Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hope, fear, excitement…a new dawn awaits

The day I was waiting for is finally here. I will be flying to Muscat tomorrow morning and am already experiencing a myriad of emotions. For someone who has craved for a change for long this is indeed a welcome boon, but some where there is also an apprehension of stepping into the unknown and what the future actually holds for me. I am sure there will be no dearth of challenges in the new place moreso for a pampered kid like me, who has never lived away from home and has lived a life replete with splendor. But there is also an awareness that it is high time for me to step out of my comfort zone into the real world and make something of this damned life

I am not very sure of what I am getting into, for I am a greenhorn at handling domesticity. I don’t know cooking, have never washed my clothes, never even changed bedsheets and am going to live all alone in a far-off land all by myself! But admittedly this has not deterred me one bit and am sure down the line somewhere I will find my feet in the city, though it may take sometime

However there is also hope and an undeniable tinge of excitement. Anything new does bring some freshness along and it becomes all the more sweet if it is long sought. I sincerely wish that this new and a very major turn of life does turn out to be good and rewarding; and all the wait and perseverance does pay off somewhere. For the past many years I had been on look-out for a good international assignment, which was seen by me as a panacea for all the ills dogging me. One I would have been away from home and secondly, it never hurts to rake in the moolah. Now that it is finally happening, its only upon me to make it successful.

This is my last post from India and am not sure when I will be able to post next. Also I will not be able to comment on other blogs for sometime, but be assured that I will seize any opportunity to access WWW at the first instance. Till then alvida…


  1. Good luck with it all!! =) And re "I don’t know cooking, have never washed my clothes, never even changed bedsheets and am going to live all alone in a far-off land all by myself!" well, I was exactly the same 5 years ago before coming here to Aus and now I can do it all. Cooking isn't so hard with a recipe book. I'm sure you will be fine despite possible initial homesickness. Good luck again!

  2. Good luck Pesto .. i am sure you'll manage very well.

    Do keep us updated..

  3. expect still better posts from u from Muscat, the new experience should bring in new realms of thoughts.
    best wishes.

  4. Read last four post of yours..
    hope things strike you positively..
    Good luck!

  5. Bon Voyage. I am looking forward to your posts from Muscat.

  6. heyii pesto by the time you read'd already be smiling and feeling happy for having taken the first big step..we are always there to cheer you up..but keep up the spirit n dont dont dont give up :) hugs

  7. kabhi alvida na kehna - phir milenge chalte chalte :)

    all the best

  8. Good luck to you..
    Take it from me,you get lot of indian foods there at an affordable cost,so food the major issue is solved,and cheap laundry shld be around,again a big issue sorted out...
    I dont think rest of the life is difficult...

  9. oh Pesto Pesto Pesto!!! I am so very happy and excited for you.. I wish you all the luck in the world my dear for your exciting journey ahead.. I am very confident that you'll thrive in this new atmosphere.. can't wait for your next post.. hugs..

  10. good luck ..Knock 'em Dead!!

  11. hope you're having a gooooooooood time changing bed sheets, washing clothes, trying to cook lol!! all the best!!!!!!!! you'll do welllll ! have FUN, thats the most important thing. Work hard, party harder - and enjoy the freedom you've always craved for. and hope you get to access the web asap. its ok if u cant comment on blogs, just update yours :p

    later, take care you.


    (yah this is the new blog :p)

    (yah i have some disease)