggling thing belatedly settles down the other shortly raises its ugly head making the bucket list change constantly. However at present I do have some stuff on my plate keeping me on the edge

Moving to new place: if you have read the below post you will know that shifting abode now is my least favorite activity. I had just begun to settle into this place when I have to again find a new one. I have looked a couple of places around and am also applying for a rent advance from my firm, but somewhere deep down I keep wondering: couldn’t I have stayed here for some time more?

Europe trip: I had initially booked tickets for Greece but had to alter my plans going by the disturbances there. Now Brussels, Amsterdam and maybe some other cities stand on agenda but sad part is I may have to do this trip alone as my buddy was denied a Visa

Driving license: getting a driving license in this country is akin to getting a PhD. I have never been a good driver but the miserable performance I have given in my two tests so far, it seems ages before I will get my ticket to drive. Getting a license is also an expensive process here and I am already bleeding with the high costs

Planning India visit: for most, planning annual visit to India includes stuff like gifts for family, meeting friends, visit to local shrine etc. For me it includes all this and more as I will also be travelling down South on my long bridehunt. I don’t know why in this era also caste continues to play a vital role in Indian arranged marriages, I guess India actually lives in five centuries – there are those who raise the roof in male strip parties in Mehrauli and then there are also those who are still ruled by khap panchayats not so far away

So some of you guys think this is not enough? If so tell me I am ready to trade places here!


  1. Yeah, moving is a pain in the butt! And to move too soon is a bigger pain in your know where. Brussels and Amsterdam are good choices. Brussels for mussels and architecture; Amsterdam for museums, boat rides, weed and red streets. Good luck with your driving license thing and India visit.

  2. kya bataaon yaar is caste system ne toh meri bhi maar li hai

  3. Europe trip!! I'm ready to switch places!!

  4. all the best for the euro trip .. come over to UK too..

    and then visitng india Take me with you ..

    Have fun and take care


  5. Aah lots on ur plate at the moment! And abt the trip to Europe...hope u manage to have fun never the less.

  6. Moving is a pain I agree... And a solo Europe trip? It could actually be fun.. although personally i'd prefer some company.. Also i totally agree that India lives in 5 centuries.. maybe even more.. Good luck with the bride hunt ;)
    Thanks for the comment!

  7. A smart move on your part Pesto Sauce going bridehunting in the South.

  8. Lol, good luck on the bride hunt mate :P

  9. oohh.. coming to India for bride hunt is a great idea..!! lol..
    all the very best for the things on your list..!!
    I am following you and hope to remain connected via bloggers :)

  10. Oh man. The thing I envy you for is the Euro trip (I'll be there soon too, but still).

    The thing I don't envy you for is the getting your driving licence thing. Apparently it's hard to get a licence in Germany too.

    All the best with the bridehunt. I loved that word BTW. I guess it IS like a hunt in many ways. Here's hoping that yours is a successful one

  11. nothing more is painful than the junk you acquire over time and then dont know what to do with it :/