Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Disturbing Confusion

Yesterday when I had thought of writing a post, the title in my mind was “A new dawn beacons” and not what you see above. A phone call last evening and the resulting confusion since has left me foxed, bewildered and not at all amused. Last week I had spoken to my future employers in Dubai and Muscat offices, wherein I was informed that I will be required to fly and join them soon. I spent the weekend shopping in all the swanky malls here and must have robbed many of them going by the number of my purchases. I even bought new bags and purchased more stuff to fill them up

Things seemed on track and going smooth, till a casual call to Muscat last evening to know the status of my Visa application. The ambiguous answer I received from the accented mallu guy left me dazed, for it sounded and vaguely conveyed that my joining was not on!! He advised me to speak to head office in Dubai for more details as they would be able to inform better. A frantic call to Dubai followed, where the chick expressed ignorance and said she will consult personnel in Muscat to know what’s happening and then get back to me. I waited for the call with bated breath and when it did not come I tried reaching the Dubai office, but the extension of this chick was engaged till late evening, probably she was in talks with Muscat office only. All through I was edgy and also chanting for things to work out well. Finally I did receive a call at end of day and mercifully my joining is still on, but the distressed voice of this chick could not conceal that all is not well. I am sure that there have been certain developments in Muscat office where my joining was planned to either put on hold or deferred and only some damage control from Dubai last evening has restored order and perhaps my fortunes. I have now been advised not to speak to that mallu guy and be prepared to fly soon, which I will only be glad to do even though my official release from present firm and nephew’s surgery are slated for next week.

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth to lose my sleep over this job offer which has been in a limbo for some time and only now is approaching some sort of fructification. My grappling with the slow response from them has stretched for more than three months now and their ‘blow hot blow cold’ attitude has not done much good for me. I may sound desperate but for someone who has inevitably seen so many slips between cup and lip in the past, it is only natural to be eager and anxious. I am aware that many more challenges await me upon arrival there but I only hope and pray that they should not be insurmountable and in no way beyond me.

Meanwhile the good news is that my resignation and handover in present firm has been smooth and I have also received a warm send-off. Life in this place was very comfortable; perhaps I may not get so much ease in job for some time, but it was lack of dough, growth and dull ambience which had made me anxious for a good change for long. Now that the change is happening my next concern is it should all be good!!


  1. uncertainty is the rule of life and we have to by it at times. things wont be the same in a new place but hopefully you will settle down and enjoy the change.

  2. concerns are like packs of cigarette- you think you won't take em up the next time.U end up smokin' them up nonetheless, and the next thing you know you have a new pack in your hand.
    (at least thats what all my smoker friends tell me happens.)

  3. I hope everything works out for you buddy. You took a brave step in quitting your job and looking for better prospects.. just be prepared that change can be a little hard initially.. I am sure you'll be very happy with the change after you have gone through the initial hangup..

  4. ok here is my two bits

    1. buy your booze at duty free...u dont get it in the country (u do but thats a long procedure)

    2. big glasses, sun-tan and swimming trunks are recommended

    3. don't flirt with the local women or the men for that matter :P

  5. i would say the same thing as sanely insane tells you :)

    all will be well darling ..all will be well

  6. All IZZZ WELL !!! Try not to strain yourself too much with all this procedures.. Best of Luck in ur future endeavours

  7. Hi!! Welcome to Muscat!! The best way to get a place here is to contact the real estate guys in the location you prefer to stay in. I am sure your office colleagues would be able to guide you better. you will be able to get a one bedroom hall kitchen accomodation in 250 rials at ruwi.

  8. I must say if I had been in your place I would think so many times before joining this company because they don't seem to be organized at all - and I cannot work with unorganized people. But, one also needs to take chances. So, Good luck! Hoping all will be well.

  9. think good and goodness shall prevail - wheteher you will get it or now - goodness wins when you believe so!

  10. It is just the initial anticipation which makes you assume everything is going wrong, but trust me it will all be fine. You've wanted it. You have it. And it will be great.

    Good Luck!


  11. So you are in Gelf Now?

    Life always find a way to keep things at peace..dont worry...All eej well