Monday, December 29, 2008


God damn it. Have been bored like hell since morning, returning to office after four days of relaxing at home. Have just finished my lunch & am getting frequent attacks of sleep. Add to that my new workstation in the open bay & you are open to scrutiny of the entire floor. Have to be carefull as should not be caught napping. Ugh that would truly invite unwanted glances & giggles from everywhere.

However being seated in the open does provide some fodder for my voyeuristic soul. It is interesting listening to the adventures of gals on the other side of divide. They can’t see me & don’t know that I am eavesdropping. A motley bunch of three odd females, they share the common fetish for gossiping. One of them had been to an outstation visit, one had been shopping & one to in-laws. But they sure are candid about their stuff – the fatter one can’t stop bragging about shoe discounts in Jaipur, shorter one can’t convince all about visiting Nainital while the newly married one can’t stop telling joys of having sex after drowning in vodka!

Phew this is a heady cocktail, better return to my presentation

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