Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can’t believe but something is happening

In my last post I had mentioned about a chick flirting with me preceding week but was not sure if it will be carried forward. When I had first seen her, she looked innocent in her thin frame and glasses but I could not miss the tharak in her eyes. Few evenings back I was surprised to find this girl messaging me, which I promptly returned thereby initiating a marathon SMS exchange lasting almost two evenings, fascinating excerpts reproduced below

She: just woke up after long…office timings make me work long

Me: ok am calling u

She: hey don’t…am sitting with Dad…pls understand

Me: ohh….u have good co….enjoy ur evening

She: good co in form of Dad….our discussion every evening is which car to but, my fav is Bentley

Me: my fav is Ambassador….all VIPs in Delhi travel in it

She: hahaha….fav is Ambassador….why…any escapades done there?

Me: u don’t need car for escapades in Delhi, they happen anyways

She: I need to visit Delhi again, I recall travelling in cycle rickshaws there

Me: I had time of my life on those riks, best place for bird watching

She: haha…am not for a moment thinking u talking of birds here…I know u rascal, anyways gtg…gud nite, sweet dreams

Me: ohhh…before going lemme share a secret…Ambassador has lot of free stuff at back, dream stuff

She: what??? I can’t understand what u talking here…*blink* *blink*

Me: someone’s pretending innocence

She: innocence?? A woman messages u to talk and bas shuru ho jao bakwas bolna

Me: ooops…anyways I m feeling hungry. Also my Teacher’s bottle is finishing…looking for someone to finish this off with…why don u come over? Khub jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar, aap main aur Teachers

She: ha..u think I will booze with u! btw I can out do u anyday in boozing…y don u hit the nearest resto…

Me: can’t go alone, yet to get my license here….u drive me around city OK?

She: get urself a chick then will drive u around

Me: I m yet to find a chick for myself, u help me find one

She: u wanna me play pimp? Find one for urself…

Me: there’s a chick in my building, but I don’t know how to flirt, can u teach me flirting….pleaaaseee

Now the last line was a honest confession….I am a novice at flirting and never know how to make those moves thereby squandering easy chances, so guys please drop your suggestions – how to move ahead with this willing chick?


  1. u cn see 'tharak' in a girl's eyes? Haha

  2. With which willing chick? The one you exchanged messages with or the one in your "building"? :P

    Flirting Lesson One: Never talk to a girl you like about ANOTHER girl you like.

    You already blew it off! :P

    Anyway, had a nice time here. Will keep visiting for more :)

  3. don't ask her to set you up with someone if you want to go ahead with her, in the 1st place! lol

  4. Be nice to her..the only tip I can offer!
    PS: She does seem Interesting!

  5. I'd have to disagree with other's here.. you talking about this other chick would have definitely made her jealous if she's into you.. and from this chat, it sure looks like that she likes you.. forget the girl in the building and go for this one..

  6. Agreeing with Miss OverThinker...although I hate to admit this to a guy!!

  7. wait..I thought you were indirectly referring to her. I'm confused!

  8. More than willing man. You're a tharak yourself! :P Sahi hai beta flirt kar.. theek ja raha hai lol

  9. Tharak in girl's eyes ......was BEST :)

  10. interesting!!very interesting!!lol!!good luck with whoever suits you more..:-P

  11. haha hilarious. made my day.


  12. @anubha - Flirting Lesson One: Never talk to a girl you like about ANOTHER girl you like.

    You already blew it off! :P