Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year.......old story

A New Year begins today, don’t know how different this will be from previous ones. It is often believed what you do today, occurs for the rest of the year. For one it was a holiday today, so it will be good if my workplace gives frequent holidays this year! I had been to a Mall during morning (what else to do in this city), had good lunch & a good look around. I had my usual stop at the book shop, read a short story by Jhumpa Lahiri before picking a collection of Sunday morning editorials by Buchi Karkaria (name is something like that) which had a foreword by Amitabh. Didn’t know AB writes so well.

Last evening was spent at home surfing porn on the net. I didn’t go out, besides I didn’t have any major invites, even if I did would have been only to get sloshed. I was wondering how many times we have, or rather I have, celebrated New year eve outside with friends since landing in this impersonal Delhi or its more glamorous cousin Gurgaon. In my childhood days living in a small town, it was much warmer with all those close being around.

Have not made any New Year resolutions, nor have any new New Year wishes. Perhaps I will again be a mute spectator watching this year go by, as have done its many predecessors. I saw a horoscope feature this morning on TV, which says things may change for better for people having my constellation by September. All I can think of now is Come September.

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