Sunday, May 22, 2011


You know you are leading a content life when

•You can afford to get up late everyday because you don’t have to drive to office which is at a stone’s throw from your door

•In office you have a corner seat where you can surf with no one watching the hidden monitor

•You enjoy your work and are grateful to be working here

•If you don’t have much work in office you can do what you like which these days includes planning a holiday in Europe

•Slowly your thoughts ponder to planning for a bright future rather than grimace about morbid past

•You get to booze with friends a lot and if that’s not happening visit cabaret bars on weekends

•You have been watching so many movies off late that hardly a weekend goes without hitting nearby cinema hall

•Your old buddy tells you that you look much relaxed in latest snaps than the grave expression you always carried in India

•You have not planned your next trip to India because you like this city and what it has offered you

•You look at your bank balance and are thankful to atlast have risen above earlier penury

•You are so relaxed these days that can’t think of a topic to blog!


  1. Your list clearly goes on to tell me how discontent i am :P

  2. I'm getting really jealous! I'd do anything to get the 5th point in my life

  3. Life is heaven when u getjob satisfaction !

  4. Ooh, nice post. I hope it stays that way for you (except for the not having anything to blog about, of course!)

  5. Sigh...I wish I could quote somethng frm ur list

  6. sigh i have a sad life and definitely not content one .. ALAS .. Pray for me please


  7. okay so this gave me things to reflect upon my life!!! shit i seem such a unhappy little bitch to myself!! enough of ranting about myself.. glad to come across someone who is content with life *Touchwood*

  8. in short...I am super content...:))
    and bless u

  9. Glad that you are having a good time..

  10. you are content. breaking news