Sunday, January 29, 2012

What these years actually mean

Now being on the wrong side of 30 I often wonder if I have done something worthwhile when I look back at all the years that have passed by. Its not easy to answer because although not much wonderful stuff has happened, nothing has gone majorly wrong too. Maybe lives of all of us can be grouped in these brackets:

Uptill 12
Age of innocence where you always shy away whenever a sex scene comes on TV, you think oral sex is smooching and wonder what sanitary napkins are for. These are indeed good years for you are generally in harmony with the world and unless you are one of the unfortunate ones to have had a tormented childhood, life is ok for you

Defined as age of angst, this is when hormones begin to rage and the rebel starts breeding somewhere. With the dawn of puberty, curiosity breeds somewhere which leads to experimentation; also this is time of serious crushes, imprints of which will remain embedded somewhere for long. Sadly in our era there is also a lot of undesired peer pressure and academic competition, which makes this truly the ugly duckling stage. This stage can be compared to bad omelete which no one wants to eat again

The raw flower is ready to bloom, this is actually make or break stage. You pass out from school and enter college, which will actually shape you in ways that will define your life. Many things happen here: booze, fags, sex and consequences. However these are also the glory years when hardly anything can go wrong, but if they go wrong then setting them right can take a lifetime. Also if you have a heartbreak now, then even Fevicol will not be of much help

You step out into the big bad world and wonder why things are not so easy. If you work in corporate you will soon realize that sharks look very handsome in crisp suits and not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. However you will also meet some good Samaritans who will take care of you and you will want more of them, always. Chances are you may be living away from home on your own money which will make you a bit independent; this at times may backfire too if you try to have to decide on some big choices.

28 onwards
You are approaching dreaded 30 and will always cringe as to where you are lacking. If not settled in career by now then can lead to major frustration and if still single, even if you have a bad past record, can lead to greater frustration. This is the age when you will think twice before buying the bright red T shirt or about smoking that extra fag after lunch, when your favorite batsman will be Dravid and not Yuvraj; you will start admiring Anil Kapoor more than Ranbir Kapoor. But this is also age of maturity and responsibility, big boy has become a man.


  1. Buddy the equations have changed a lot with the new gen...imformation overload...and tones of sex hormones from the broiler chickens

  2. You're bang on! I'm approaching 30 and everyday I think of it as the biggest year when I need to change my!
    We add the responsibility and maturity bit to our age just to make us sound optimistic. The truth is, we'll miss the 20's like we've never missed anything before!

  3. I disagree, big boy never becomes man :P

  4. If talking about our era, you are spot-on.
    But for today's some changes are needed. Few things from 16-22 need to be moved into 12-16. And a new group needed with some of text from 12-16 or just move few things from 16-22 group to upto 12 group.

  5. Aptly said ....and when career not settled...late 20's is worse phae and agree big boy can never be man :P

  6. This was put so well!! :) Touching 30 is so dreadful indeed.

  7. Pretty profound, some of your observations :)

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    1. Loved this post...great is great till opinions, no cynicism and no career...

      BTW, did you find a good roomy?

  10. Good post. Liked the clarity in the categorization you have put forth. Reminded me somewhat of my own post, at least the first part:

  11. I am in the 16-22 bracket. I totally agree with what you wrote there. Interesting space you have here. :)

  12. i dont like it that i am in the last bracket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!