Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 things you didn’t know about me

1.I have a habit of talking to myself even when others are around; when I see people and situations I tend to drift in a world of my own imagining funny conversations where I end up mouthing dialogues. I get so lost that I forget there are others around and many times speak loudly leaving others around much amused and bemused

2.I have never played any sport in my life, let it be childhood, teens or present day. I usually stayed much away from the sports ground as a result of which have a poor physical attitude, I still cannot run properly and my body aches if I have to do any lifting or jumping; maybe this is reason why I put on weight easily

3.I don’t have any concentration ability; in school and college my mind used to wander everywhere during classes and even now I sit through some discourses without getting any word of it

4.I never smile; if any one asks me what I find hardest it would perhaps be smiling. I carry a straight face everywhere which never changes shape

5.I imagine people and situations doing funny things. In my old office I had a Sardar in IT division, every time I bumped into him I would for no reason imagine him saying “Oye paape” although he never spoke to me in Punjabi; in my present office I have a Southie who I always imagine gesturing “Che che che…” in Tamil/Kannada style

6.I stay away from gadgets and gizmos; for the life of me I can never understand how iPads, MP3 and other stuff works. Recently my company gave me a BlackBerry phone and I still don’t know how to reply e-mails on it; although I work for an electronics retailer all the gizmos appear like UFOs to me and even when some friends ask about latest phones I tend to avoid the topic. My low understanding of technology extends to Web also as I am yet to decipher how to reply to tweets or how to change the layout of this blog page (someone once explained me some funny stuff called HTML, to me it sounds like name of a Public Sector company)

7.I have a habit of doing stuff on fixed time; I cannot stand delays in meal time to the extent that even in official events I start eating if the clock hits fixed time. Last month on office trip I opened my box of biryani inside the moving car as I couldn’t delay my eating time

8.I have a habit of walking with my head down. Instead of looking up straight I look down at the road, only when I am somewhere near destination do I lift my neck

9.I stay away from SMSs. During festivals, like many of you, I too receive hordes of SMSs which are quickly deleted and I don’t recall when was the last time I replied to any SMS

10.I am shit scared of dogs; I get petrified of dogs to such an extent that back in India I used to first scan the lanes from a distance before entering and if there were any dogs around would immediately change my way. I also avoid visiting people who have pet dogs and many times ask the hosts to tie their affectionate pets under leash lest they run up to me and shower any affection…..yeeps


  1. Amazing, gives me a fair idea about your personality, every guy who doesn't look straight up towards the road it Pesto and one question?
    What do you call yourself while you talk to yourself?
    PESTO :D

  2. All the secrets buddy! Hehe...I drift into my imaginary world too. But yaar dogs are adorable! At least most of them are. Lol and biryani? DO you share food or no?

  3. Hi5 at first point :)

    I talk to myself whenever working on/solving any complex problem at work. Usually about different points and solutions and almost every time someone bumps in between the conversation :D :D
    And yes, number 3 also.

  4. Wow you are truly "SPECIAL" so different from all other men on earth.Amazing!Now for sure men will be start cppying you wanting to be "SPECIAL",different and "EXTRA-ORDINARY" like you,because GOD sure INVESTED in you making you so Rare and such a Treasure for us all to looks at and admire. Like JB said of me, that I the most beautiful MUSEUM,I'd like to pay you the same compliment Pwsto.

  5. We have alot in common: I suck at physical activities, dead tight on schedules, am scared of dogs and even more scared of gadgets. But I think you should try smiling more often. :)

  6. I knew it,men are all going to try to be like you now Pesto,because they all feel left out because they are not different,unique and "SPECIAL" llike you but one of the millions of other "AVERAGE" males on this crowded earth.What did I tell you?People are very strange this way.You need a wise Detective like me to guard your every move from now on,because where the men go the women will follow,Geneses 3:16,the 1/2 curse from God on women,so the next thing you know the groupies will be coming after you in crowds,I hope you'll tell them the more the merrier hahaha.Hey,it's already happening,man.Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket,but on a lampstand,and it gives light to all that are in the house.So let your light shine,and so the Glory of God may be seen by men,and may theu be thankful to God for it and may He get all the Glory,and not mere men,I'm so fatigued by it.

  7. thats a lot of things about you...
    n i found the seventh one similar to my line...


  9. You don't smile? Really? Why!!??

  10. Loads of secrets on first visit here :D btw, why you never smile?

  11. First time on your blog & first post I read 10 facts about you.. isn't it interesting :)

    Inch pinch on the 10th point... I am too scared of dogs... and not only dogs.. I am scared of all the animals dogs, cats, rats, cows, insects even butterflies.. I don't like animals :(

  12. Ditto on the first point!!!

    But why you no smile???? :P :P

    Nice to know more bout you...


  13. Hello Pesto :)

    My first time here. Good to know so many things about you.
    Hoping to read more !


  14. Whats the harm in smiling!? Anwyays, good to know more about you.

  15. Ahh I guess we share so much...ordinary beings huh