Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When I called Malaika on MTV

In my last post I mentioned that I had once spoken to Malaika Arora Khan, that bomb of a female on MTV Loveline and some wanted me to recount that experience, so here I am obliging you all.

It was the summer of ’99 and the only time in my life that I was undergoing heartache having yearned for someone beyond me. Looking back I guess it was infatuation pure and simple, however lets not get into that here. Back to Malaika and MTV. Loveline was a hot running show those days and everyone wanted a slice of it, I too never missed many episodes and listening to many callers and their tales, I thought I too had something similar to share. So one fine day I picked up the cordless and dialed the number displayed on bottom of MTV screen; to my disappointment, instead of Malaika it was a tele-message which greeted me and asked me to leave my contact details and love problem. I recited what all I wanted to and left it there

Few days later a call was received at my home, and as luck would have it was picked up by my Mom! MTV executive asked for me and when I came on line, asked if I had called with my love problem. Now the troubling issue that day was a pooja was being held at my place, so had all the peeping toms listening in. To run away I grabbed the cordless and bolted myself in a distant room to speak alone to the ever sexy Malaika

First things first, Malaika has an irresistible sex appeal which does not get camouflaged any bit even in the phone voice. You can easily picture those sexy shiny legs kept on top of each other and displayed with pride. The voice, the accent, the giggle…a touch of heaven it is. Malaika listened to my teenage angst with patience and offered her sage bit of advice, but I was not willing to put down the phone easily. I wanted to go on and on and make Malaika suggest something really drastic. After all who could let an enticing voice like that go waste, I have had explicit horny chats on sex lines before but this was something different. Malaika somehow concluded the talk soon and in a way forced an abrupt end, before hanging up I heard her comment loud “now that was a real desperate guy”

When I emerged from the room after finishing Malaika I found many of my kin curious to know what had transpired. Somehow they knew it was MTV and later that night after dinner entire family mafia was eagerly watching MTV in drawing room. Thank heavens my chat was not aired that night; else imagine all Uncles and Aunts listening to my love tale! Later one family acquaintance heard my love chat on his honeymoon in Kathmandu and was too flabbergasted to recount to my family. However he did kind of distance from me for sometime.

I never got to watch the episode in which my call was featured, though as luck would have it some of my school buddies heard that episode and I was later informed that many calls had gone around town that afternoon asking to switch on MTV

Now if you ask me if I would like to call Malaika ever again, I would say yes (for that matter why only call, would love to do many more things with her!) but surely without anyone listening in


  1. Sweet And Honest.
    Wishing dreams to be fulfilled.

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  3. Search and search but you would never get one... I guess why!! you cannot turn on an opposite sex in whole 30 years of life and now you are an old torn retard..hahahaha...

    Posting profiles at some matri site would not help yet..may be you would be able to fool some nerd and spoil some life........hahahahaha..

    you get what you deserve.....must be sexually starved by the time!!!!

    Accusing me of promoting sexual inequality look at your sorry state of affair!!

  4. dude! I find Mallika and Shilpa Shetty HOT and I'm a very normal girl! Haha!!

  5. LOL

    though yours was a genuine case, i'm sure a lot of guys just created problems to speak to her!! you weren't hanging up only?lolol from one crush to another. I think loveline worked that way..

    sexlines?!?!??!?! Oh.My.God. how is that like..weird na...talkin dirty with a stranger..without even seeing the face..

  6. But what did you actually say??

  7. hilarious story!! I could just imagine all your relatives being nosy about the whole thing!! And also can imagine your friends getting a kick out of it..lol! Next time you call Malaika give us a heads up!! ;)

  8. I can understand your cousins. I right m dying to know what did u talk about :P

  9. What the hell did you say that even a relative on a honeymoon got embarrassed enough to maintain distance?

  10. ha ha cute post!! Yes i must admit, Malaika is quite sexy. ;)

  11. AMAZING.
    I used to watch this show when I was a kid n cud hardly understand the love-problems ..even if I heard your love tale..I wouldn't have understood.. :-P

  12. I used to find some of the problems pretty stupid. It was evident that most callers just wanted to speak to Malaika...and that was a very honest narration, I must add :)

  13. Did you say-'Hi!Malaika ji' :P
    Wonder waht the journo's upto...Did you go and mess his Pro with your comments? :|