Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dazzling Dubai

I returned from my trip to Dubai last evening which was indeed exhilarating and exciting. I found Dubai to be an international city crowded with nationals of all countries from Europe, Asia and North Africa; a city comparable to Hong Kong and Singapore, the only two foreign lands I had been to before coming to Muscat. However unlike those two places Dubai still has some way to go for its knee-jerk attempted overnight development is all too visible.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to Dubai was to meet my office colleagues with whom I had only interacted over phone till now. Its always tricky to put a face to voice and words as it can be surprising how different people can actually look from what one had imagined. However it was good catching up with all and they too were happy to see me

As a city I found Dubai to be full of malls, beaches and babes; comparable to any of the concrete jungles sprouting all over India having a frenzied lifestyle. One of the flagship malls at bottom of Burj Khalifa is so fucking big; it can take ages to go through all floors. However Dubai does have an amazing nightlife not easily found at many places or atleast the type I had not seen before; only Bangalore of 6-7 years back is somewhat comparable. The hotel I was staying in had so many discos and pubs that the loud music did not let me sleep, infact not just the watering holes the entire city is alive till late night

I had heard many interesting things too about Dubai and was curious to explore so one night I jettisoned off to a known nearby hotel and entered their disc after paying entry fee. Upon entering I saw the floor all decked up with gaudily clad females of all colors and nations waiting and eying men around. I worked my way to the booze counter and after taking my drink ventured around the floor. Soon I found girls coming up and offering their services at different rates depending upon length and duration. One Filipino claimed to be good in blowjobs, one Moroccan expert in massage and one had me touch her soft tender flesh all over before quoting her rate. Now there are limits before a man can succumb to temptations and I too found a Russian difficult to ignore. I negotiated with her for oral variety and both of us came out of the disc together for planned rendezvous. However the deal broke off when she summoned a taxi and wanted me to pay for fare also (which was not told to me earlier) after which I came back. Thank heavens the deal did not materialize, I remember the after effects of last time I had slept with a whore.

After my office training was over in Dubai my cousin came from Abu Dhabi over the weekend and showed me around town. Dubai is full of gora chamdi, a reason why South Asians now find it unaffordable, hence the amusement avenues and their rates too are suitable only for whites. Next day I was shown around Abu Dhabi including the huge mosque and the stunning Emirates hotel before flying back to Muscat. The only days I miss home is when I have to do my household chores and believe me cleaning my bachelor pad upon return last night was no fun

Finally I am glad that my long awaited trip did materialize and was some real memorable stuff; next trip there may take a while


  1. Awesomeness...!
    MALLs, beaches n babes. lol

  2. you know what, you should actually consider writing travel posts. you make places seem good for everything. :)

  3. Ahan so someone enjoyed beaches and babes too :P
    Cool :)

  4. Do you think it is safe for a woman to travel alone there ? I would love to visit Dubai ! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Smart decision on turning down the hooker. to think you were a cab fare away from perhaps getting a lovely batch of crabs or a rather relentless case of Herpes.

    Glad you had a good trip though, try not to look at your credit card bill. It's always a Bummer

    @ Senorita: It's perhaps the safest place for a woman to travel in the middle east.

  6. never letting him go to Dubai alone..

    these women ask you to touch them and then quote !?! it's like buying tomatoes na

    but glad you had fun Captain Pesto

  7. Glad you enjoyed beaches and the babes :P. We need more pictures.

  8. Sounds like Dubai was a lot of fun for you.. didn't know that hookers there were so readily available.. good job on turning the Russian down! I think having that kind of experience once in a lifetime is enough, no?