Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A holiday, party and my latest read

For the first time in my brief work life, I had an option of taking an off today. Yes today being State elections, my organization has given a paid holiday to all those want to cast their ballot. My miser firm was reticent to close today but the compulsions of law cannot be ignored, hence this novel provision of giving a choice holiday. Thank heavens I recently got my voter ID, though I will only stay indoors and exercise my limbs instead of franchise.

It feels kind of odd to take another break after a good weekend. My team had a rocking party on Friday night at Buzz in DLF City Center, our old haunt. As usual I was sloshed like hell, drinking to my heart’s content. I feel the best part of pubbing is the bird watching one gets to do; the uninhibited flesh, smoke and glances are long-sought candies for the eyes. On Friday too there was a cleavage displaying gang of girls near our seats, who were enjoying my ogles and reciprocating my glances. I guess there attention got me all the more charged up; I finished a packet of Gold Flakes and drowned in the brownish golden liquid thereafter. At the end of party, I was grateful it was a team outing for then there is always someone sober to drop me back. It was only on Monday when the odd-looking bill was presented that the team camaraderie got disrupted over division of spoils.

I got lucky twice in succession when on Saturday I was invited to TCS office for Toastmasters Humor Speech competition. Though I was nursing a massive hangover from the overdose of Teacher’s previous night, it did not stop me from silently admiring the TCS crowd, more specifically the females. Later after I delivered my speech, there was a bit of role reversal with now me being the recipient of admiration.

On Saturday evening my brother got Chetan Bhagat’s new work, which caught my eye. Since he had to gift that to his wife the next day, I only had Sunday to finish off the book which put me on a reading marathon. But must say Mr. Bhagat does write well, importantly he knows what to write. This one was a B School romance involving people from different geographies and cultures, meeting the usual reluctance from stereotype parents, and finally culminating in a DDLJ-like effort by the boy to stay with girl’s folks so as to woo them and gain acceptance. Chetan Bhagat, like all modern- day gurus, understands modern day living much better than rest and his works are a real reflection of our day-to-day intricacies.

The next weekend is all the more awaited because of Diwali. Hopefully it will not be dull and recession affected like last time, a bit of loudness and noise is not bad once in a while.


  1. Pubbing with you sure seems fun!

  2. i am so gonna buy CB's 2 states, i'm sure it's very good, i love his writing style. simple and entertaining.

    lol @ cleavage displaying and ogling. ya well, that can be fun

  3. Live it up.. the paryting, I mean.

  4. Buzz is fun. But I usually tend to freak out and decide to be the sober one at parties or pubs.

    Also, what I hate is that it takes me ages and way too much to get me drunk, forget sloshed. This irritates me.


  5. CB's book getting good reviews his realier works weren't that great!!

  6. You know I read some of Chetan Bhagat's book but for some reason didn't seem to enjoy them - I actually don't like his writing style.. I am more into serious novels I guess - so that could be the reason..
    Hope you have a great Diwali - celebrate on behalf of all the NRI Indians who don't get to celebrate their most cherished festival..

  7. have a great diwali and may all the spirits be light and floating :)

  8. Your posts are such a lovely read.

    And hahaha about the cleavage ogling xD

  9. belated diwali wishes..!! my sis is reading the novel u mentioned.. then i will get it...hope its a good one !!

  10. "odd-looking bill was presented that the team camaraderie got disrupted over division of spoils.
    " ROFL that happens always isnt it ;)
    How is Toastmasters..have just heard about it?
    happy diwali :)