Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ah...the joys of flirting

I continue to flirt with the chick mentioned earlier and am making some good progress. Flirting is fun and good for mind, body and soul. I am now discovering that effective flirting has no rules, only requirement is that spine must tingle somewhere, surprises should never cease and for ultimate nirvana no barrier should be left uncrossed. Girls enjoy flirting as much as boys and maybe even more; this chick is surely a veteran at flirting given she messages back very fast and considers no topic taboo when it comes to having a good time; check out the snippets below

Me: u looking hot in that green dress. Keep it up
She: up?? Some1 will have to pull it up…can’t do evryting myself…btw I m in KFC
Me: wah…I too enjying my drink…wanna join
She: bottle not yet over???? U 2 slow…sleep tite
Me: sleeping alone is no fun
Me: my neighbor gal again smiled at me today
She: oh oh oh….development…u waved a hi? Do dat nxt tym u c hr. myt inspire her 2 cm overspk d nxt u c hr
Me: that’s ok but can’t seem to progress
She: talk to her n ask abt weather bt don ask her out
Me: u know I want to take her places….starting from ice cream parlor n ending with motel
She: oh u 2 r sex addict
Me: m a virgin dear, u wanna test it?
She: puhleeeesssee!dat explains why u wanna lose it soon….all d best
Me: I need ur help here…I can’t even put a wire cable in properly, have a bad aim
She: I too am bad at aims, at times the cable only breaks
Me: she again smiled at me 2day
She: u seem to enjoy her….is she special
Me: yeah…she has big ones
She: all guys r same……fascinated by biggies
Me: she has big shoes…..wat were u thinking
Me: am getting bored
She: go get a life…make most of it, go deeper
Me: wat do u mean by deeper?? I m only trying to scratch the surface
She: was jst thinkng abt u….gud things
Me: I 2 was thinking abt u…..gud things I can do wid u

Am not very sure where all this is headed to but believe me this is mindblowing fun


  1. horny meets horny! what fun! keep sharing what happens okay? this is fun to read too ;)

  2. horny horny ban gayee jodi...i cant beleive it you acme up with the cable wire line...eesshhh !!!

    but yess..m loving it..can i also post this on my facebook pls..this is enlightening for many..plseeaaseee
    **puppy face**

  3. hahaahahahaha! this was so funny! : P
    and yes! pretty damn horny :PP

  4. haha nice and my gfs used to call this HVF - healthy verbal flirting, in the good ol' days!

  5. haha. Wow ur having a lot of fun! Tht cable wire thing was pretty creative!

  6. Rab ne bana di horny jodi! :P

  7. seriously?cable wire.haha.. to read though.Keep updating.

  8. LOL. This is absolute flirting. Take a step forward. Make moves, maybe. ;)

    All the Best.


  9. LOL, I don't think the spine is where you are supposed to be experiencing the tingling sensation, but I suppose it's close enough.

    Enjoy your flirtations, I hope it leads to better things.

  10. OMG this made me smile and laugh and all :D
    Amazing flirting :P

  11. Ha ha!! Oh yes even i enjoy flirting only if tis verbal...after all i need to remember that i m committed to someone. :P

    Enjoy the fun while it lasts.

  12. Full on mast!!!!! Keep it up!!! hehehehehe

  13. I sure had fun readin this! Post some more hehehe

  14. oh god! i will never understand why flirting/dirty talking like this is fun for guys. it's like they are desperate and i hate that.

    a friend of mine recently broke up with his gf and soon started flirting with me, i was blown away.. all that undying love they professed for each other went to bin suddenly post break up.

    at times, guys are disgusting. always flirting. and never ever serious. that's the worst part of it all.