Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The year that was

Things that went well
1.Away from home
: now don’t ask me to elaborate but I am glad to be away. Period
2.Europe trip: this will be the highlight of year. It took a long time to plan schedule but I am glad I undertook this venture, first time in my life I have splurged and explored new territory all on my own
3.Positive frame of mind: some years back I used to be in a constantly petulant mood but thankfully since sometime last year, with change of location, I have somewhat managed to keep negativity away. Old readers of my blog will vouch that my current life, if not too exciting is not much depressing either
4.Better work life: I have a better job now and thankfully this year saw some recognition coming my way, only hope it lasts long
5.More moolah: for a job to be better, better money is essential; thankfully have some dough with me now

Things that could have gone better
1.No chicks: now don’t label me a loser but this year was barren for me. Maybe I am too pre-occupied with thoughts of settling down so have not given any chase and also the old flirt chick has got busy with some stupid exam, so the drought continues
2.Shifting abode: it hurt badly when I had to reluctantly give up a good place and shift to the current insect hole. Shucks the old spacious carpeted place was indeed envious
3.Dull and dreary: apart from being peaceful the year has mostly been uneventful. Perhaps Muscat has now started getting to me with its lack of life and spirit but then I cannot complain much for was this independence not what I yearned for?
4.No investments : being away from India I am not tuned to how and where to invest, hopefully new year will shed some light


  1. pesto jhoot mat bolo...you missed the chic with whom you text a lot :) :) :)

  2. well more positive and good points then negative so all in a ll a GOOD year :)


  3. Hey more things went well for you and that's something to be happy about!
    And 2012 will probably change the negatives into positives :)
    Btw..thank u for commenting on that post. Good to know the views of someone who's looking to settle down!

  4. I'm really glad that you are ending the year on a positive note. I so wish I could do the same...

  5. No chicks means no tension and no expenses...but if want to invest...invest in property in Gurgaon, or Noida or NCR...

  6. thins are somewhat on similiar lines with u and somewhat different..careful with investing. cash is hard earned

    hey rearding your comment on my post: everyone thought carbide was safe and best thing to happen to India. We have a practice to jump into the wagon without any proper study. Re FDI I have seen the opponents stating well researched claims. The supporters just voice hazy ideas. Its crazy

  7. no investments!? the amazing exchange rate is an achievement in itself! invest what u have...otherwise all will be spent when u get married.. thats what REALLY happens in the Big Fat Indian Wedding!

  8. yea Pesto....i could really see a big change in the way you write after the muscat move..

    And looks like the negatives this year were not too bad as well.. As for the girl thing , somehow i feel convinced that you will join my gang and become one of those people who got married in 2012!!

    Phew...how long have i been reading you ? Seriously , this comment feels more like i am talking to a friend rather than to a stranger on the net...

    Have a good year ahead Pesto!!

  9. sounds interesting.. happy new year :)

    This Person Does Not Exist™

  10. I agree with sulu's comment! :P What abt that chic?