Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 For Me

When I look back at 2010 many things come to mind, moreso as last year was a slightly better one and the years before that have also left a lasting impact, so it becomes a bit tricky to label this special year. As every year draws to a close, it gives an opportunity to look back upon the 12 months that have gone by and the sweet and sour memories they have left behind; and when I look back at 2010 many things come rushing into my head as I try to speedily type on keyboard

For me 2010 will always remain a very special year, this was a year where I accomplished what I wanted to since 2007, this was a year which gave me confidence that I can do it in life, this was a year which lifted me personally and professionally, as this was a year I finally managed to get a good job and better life outside India. 2010 gave me the hope and optimism that I was looking for long, it gave me assurance that I have it in me, it reinforced that I am not always born to lose

The first three months of the year can be categorized as the most trying as I was not very sure when I would get to leave for Muscat with my Visa not coming through; the old known cobwebs of doubt and fear raising their ugly head time and again. Finally when I did get to travel to Muscat I was not sure as to what will await me in my new city, myself never having stayed away from home and always condemned to a lowly life, perhaps one of the reasons I wanted to run away. But I have to unabashedly admit Muscat has been much better and comfortable for me than I ever expected it to be, in fact when I visited Delhi in November it was clear where my new home was

2010 was also a year of self discovery where I discovered more about myself than I had previously known. It is fascinating how less we know about ourselves unless we fend for ourselves and understand ourselves in much detail. I learnt that I can make good friends with interesting people, I learnt that I do have some elegant tastes which need more honing and I also learnt that I can survive in adversity

Ohh before I forget 2010 also gave me a girlfriend of sorts; this chick is indeed hot, fun and sexy and enjoys flirting with me. The only regret of the year has been that I have not been able to kiss her as yet, maybe a bit more mardangi on my part and I will eventually taste those inviting saucy lips

As 2011 beacons, it is going to be a year where I will have to make one of the most crucial decisions of my life in choosing a life partner. I am aware that it is going to be a tough call, I am going to walk on a road which has been much travelled by many in the past but very few have come out successful having made the right call, it is a tricky road on which the most experienced slip and which has no logic of success yet I am going to walk on it and I am not afraid. I am aware that sometime in 2011 I may have to say Yes to someone, having made up my mind to settle down, and right now I can only hope and pray that I make the right choice.


  1. Happy New year! May 2011 bring you lots of smiles and special moments. And a special someone ;)

  2. Happy new year and good luck for 2011

  3. Happy New Year and may you get to kiss the girl. Soon!

  4. All the best for the new year and hey nothing like inviting HER for the new years Eve and when the click goes 00:00 perfect time to do the MARDANGI stuff :) he heh e GO FOR IT

    Wishing you and HER a very happy new year all the best ...

    thanks for visitng my blog ...

  5. read the 'kissing a frog' tale again. might give u some pointers about how stupidity can also lead to some of the best choices in life.

    p.s: not that I advocate irrational choices, but thinking too much about something might just have the chewing-gum effect, if you know what I mean.

  6. Wish you Happy New Year and I hope that 2011 too, turns out to be fruitful like this year. All the best for the greatest decision of your life. Trust your instincts, I am sure that will help you to make the best choice.

  7. It's always good to sit back and absorb how the past year has been..and it looks like you had quite a productive one! Wish you a happy new year and hope you find that special person you're looking for soon :)

  8. you have lived enough to make the best outta life situations. for more adventurous and their tales, cheers !!! happy new year !!!

  9. hahaha..
    with all the serious stuff in the beginning..of ambitions and confidence, mardaangi had me in splits :P here's wishing you lot of "success" in all your endeavours :D
    Happpppy new year! Last year has been kind to you.. I hope the next year turns out even more wonderful :)

  10. yesss! and i, as a blogpal, feel that i've seen the changes in you since the beginning of 2010 to the end of it :> happy for you. i'm sure you'll make the right decision when it comes to the big M Thing!! all the besttttt. yay we'll probably get married in the same year!!


  11. Feels very nice tht u had a blessed new d very best.. u r sure to have a rockin new year too

    any chance of making the hot chick ur pemanent mate

  12. I was just thinking what Jon said... What's wrong with that?