Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who knows thou?

One of the reasons bloggers remain anonymous is because it allows a greater freedom of expression; there is no fear of being judged or being caught with your pants down. Anonymous blogging does allow one to let go and not hold back, infact it leads to self-discovery and individual identity in ways more complex than simple. It is not as if anonymous bloggers get away with murder or remain beyond law simply because they are unrecognizable, it just gives them a veil which removes fear of being judged to some extent; I add emphasis to some here because I know one blogger who is unwilling to be too candid even in comments section lest she be judged although she is anonymous!

There is a widespread misgiving that anonymous blogging allows one to do or rather write mischievous stuff which may not have been possible under real name; I agree to this to some extent but being anonymous also allows an unhindered expression of hidden self thereby resulting in a free flow of words and emotions; can anyone blog about his loneliness, desires, broken relationships etc under real name? Some people do and I commend their bravery but imagine meeting a sweet smiling face with no apparent traces of corruption visible, but a quick search on Google will soon spill the hidden secrets behind the camouflaged smile; nobody wants to be there for whatever it may be worth

However remaining anonymous does not deprive one of any blogging joys that real name bloggers may enjoy, infact every blogger has an own support group who understands the real person, no matter if real name is not known. Blogging does give a shoulder to cry, a place to rest and solace to the despised; I for one can vouch with both my hands up that my blog is my best friend for I share secrets, rejoice and cry with it like I do nowhere else even if it doesn’t know my odd sounding name

A major criminal forcing some bloggers to hide their real identity is Google baba. I used to write a blog way back in 2004 under my real name but the blog died prematurely as unknown people soon started knowing less known stuff about me; infact I gave up expressing on WWW altogether since dirty curiosity had now become everyone’s favorite pastime. I recall at about same time that I was attempting to blog Indiatimes ran a contest wherein readers had to write about their first sexual experience and like a fool I wrote in from my real name e-mail ID. Soon I started receiving gay proposals and requests for gay encounters, some were even willing to pay! Years later that write-up still showed on my real name Google search, a major cause for my remaining edgy in all job interviews

Lastly remaining anonymous is not a license to sin, it is only a convenient mode to express without guilt. Blogging is about being free and unleashing the hidden character uninhibitedly, it is very less to do with real name; after all whats in a name?


  1. I know what u mean! I would probably shut my blog if a friend or someone I know got to know about it. Its the only place where you can talk about anything and not be judged. Would'nt want to lose that...

  2. Well I beleive that if you are True and right then whats there to hide or be anonymous.

    I got nothing against anonymous people but i dont do it. I hardly got anything to hide so doesnot matter if people find out anything about me or something.


  3. The last line is just EPIC. Shakespeare :)

    And I totallay agree, you shouldn't be totally open but neither should you remain anonymous, its just not fun both ways :)

    People choose to remain anon also if they dont want people to know they blog, why? I dont get it.
    Its just so much easier to be open with the people you know at times :)

  4. Me to hoon anonymous. Well, I simply don't want people I know to read me PERIOD

  5. ohh pesto, you are lucky in the sense, tat yes your true identity is not revealed..but to me you are just like one of my friends, who is named pesto :) so when i met TBG in delhi, i was just meeting TBG, not the real guy or something :)

    so yeah, who cares what your real name is, we love the way you are and what you write about...khatam baat

  6. That's the only reason I don't blog with my real name. Google.

  7. Hmm...well i guess everybody has their reasons. And doesnt matter as far as u r true to urself and real. :)

  8. I used to want to be anonymous on my blog and I still am and I never mention my real name but for the short form once in a blue moon but anonymity doesn't bother me any longer. Most of my closest friends read my blog in order to keep themselves updated on my life. But again each to his own. I don't divulge too many personal details but those one can share on something privately public as a blog.

  9. This is just another facet of the person you are.
    Just because someone knows a person's real name or face, doesn't mean they know that person.
    Some of your readers have more of an insight into the 'real you' in some ways, probably, than some of those who talk with you face to face.
    Freedom to express some other sides.
    Rock on!

  10. So none of the people who know you in your "real life" know of this blog??
    I think your anonymity is the best part of your blog...

  11. being anonymous gives you the full freedom sharing and expressing. your words will define who you are, not your name.
    i feel the boundness as people from my real life knows the existence of my blog and everything. so, i wash the names out of my writings.
    and, i love the way you see things :)

  12. i ve been anonymous only for a day when i started frozen vignettes - my current blog.

    but then. m so bloody into uploading snaps. what to do.

    what to do. what to do.

    anonymous blogging is a lot of fun i love it... makes me write more openly for usre.

    should i ?