Sunday, April 11, 2010

Online air booking: lessons to learn

Day before yesterday I got a sudden brain wave that before embarking for Muscat I should visit Vaishno Devi once; it’s always good to pay obeisance that too before perhaps one of the crucial junctures of my life. Adding fuel to the thoughts were the facts that my previous trips had been successful and if I can make it then should try for another trip. However one quick look at the airfares over the weekend and my plans went on the backburner, a to and fro trip costing 12 grand, which is more expensive than even visiting Bangalore and Hyderabad! But the bug had already caught me by then and I could not stop exploring the option of other travel dates, totally unaware that online pricing of air tickets uses logic similar to casino gambling. My ordeal with online booking websites was less than pleasing and not at all pocket friendly, as depicted below

Day before yesterday morning
Quick check on fares: 12 grand to and fro drop the idea!!

Day before yesterday afternoon
Let’s tweak the dates and look at weekdays: hmm fares drop a little wait for some time for fares to drop

Day before yesterday evening
Fares for Monday and Tuesday is less than 7 grand!!! Yeah (jumping) wait for more time for fares to drop even more

Yesterday morning
Fares are still low…hit ‘book’ immediately. Now whats this…seats not available!! Doesn’t matter, wait

Yesterday afternoon
Low fares are still visible for different days combination, but perhaps all seats have been booked with only few left. A seat on Spicejet now costs 13 grand!! Quick realization that if I do not act left seats will also go soon

Immediately book available option, but one leg of journey unconfirmed. Call up the toll free number of website and book. Pay charges of 400 bucks more but thankfully I get my tickets for a princely 9 grand (a normal fare should be less than 7 grand)

Moral: if planning travel plan in advance and whenever see a good bargain never forego


  1. I've always wanted to go there..spent a year in Leh but could never make it to Vaishno Devi :( I'm definitely going to Banaras and Vaishno on my next trip home!!
    Somehow, I prefer trains when I'm traveling in India..Trains have a charm of their own. Remind me of simpler times..
    I hope your trip is as smooth as it has been in the past.

  2. go to Kuala Lampur instead.
    its cheaper, god's evrywhere so u got that base covered and you get to shop more for the new bags u bought for Muscat.

  3. uggg... I am so not a planner but I feel your pain

  4. 逛到您的部落格讓我忍不住停下來!期待您的新文章!!........................................

  5. hahah this was helpful. happy journey, jai mata di :)

  6. lol. atleast you didnt get a ticket book for next month and find out on the day of the flight at the airport.
    not to mention the extra expenses. :P

  7. ohh that s very informativel...
    thanks for coming around...

  8. Great places to see up nrth :) hav a great time!!

    Online ticketing i sumhow feel sceptical

  9. Went there a couple times and each time it was memorable. Can't wait to hear about your adventure in Muscat:)