Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travelling within Oman

Past two days I have been travelling in interiors of Oman as part of my induction and have already covered more than 1200 kilometers in two days! Travelling within any country is an experience and Oman is no different. It is very much similar to India though it has a few intricacies which can seem amusing on first notice

Roads in Oman are the best I have ever seen. In all the distance that I travelled there was not a single pothole visible with a smooth surface maintained all through. Also the roads have good signage on the sides, that too without any tearing. A peculiar feature here is the way given to animals, for killing animals on road is not acceptable and killing a camel can lead to life imprisonment! All cars here are equipped with hazard lights, which have to be flashed on any road blockages visible. However the smooth roads and tight discipline cannot be taken as an excuse for speeding, as there are radars on both sides of road which can detect speeding vehicles.

Going by the geographical spread Oman is a large country, largest after Saudi in this part of the world. I enjoyed most talking with Omanis, leaving away from Muscat in towns of Ibri, Nizwa, Humra, Sohar, Shinaz and Moussanna. Most of the Omanis are peace loving folks and revere you irrespective of religion or faith. However most of them lead a desultory existence removed from the hullaballoo of modern day living and are ignorant to the extent that net connections are not available in some of these towns.

This weekend I have to shift to my new apartment, which is near to my office though I am coughing out an unreasonable sum for it. It is inhabited by an old guy who will be my new flat mate and sincerely hope he is not an asshole. The only benefit perhaps coming is that I am getting a place furnished so will not have to look around for stuff in this new country. On work front there is lot to do though for now I am only sizing up everyone around. Seems I am in for interesting times…


  1. Yep. I have heard said by few friends:
    One can sip tea while traveling on-road.
    And I am sure they are correct.

  2. pesto put pics na..pls pls..put na put na :)

  3. hmm..roads back home will be even more intolerable when you go back for a holiday..LOL!
    I think its your first time living with roomates.so as a veteran in that area, here is a suggestion..don't sweat the small stuff.
    Also picture speaks a thousand words..please put the pics na :)

  4. Succumb to your readers' demands and do put some pics. :)

  5. It's an open secret that the Sultan of Oman is gay. I had a roommate about 13 years ago, a straight Pakistani guy, who grew up in Oman. And he use to tell me stories of how the Sultan's men would be in public scouting for hot looking men, and if one of them got "picked up" .. well, he'd have access to luxuries, as long as he "cooperated".

  6. Demand granted eh!
    sulagna must be igniting :P
    feels good reading your blogs..
    everything new and fresh..

  7. We careful of the Sultan's men , then! Lol..

    Yea, i hope that old fellow is not an asshole too. Old people have remarkable capacity to irritate..

    And yea..do put up the pics..

  8. Looks awesome! Wondering how it turns out with new flat-mates...
    Yes, pics please!