Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

First things first. Let me begin by what has caught my attention & imagination since last evening. We had guests at our place last evening ( don’t know why they were invited ), I was asked to fetch some edibles from store down below, so was on my way down & eventually back upstairs when I came across a young couple residing in the apartment below our floor. I know both of them, but not so pretty well. The man is a director in a software firm, while the girl is VP in Bharti Walmart. They were having their own arguments about cooking, babies etc when the gal started calling him names. The man relatively ignored her remarks & smirked at her grievance when, suddenly out of the blue, the gal landed two kicks on his butt. I didn’t know what to say & thankfully my floor came soon enough.

Whoa now have four days off & don’t know what to do. Perhaps may go out tomorrow for some book reading/shopping; my boss’ secretary has promised to take me out on Saturday night when her boyfriend returns from abroad; Toastmasters is having a bash on Sunday evening. So that pretty much takes care of these hols.
Yuppie I also got my bonus this week. I knew I would be getting this week, but was surprised when my boss called me in his cabin on Monday & applauded my efforts (he is such a darling! Wish I could take him everywhere).

Wanted to put this here last night only, but then I got surfing & discovered something which I always wanted to see. It was uncensored version of threesome from WildThings, perhaps one of the hottest scenes ever on screen. The threesome in first edition was a runaway hit, so the next two parts also had wild threesomes, which are more macabre. I wanted to sleep early but hit the bed late watching Matt Dimon enjoy Neve Campbell & Denise Richards with champagne as an accessory.

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