Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping Malls

So am progressing with my hols. Had been to a new Mall this morning, what else can you do in Gurgaon! The way Malls have sprung up in our country, they have become not only integral but also essential part of our landscape. Sometime back malls were limited & few in between, but now you see them everywhere & every place. Gone are the days when rushing to Ansals in South Ex was a fad, coz now you find better samples everywhere. Soon Malls will become a necessity rather than a luxury – Municipality will have to arrange for Mall space while planning, Malls will replace bijli, paani as election issues, Congress & BJP will fight over number of promised Malls…

Today’s Mall was not so bad after all. It had a fair sprinkling of all brands that you find on billboards, good collection of casuals, Gucci watches, sportswear, formal blazers, colorful kids section etc. kids especially have a blast at these Malls. My friends’ pup always insists on going to a Maawwl (in her lingo & tone) & would always have a great time, unusually behaving & curbing her irate mannerisms, much to her parents delight.

Btw I will be visiting another Mall in the evening. Have to buy a few gifts & later treat my shriveled tongue for a cappuccino at Barista, which reminds of another fad these days –to work out of cafes like Barista & CCD at weekends. I wonder how many bloggers would be posting from their laptops at these cafes. Perhaps it gives a better ambience to work your grey cells & give an enriched, online output. One thing I can vouch for is that the cafes certainly do give a fair surrounding for a coffee & smoke, if not blogging.

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