Thursday, July 5, 2012


Sometime back when I was doing my first Art of Living course, I was asked to jot down my botherations in life, not knowing what to write as life was different those days, I had only jotted ‘dull personal life’. However if I am asked to list down now my current botherations, list may not be too long but if the happenings of past month are anything to go by, maybe not be short either

Job update: now if you read my below post, you will understand my sleepless nights. I have been repeatedly calling head office in Dubai but there has been no further update; the least that I expect from my employers is to atleast let me know if I have to look for another job, and this has to be made clear to me right now without any dirty surprises later. I had been promised a call this week but am still waiting to know what decision the big lords have taken

Blood test: as part of Visa renewal I have to undergo a blood test soon. Now every time I go through a blood test, it sends down jitters. I am so scared of any infections that even the thought of it makes me flinch somewhere. The last tests I had undertaken were more than a couple of years back and that time too I was as nervous as I am now

Money matters: this is not a real botheration but then in my life I have never understood money. If having less dough is a concern having more of it brings worries of a different kind; at times I feel money is like a sexy blonde – every one wants; if not full only a small part will also bring some happiness; if any one else has it you also want it for your self; once you see it and if you are lucky enough to taste it, you always want more of it; and lastly only the one who has it knows the pains he has to undergo to maintain it

Matrimony: there has been some progress here as I do have a couple of good shortlists. Last evening I met with a nice chick over large cup of cappuccino at Starbucks; she did appear nice and positive with a wide smile, during our long chat she came across as normal without any prejudices. There is another chick based in Bangalore who has been mailing frequently, although she appears heavy in built but other stuff does match somewhere, like me she also writes a blog though not an anonymous one

Work : if some of you have been wondering why my blogging frequency has come down its all thanks to dear work. In the maze of all the above botherations clouding my mind for past sometime, ever piling work is making my days difficult so much so that at times I end up doing something totally different from the planned and piled up backlog. Work is essential to ensure rozi roti but amazingly I am a bit confused if I will have work in days to come or not!


  1. You know what they say,once married everyone gains weight,so I'd pick the one you hung out at Starbucks with unless you like big women,some men do and there is nothing wrong with it,we all have our own Types we are attracted to,men and women alike,nobody can dictate to us who we are to be attracted to,that's dictatorship,what matter is mutual attraction of both parties and not being forceably chased,stalked and hounded to disgust and possibly death like the Glenn Close character in "Fatal Attraction".

  2. don't let the heavy girl come between the final decision, she can always lose the kilos. we all go through that.

    hope you get your job update soon from these people.. and hope it's positive and nothin to be worried about.

    blood tests are cooooooooool! get it get it!

  3. starbucks waali sounds nice to me :) aagey ki story bata pls

  4. Good luck with the girl with a warm smile...Work is the same story ...kya karein. Things one has to do to earn bread and butter. Sigh!