Saturday, December 20, 2008

Office parties

Attending the annual employee day event yesterday was fun. Not that I enjoyed too much or had too much of a good time, but was a decent affair by all standards. In organizations like mine, which sometimes resemble an old age home, having extravagant bashes may not be the order of the day but family affairs which resemble Diwali mela of small towns may be more welcomed. I initially envied all employees working in flashy organizations, which had these frequent parties but now find my workplace more soothing. Guess office entertainment also has some connection with the age bracket of employees.

Pics of bashes, or in more appropriate lingo office parties, are widely circulating in the Net , perhaps they also add to the popularity of the workplace. Promoting organizations by participating in great places to work surveys is one, but the more informal way of spreading these photographs, also adds to the appeal, if you are targeting a younger work force. I remember seeing pics of parties at Wipro, Pune & Dell, Bangalore. Both had scantily clad females indulging in inexplicable acts. I guess if allowed, some would have also liked to attend topless, seeing they left so little to imagination. Many things were seen in abundance in those pics – booze, cigarettes & smooches. For one our country has come way forward in these demonstrations. I vividly remember my school days, about 10 years back, when everyone would blush at the prospect of having their first smooch (I didn’t have any with those lovely chics, gosh missed out). These days school girls in my apartment know the taste of many of their classmates mouths. It was outrageous for many girls to smoke during my days, now paanwaala outside Priya cribs how young girls are chosy for Silk Cut.

I wonder at this rate how office parties of NextGen will be like. Perhaps they may have poolside parties in bikinis & shorts, morning after pills may be distributed along with party invites, and couples opting for marriage over live-in may be prized after. Oh lord, why was I born so much earlier?

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  1. Happy to know about these office parties. Last month, I arranged my office outdoor event at one of the lovely corporate event venues San Francisco. Made wonderful arrangements for this event and had an excellent time there.