Sunday, January 17, 2010

Years Gone By

As another year unfolds and gets underway with all its colors, it marks the onset of not only another year but also another decade. I was reminiscing how the past decade has been for me with its own share of ups and downs and perhaps the coming decade will be no less eventful. Also each year of the decade gone by had its own uniqueness for me, which I have tried to summarize succinctly below

It was the year of innocence, a young lad from a small city finding his feet in big bad Delhi and adjusting to hitherto unseen environs of Hindu College. Also getting over my first infatuation and finding grips with life of a grown-up. I spoke to Malaika Arora from MTV Loveline this year (and she found me to be a despo)

Salad days of my life, as I was enjoying college and its freedom to the hilt. Life was perhaps never better with full on masti and mazaa, playing Agony Uncle to friends in romance, enjoying Delhi and its girls, wondering why college cannot be extended by another three years. Only wish those days could return again, not that I would spend them any different

Perhaps one of the worst years of my life as I lost my father and that grief still haunts. For many days I felt like pricks throbbing all over my body with the pain refusing to go away. This year I realized that life will never be the same again

A forgettable year as I was stuck doing my MBA from a place I loathed. These were the loneliest years of my life, inspite of having rich brats all around and some hot females readily available. Most friendless time indeed

We moved to Gurgaon and I got my first job. Working was indeed a new way of life for me and my first job with its accompanying lessons taught me many unforgettable lessons in professionalism. Since this was a young firm with young workforce I did have a good time with babes and Bacardi. I also had my first smoke this year

Difficulties in my job had begun to unfold which I left later in the year. However I will remember this time for the wonderful phone sex I used to have with an unkown chick. I had mistakenly received an SMS which initiated a long sensual phone chat which continued over a few months. Will recount those chats sometime later but I discovered phone sex to be indeed stimulating

This year will be remembered as I joined my present firm, got a major bout of illness which refused to go away and things at home took a turn for the worse. Perhaps I should have got away that year only and wouldn’t have been stuck here today

I joined Art of Living and found solace in it away from the tensions present around. Perhaps this was the first of many spiritual sojourns I undertook and I am yet not stopped

I will remember this year most for its frustrations, I was not getting a job offer as per my liking and when I did get markets had crashed. Now I have realized we all are only slaves of the market/economy

A better year for me as I started this blog, joined pursuits outside office, workplace got better and yes I slept with a whore. Compared to previous years this one did show some respite and can be remembered for some good things

As 2010 unfolds I have hopes of things looking up what with a change of location in the offing but dearly hope it should not turn to be another disappointment


  1. I met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a few years ago in an intimate private meeting at his ashram near Blore.
    I have to say he is such a calming influence.
    Never managed to do the course though...

    Maybe 2010

  2. Whoa...2010's going to be all great and positive for everyone...that's what my mind what if there's so much turmoil going around mee...!!Let's stay positive!!:)

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  4. Hmmm very eventful years..

    Hoping and praying for a better year ahead..

    Happy 2010!!

  5. Was she really a whore...maybe more like a working girl...or someone who loves to spread the lovin...with condoms of coarse..

  6. You... spiritual great revelation man.. This turned out to be a 'Discover pesto-sauce'post.. Good luck with gals in the next location. Am sure you will keep posting you exploits... Good luck!!

  7. Hey the info 3socdtofo2 is going to be really helpful to everyone I hope....
    Even the comments side is turning to be really informative:D

  8. it was nice to read abt events in ur life...I hope 2010 will be one of the Best Years of your Life...Thanks for dropping by my side :)

  9. I'm so sorry about your father.

    But you met Malaika Aurora. I know she's like a sex symbol and all...but I just love her!

  10. try to get a girl friend man.this

  11. This one is only going to get better. The graph of your decade is rising, my friend.

    Good Luck.


  12. yup, it's just getting better and better :) hope you remember 2010 for very happy things, sexy! :)

  13. What an interesting and colorful decade you have had!

  14. i m just hoping and praying that all our graphs are rising and never falling!

    it is always fun to grow )

    bless you!

  15. acha look on the other life is getting definitely nicer and more interesting as we keep reading now and then :)

  16. here's to a happy happy year ahead!
    know this will be a good one, after all, u know the art of living ;)

  17. really nice sum up! I wish you a much better 2010 year! I hope you will find what you are looking for and simply be happy:)