Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is he really that into you

I am sure many of you would have seen the popular flick, He is just not that in to you; if not then go right now, it’s one of the most warm and endearing flicks I have ever seen. When I had seen the film first I could not relate much to the relationships stories depicted therein; I merely enjoyed Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johnson being persuaded by equally good looking men (I guess I really am bi-sexual). But now when I am actually interacting with females and trying to decipher their psyche about men, relationships and marriage a lot of hitherto unknown female characteristics are becoming known to me, especially the expected interest response from men

Last week I had a good chat with a chick based in Mumbai, she does look promising though I know very little of her apart from her given details in her matri-profile. Having worked in same workplace though at different times, we did speak for long and shared notes about khadoos bosses when the talk later diverged to serious stuff; she wanted to know when I plan to visit India and how things can be taken forward, but it didn’t end just there
Me: hey nice catching up with you…
Her : same here, so when do you plan to visit India?
Me: May be next month, let see. I was not planning Mumbai initially but guess may halt if things look good with you..
Her : So you must be meeting other girls also (blush)
Me: Of course yes
Her: Ummm..how do you find…no no, I hope you liked my profile
Me: Yes I did, that’s why we are talking
Her: Ummm..ok..no did you really like it?...no I mean…no..nothing, bye

Another girl whom I promised to meet soon never fails to ping me whenever she sees me online. Our initial chats were about life in general and understanding each other more but her recent pings border on desperate
Me : good to c u online
Her: same here, u liked my snap
Me: yes I saw it
Her: did u like?
Me: yes I saw ur pics..
Her: OK…..but did u like?.....i mean they were good no
Me: (confused) yes
Her: OK….no I am much better than that….
Me (confused again): ok
Her: so u liked me na??
Me (better to log off): busy with work, c u later

Then there is another girl in Bangalore whom I had promised to meet in February but meeting got delayed; I called her to inform I may fly down soon
Me: hey hi, its me
Her: so time mil gaya….aap to bhool hi gaye
Me: no I called to inform I am coming soon and we will meet
Her: finally you are coming, you promised you will come before but you never did. So how many days you are coming?
Me: just one day, then I go to Delhi
Her: Delhi why?
Me: of course my people are there….
Her: that means you meeting other girls also, tell me do you have more choices???
Me: err..yes, but what makes you say that?
Her: gosh….ohh…nothing….ok bye

I am not sure if I will meet Drew Barrymore anytime in this life, but if I do my suggestion to her would be to rechristen her popular flick "Is he really that into you…or are there others too?"


  1. Lol!! This was funny...Hope u find ur Drew Barrymore soon. ;)

  2. Hahahahaa :P
    That's kinda sad.. And as Ria said, I hope you find your Drew soon! :D

  3. hahaha.. i like the last girl :D

  4. loved the last line.. made me read it again. haha. :D :)

  5. i don't like any of these girls! Who asks questions like these!? the first one is still better coz she thought she made a mistake. the other two look desperate. Sorry!

  6. It's the effect of the orignal sin,everying hanges upon what a man thinks of a woman's looks.It's a torture to edure all the pain and suffering I tell you.I'm so glad I'm finally over it and the suffering has ceased at long last.

  7. LMAO Pesto is being pursued!

  8. Ayyo!!! the bride hunting seems to go on and on and on!!! :P


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