Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chewing gums and relationships

I had commented on a blogpost sometime back on how chewing gums and relationships are alike. They are remarkably similar, my justifiable arguments given below; I am sure those who enjoy chewing on gums and have been through the grind of relationships will agree with me

1 Both taste very sweet in beginning, freshness and newness makes it refreshing
2 Both give sweet tingly juices to start with
3 Both come in different size, shape and flavors, chose as per your taste
4 If you taste one for first time, it can give a real hitherto un-tasted hit
5 Both become stale after initial euphoria and use
6 Even after knowing that they are past prime we still try and yearn for those wonderful tingles it gave at start, all the time unnecessarily stretching it long
7 Both taste best alone, never ever mix with anything, else taste gets rotten spoilt
8 Both come with an expiry date
9 Excess consumption of both is bad for health though we never realize or accept this
10 When the taste wears off, best if both are discarded for good

On personal front I fly off to Dubai in a couple of days and will return next weekend. Since this is my first trip there I am damn excited; have heard all good things in life are available openly and in plenty in that city, will keep all of you posted


  1. have fun you

    CLICK A RANDOM PICTURE (not of yourself, since nazar lagne ka darr) and post it with the blog na!

    Hmm, I don't like chewing gums.. the only gum I've enjoyed is the one I took from his mouth while kissing. No, that was mentos.

    No, I don't like chewing gums..reminds me of Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon's earlier movies, tacky!

  2. The comparison made a lot of sense! No more chewing gums for me!:D
    Have fun in Dubai!

  3. LOL Kya research ki hai :)

    Have fun in Dubai and do let us know kitna mazaa kiya :D Enjoy!

  4. wah ji...
    nice post !
    njoy have fun.........

  5. Hshahahahaha....a commendable comparison to say the least!!

    Loved it! :)

    Have fun! :)

  6. And both make you want to blow..... I mean bubbles that is ! Get your mind out of the gutter !

    Have fun in Dubai ! I wish I could visit !

  7. haha, you make some highly valid, funny comparisons.

    though the rekindling of relationships is where the comparison falls flat...unless you know people who find their old gum to pop back in their mouth.

    Have fun in Dubai.

  8. gosh ur comparisons forever....limit hai :P

    Enjoy ur time in dubai and we wait for a after post :D

  9. Hehe... kinda true.

    Dubia huh? Have fun. Click pics of Dubia and show us :P.

  10. ha ha tht was a funny post...and what similarities! :P

  11. Interesting perspective!

    Have fun in Dubai.

  12. :-)..nice comparison..truly hilarious..i could also add" both if not disposed properly can bother you!!"
    i refer to people who throw it on roads..n then others accidently step on gums..n grrrr..hw to scrape them off.. proper goodbyes vd relationships..n wenevr u meet next..its meet or to avoid!!!
    well nice post:-)
    njoy ur trip!!

  13. Only you could come up with a analogy of gums with relationships! Too funny and (mostly)true..