Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life hits a trough

I have been away for such a long time that it may seem that I have abandoned this space all together. In a way yes I have almost given up not only on this space but I guess on this upstart life itself for 2013 has been a major trough in my life marked by endless despair and frustration. Before you hazard any guesses let me first assure that I am safe and have not suffered any personal loss; its my workplace and more specifically my boss who has bestowed upon all possible agony on me that I have now lost my job here in Muscat and am forced to return back to India

Trouble had been brewing for sometime with signs of turbulence evident in 2012 itself which I as a fool missed to read; my failure to comprehend the office politics and dynamics hit me in the face earlier this year with one of the worst appraisals accompanied by termination recommendation to head office. Since March I have been engaged in a constant battle with my boss which resulted in me being subjected to endless bullying, torture and harassment; the reckless shouting and intimidating behavior ultimately had an impact on my health too resulting in chest pain and throbbing body ache. I am yet to undergo any major check-up but all through the ordeal I was paranoid that I have surely contracted some major illness

My fortunes at workplace have swung so drastically that I am myself stunned and amazed how swiftly the world can change. When I first arrived in this country in 2010 I was looking forward to life with optimism and hope; it had been a long wait before I landed up an international assignment and I was determined to make the most of it. I did try to give my best at what I thought was my dream job but slowly the dream started turning sour; in hindsight I should have looked at jobs in India when it was evident that I will not be moved to head office in Dubai. However I now realize that a major drawback of any international assignment is that is very hard to switch jobs; not only are the openings very less but then other factors like Visa, nationality etc make it all the more harder. Since March I have been applying all around but have got only a couple of calls; it was only when end was imminent that I looked upon the Indian market in July which I now realize was a major folly

During this trouble some period one constant support has been my family in India; first it was my mother who consoled me during her visit here earlier this year and then my brother acted as a support helping me with all his corporate contacts in India. If anything I have come to realize during this hard phase it’s the relevance of family and relationships; no one else, and I really mean here no one else, will stand by and support during lean times as much as own family. For someone coming off an uneasy past this realization has hit the hard way but thankfully not too late

As I wind up my stuff many thoughts come rushing to mind, returning back to India now was surely not desired but then perhaps may not be too bad for me also, my plans of settling down in life hit a block for now (though there is a bright prospect in sight, more on that later), how will life in India be now after having pledged never to return in 2010 and lastly my boss, he will surely pay for what he has done to me, mails to chairman and directors have already been drafted (any more thoughts guys, I am open for all false accusations )

In another fortnight I will be back in India for good , hunting for a new job which will be another challenge in this economy. I am not sure if my troubles have just started or is this another phase which will be over soon, what I know for sure now is that life has nothing constant, the only constant is change and to lead better lives its better we be always prepared for this change


  1. My boyfriend (now husband) went through an exact same situation in Dubai. He works in the Finance sector. So just to fill in he took up a traders job in a Gurgaon based firm. They take candidates quite easily. Meanwhile he kept the job hunt going and after 8 months of struggle one of his contacts in Bahrain helped him. I don't know the field you work in so I can't say much. But try something on similar lines.. it might help. All the best..

  2. I have been waiting for a post from you..I kind of got an idea that something was wrong...
    Ups and downs keep coming in life..I like the way u said 'the only thing constant is change.'

    Good Luck, I am sure you'll find something good, don't lose hope.

  3. 'The only constant is change' is a very true statement. I know it is hard to, but think of this as a positive change. You never know what treasure may be waiting for you in India, and this series of unfortunate events served as a catalyst to bring you closer to your treasure. :)

  4. That is a difficult phase in life. But as you say..change is the only constant..I am sure that life will become better once you come back to India. There will be initial hiccups agreed..but what you have going for you is a loving and supporting family!

    Take care!

  5. Work and jobs will work out. If not today, if not tomorrow, then a few days later. Keep yourself afloat. Survive. Find other things as well, things which will help you grow from inside. Down the line, you will realize that is what is important. Family, love and passions. Keep the faith, even if you have none.

    God bless.

  6. welcome back to the homeland :) all the best

  7. It'll all sort out...just have the patience and don't give up. With the new year, recruitment is generally on an over-drive. Wish you all the best! and welcome back :)

  8. Sending you lots of prayers and good wishes. I am sure you will get something good out of this. And more than anything you will be close to your family :) Keep the faith, always!

  9. may you better luck in India than Dubai, hoping to hear good news from your side soon!