Sunday, March 11, 2012

Work and workplaces

I do not blog about work too often, infact can’t remember if I ever wrote about it before, but off late its only work which has occupied the prime space in my mostly non-descript life so I am entitled to rant off a bit now. Work or rather work life can be a tricky affair; its certainly not the sole determiner of existence on earth (although it provides rozi roti and in my case daaru too) but if things start going wrong here, it can suck big time. During my almost 8 years of work life, in which I worked at four places I have had a typical learning curve having made blunders aplenty but also been lucky to work with some good (and generous) souls

My first job was in a small rickety place in one of the by-lanes of Safdarjung in Delhi, needless to say this was not a proper workplace and I was here only for a short while but this place certainly never lacked excitement. Being the only male in office I overheard many gossips and also witnessed catfights (and as usual never understood the many flirt signals I received); it was here only that I first came across blogs, which were not so much in vogue back then in 2004, and understood how one can build another buddy group online

My next workplace, which was in a way my first real job, taught me many hard lessons of professionalism and also how things can go wrong by having an illiterate boss. I was caught in a dirty cross fire between the people I worked with and to the lady I reported - it was obvious no one respected her for she was a classic case of corporate ineptitude. This female was a lesbian, chain smoker and used to work as an office secretary in McKinsey before joining this company as HR Head! Being a fitness freak she was supremely athletic and diet conscious, always had the most fragrant perfumes on and loved her pomeranian so much that she even had the dog’s photo plastered on her wall; in short she was a true blue bitch who would have fired me had I not quit one year down the line. However one good thing about this job was the workplace was truly young and sexy with free flowing Bacardi and smoking babes around, something I have missed ever since leaving this place in 2005

My next workplace, where I worked longest, was a retired man’s paradise. This World War relic company was so laidback and had so many white hairs around, that at times I felt I was working at an old age home. My first one and half years here were absolutely terrible; again a dirty bitch as a boss and even the office area used to stink with rodents and mice making guest appearances from time to time. I was so much in despair here that frustration used to be visible large on my long face everyday; what with a workplace so archaic and salary so shamefully low I myself wonder how I survived there. However the last some time I spent there was not so bad; I had a Good Samaritan of a boss replacing the old bitch who was deservedly fired and towards the end of my tenure things started getting better before I left to move out of Gurgaon and India for good

Now coming to my present workplace where I have been for two good years now. To be honest this assignment is nothing short of my dream job – international location, fatty pay, independent handling, big role etc but it also brings with it its own share of challenges. Having no exposure to sales organizations before I had to learn many tricks of trade here and although the job was fairly challenging I did come out with flying colors during my first year. However even the brightest of colors tend to fade over time and over past couple of months I have started feeling the heat a wee bit too much. Last week I was questioned by the big bosses in Dubai what I am doing here or rather what I have done here; not very pleasant questions to answer especially when appraisals are due next month. The pressure or rather the strain has been so enormous that at times I have even forgotten to eat and except for the last weekend have been mostly sleep deprived. Now that my honeymoon here is over, its time to fight real battles but hey am not ready to chicken out yet


  1. This post, we can largely relate with, as we have our share of corporate ineptitudes, Samaritans, 9-5 types and the corporate bitches too!

    But what I found more amusing, was that sprinkle of humor all along your write!

    //although it provides rozi roti and in my case daaru too//

    //However one good thing about this job was the workplace was truly young and sexy with free flowing Bacardi and smoking babes around, something I have missed ever since leaving this place in 2005//

    //so many white hairs around, that at times I felt I was working at an old age home.//

    Keep going - with the writes and your work! And do not chicken out YET!

  2. U have captured the trials and tribulations at a work place really well. And really liked ur last line. Don't chicken out ever.

  3. I haven't had a taste of any of this. I've been working for the last 6 years but having never worked full-time, I was (mercifully) saved by the trials and tribulations only regular jobs provide. Yet, in another couple of years, that's where I aspire to be, and honestly, I'm scared.

  4. Hi Pesto...
    I have been in several regular corporate jobs for many years, but I quit this year because I realized that I am not really a glass cabin sort of person. Now I work from my home office, as a full time freelancer.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. If you liked it, please become a follower. I need the support of my old blog friends to make this a success!

  5. i guess everyone has such shades n colors of experiences in lives...
    in any case, hav a blasting time as long as u are there, we never know wats in stor for us :P

  6. appraisal time is always anxiety ridden! 'im sure yours will go well.

  7. keep going...kabhie kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta.

  8. colorful work life :) enjoyed reading

  9. I know.. My workplace is great here but.. I have got to deal with people sometimes who asks me stupid questions i hate to answer

  10. Pesto!! I empathize having gone thru similiar torture in the past 6 months - the nightmares have reduced but they haven't stopped. It's time to get your ass down to Thubai :P I liked reading about your previous workplaces - even read a few excerpts aloud to my Bro. All the best for appraisal!