Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morality and its dilemmas

Last week I was chatting with a close buddy and ex-colleague when he disclosed that back in 2006 he had slept with couple of interns at my old workplace in Gurgaon. At first I thought he may be kidding but when he came out with the explicit details I knew he had indeed scored those goals; however what was surprising was those girls always appeared casual with everyone in office and even now they are present on everyone’s friends list on Facebook. Now this buddy of mine is a laundiyabaaz and is always scouting for some good catch which is well known to everyone but that did not deter any of those girls from hitting the sack, infact now I feel they may have been egged on knowing this guy is always game for any fun on the side. I am not too sure if those girls also knew then or know about him now that this guy also uses whores and a bit too frequently at that, however I doubt if this knowledge would have deterred them from doing what they did.

Now I am not complaining here, after all casual sex has become a bit too common these days and I myself have slept with whores couple of times but it was the nonchalance around the whole issue that caught me off guard. Maybe I would have reacted bit different some years back but now after all these years I only think of that as a choice someone made when presented with an opportunity.

Maybe my perception has changed over the years, at times I yearn for my old innocence and ponder why I grew up. As a teen I used to be flabbergasted when my hostel mates used to visit brothels or when some girls in school casually lifted their already short uniform skirts when boys were around, however what I learnt over the years was that some things are simply meant to be done and not to be thought so much about. I have had my own share of action now and then but never look upon it as a sin, infact I think I should have been a bit more active and maybe scored more

Perhaps my argument gets strengthened when I see so many others who started with me and along the way chose the unconventional and today are in a higher league. In this internet age its easy to track down what others have been upto and when you see wayward creatures hitting jackpot you get to understand that righteous choices do not always necessarily bring success and sometimes immorality may indeed be a virtue. I will refrain from taking any names here (I had posted couple of years back about an ex-classmate famous for her promiscuity during her teens who has now made big as a TV journalist, that post has apparently gone viral now as I still receive comments there) however now I can’t resist reflecting if dropping the towel is after all not a bad option. Life is all about choices and as long as consequences do not bother, no harm in taking the plunge

I am aware that morality is a tricky issue and it carries different meanings and limits for different people hence one can never be and should never be judgmental about others. Many of my close buddies, both in real and virtual world, have confided in me about whom they slept with; some have multiple partners while others are on single wicket however being close to them I could understand their necessity and the fulfillment they derived. As I firmly believe to each his own, however I wouldn’t mind going back to 2006 and meeting those interns again!


  1. Sorry, call me old-fashioned, but no matter how common-place it's become I think it shouldn't ever be looked upon as normal!

  2. I have this old fashioned theory which makes me believe that if you take love and sex too casually, you will never be able to remain faithful to your long term partner. I feel this because such a person cannot remain satisfied with just one partner!

    And that is why, I don't find these things normal.

  3. ah then! you have been around the block! Interesting read...I will never stop being taken aback bu such stories.

  4. Interesting. I feel the same way too. Interfering in people's bedroom stories is none of my concern and should never be. As long as it doesn't cause me any mental, spiritual, or bodily harm, I don't even have the right to judge them,let alone look up or down on them.
    Call me wannabe westernized but I strongly believe that we should let go of the 'what will society think' mindset. Ofcourse we do live in it and no man is an island blahblah but we need society to progress as an individual and not to tell us when or with whom we should sleep or not sleep or what we should wear or not wear.. It doesn't make any sense to me!
    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  5. Yep all I can say is 'to each his own'. Peace out.

  6. Standards of morality keep changing with time but to each his own. For some sex is simply a physical act while for some it is more about some emotional connect.

  7. I guess living life to the full the way we feel is the best but not hurting anyone can bring the best out of us... and not comparing with others can make the difference too…

  8. How is Muscat treating you? Have you started liking the place yet?