Sunday, October 3, 2010

Whats up with me

*Saw Anjaana Anjaani this weekend. The film is such run-of-the-mill affair; you wouldn’t feel you have watched a new film at all. Jesus save us from the new breed of directors and bring back the dishum dishum of 80s. Only highpoint of the film for me was the burqa clad female seated adjacent to me who went wild upon seeing Ranbir’s striptease

*Last Thursday had been to a new cabaret bar, easily the raunchiest place I have ever been to. The females were clad in sexy, skimpy, shortest possible skirts and high leather boots, wildly gyrating to hot numbers. I was there till 3 in morning and for once felt really turned on; in fact was about to tear my shirt upon seeing a special item maang meri bharo (remember Mamta Kulkarni) complete with wet hair, see through blouse and special lighting effects. Man that girl pleading on floor and opening her legs was real stuff, more intoxicating than half bottle of whiskey I consumed

*Few days back I stumbled upon photo album of Akash Banerjee. Akash was with me in Hindu College and after viewing his album I feel he is one of the most amazingly talented people I have known. I was not much friends with him in Hindu but this guy was immensely talented,easily the best orator around campus those days. He is now a journalist with Times Group; perhaps that’s where he cultivated this rare gift of photography - anyone interested in photo journalism who happens to view his album will never be disappointed and infact I can vouch will not be able to close the window soon.

*My below post saw some guarded comments and understandably restrained response. Porn and sex is for men what shopping is for women, so guess some tacky posts can be allowed in once in a while. I have also started surfing porn in office as I now have a corner seat with a hidden monitor and no server to catch my hits

*My flirting with my potential girl friend is going fine and on course though she has made it amply clear that she will never sleep with me. How on earth can these girls know the real intentions? Guess females are endowed with a sharp sixth sense when it comes to men though men foolishly keep staring at other juicy endowments

*I have joined a gym out of compulsion to try and somewhat control my burgeoning body fat. Life in this city is so comfortable, I had initially thought living away from home I will shed a lot but now it seems I will have to fight real hard to control my waist line. The gym for the record is pretty ordinary and nowhere near the trendier ones seen in India

*Meanwhile my Dubai trip should be happening soon. It has been coming for sometime now and should hopefully materialize in October. I was slated to travel much earlier and for reasons known and unknown, it got delayed time and again though I am not complaining. October is anytime a better time to travel there than torrid peak summer heat


  1. Hehe...yes women do have this sixth sense! Too bad for u! :P
    Dubai is a nice place..I went there last January..lots of shopping!

  2. you definitely are not missing home pesto :)

  3. rofl @ bharo maang meri bharo

    what a double meaning song !!! is recording allowed? next time please use your phone camera and record the raunchy dance for my benefit too? i need a good laughter dose

    hi 5 @ joining the gym. well done! i could never do it.. hope you manage!

    and hope you find some motivating hottie there too

    porn at office? women don't shop at work! you are crossing your limits now Mr. Pesto Horny Sauce

  4. Okay!

    You need to get LAID, right away! Cabaret wet dancers? LOL! Enjoy till it lasts, cause in most probability your girlfriend/wife is not going to be entertaining you with that unless you are God's favorite child. ;)


  5. bharo maang meri bharo LOLLLLLLLLLL

  6. You are having a good time brother, keep it up and flirting is easy. You just talk with the girl :) and from what I read, you're doing pretty good.

  7. Ignore the potential gf till she agrees to sleep with you! That's just cruel on her part.

    Porn is like shopping.....I suppose men spend less time and money on it as women do on shopping....

  8. I was saved from watching Anjana Anjani.
    I had a 3 hour break between classes and thought I'd go catch a movie in the nearest hall. I went. The gates were shut. The reason- The owner of the hall died that morning, hence all screenings stopped for the day.

    p.s: I did get myself some amazing icecream with that money.

  9. Hey! How do you know where I work? I don't remember putting it up on the blog!

    P.S. Not publishing that comment for obvious reasons. :)

  10. Aah u hav got a lot going on in your life. :) Good going. And yes too bad for u guys, we women do havbe an amazing sixth sense. :P

  11. sigh people are still keeping mamta kulkrani alive :)) you got a gf now..congrats mate :)

  12. If you want to cut down on the fat, try GM diet or the tea diet... linked here for your reference.

    Stick to body weight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups. Get a 10 kg dumb bell for biceps curls. Add 30 minutes of walking daily to the routine. Early in the morning or In the evening.

    Don't use the gym, unless you feel the need to shed money... You must be fine. You can buy a decent lap dance if you saved 3 or more months of gym fee ;))

    Two more cents for you bro,

    Fitness is a life style (doesn't come in 3 months)

    Certainly an eventful life, I must add... ;)

    Cheers, IM !

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