Wednesday, July 13, 2011

That Push

Today morning while aimlessly surfing I stumbled upon a new blog of a young married woman who is getting attracted to another man. Her husband is a straight scrupulous bloke who is everything good that good can be but I guess is not much of fun while the other man is a bit of adventurer and has an attractive streak in him, which has not diminished even after fathering two kids. She is in a dilemma whether to take her illicit affair to another level now, obviously she is lusting for the new man which she can’t hide but it is the moral scruples which is holding her back. I make-out that its not as if her husband is less affectionate, but any thoughts of her receiving any adulation at home makes her want to sleep with new man even more

Perhaps after sometime she will sleep with her new man, perhaps she will enjoy the thrill of doing it and may make a habit of it, perhaps the new man will give her all she wants except commitment and not perhaps but sure she will be left with a broken heart and more misery at end of it. I am also sure that the woman in question is aware of all these consequences and knows the road she is contemplating to travel upon will not have a pleasant end but at same time she is irresistibly unable to hold herself back, even after fully knowing that her chosen path is badly doomed. Her story is not an isolated case for I know of so many young females who fall for men being fully aware that promised Eden is never going to materialize and someday soon thorns are going to prick and prick deep; but for their own weaknesses cannot control themselves and yearn to join a long list of dumped and wounded mistresses. I know it is the bad boys who attract more and why should they not, no one wants to sleep with goody two shoes who is totally lacking in passion; after all everyone knows what thrill making out with a tall dark bad boy in a hidden dingy shack can give.

Coming back to the should-I-sleep woman, perhaps all she needs is a push to take the bold step; a nudge from anywhere telling her what she is thinking is not a crime but only natural and she will willingly jump to bed, after all she is half obsessed and half desirous of the bad man. I am ranting off for her because some years back I too was in a dilemma, given in to lust and somewhere deep down wanting to hit the bed but held back by moral pangs until some bloggers around here encouraged me to go ahead. We all need a gentle push, a nudge or a nod approving and recognizing innate dark desires; asking us to take the plunge in deep waters and not muse too much at the shores; believe me it takes only one voice of support for unzipping to start, consequences be damned

Later today I will comment on her blog asking her to chose a good hotel


  1. her husband might get hurt in the end of all this or would never know but the woman would hate herself for what she did...with a guilt forever in her heart because her husband is just too good for her, ask her not to do it and spoil her life,
    its a push, a little push forward but a harder push to step back.
    God is watching.

  2. Unfortunately I know few cases, who due to same of a bit different circumstances chose to go for the other ma(e)n in their life.
    But at last, they regretted.
    Please if someone can, please try to make her understand. Else, she will sooner or later regret her decision.

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  4. Unfortunately ppl fall for such temptations not realising that it will blow up in their face someday and it will be so bad that the guilt will be impossible to live with. I think some ppl live for short term pleasure.

  5. Well..i feel sorry for the guy...but then are we forced to lust or is it merely a free will?!!

  6. You read about very interesting things! :p

  7. Will she ever sleep with a clear conscience then?

    Let me quote Shakespeare -

    “What win I , if gain the thing I seek?
    A dream , a breath , a froth of fleeting joy.
    Who buys a minute’s mirth to wail a week?
    Or sells eternity to get a toy?
    For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy? "

    Why would you ever want to give her such a splendidly wrong advise ?

  8. Interesting!

    What beats me is the reason you are opting to give her an extra nudge? Is that you think she deserves to explore all that flavour and spice and cross that threshold and barrier to the adventurous world that she is fantasizing about or is that just a sweet revenge to sooth a scared soul by an act of misleading?

    Pls.feel free to ignore the comment if you judge it to be too personal.

  9. you really think a small nudge from a complete stranger will push her? If it does, then I'm afraid to say, this lady has a lot of things she needs to work on..

  10. on a completely unrelated note, yeah I went to Greece and Greek Islands..been meaning to blog about it..

  11. Oh no.. I hope you didn't leave a comment to encourage her to do something like this.. what you did a few years ago hurt no one.. a lot of "inexperienced men" use that as a rite of passage, though no one wants to talk about it.. this woman's story is different..too many people will be hurt..

  12. I feel sorry for that woman. She is in a torn situation. She is hopelessly in love with the forbidden man, but for someone struck with a passionate obsession of this type, its hard to hold back ur feelings. ending we all know wont be that pleasant, may it be this way or that.

  13. It would be great if you could advice her not to do it,but then ultimately it's up to her what she chooses to do,and if she does choose to have the affair she will learn a very good lesson from it and cost her a lot.

  14. so did she?

    it's such a crazy situation though, for a married

  15. So...what happened finally ?
    (bloody voyeur in me :p)

  16. More than the want to hit the bed.. there is the want for other people to empathize with her and give the nod or nudge or whatever. "That" is shambles.. :/