Sunday, February 20, 2011

Life changes every four years

Cricket World Cups are indeed one of the most exciting and looked forward to events in our country; infact I doubt if anything parallels the euphoria and excitement of this event, tinge of which I can feel even here outside India. World Cups are an important milestone and after having watched repeated reruns on TV of past World Cups during bygone weeks, I couldn’t help but smile how my life has changed with every Cup that I can recall

This was a young boy just understanding the game and life. An age of pure innocence, the world seemed to comprise of Hansel and Gratel characters; I wish growth was less associated with loss of innocence

The young pup had now begun growing up and was grappling with adolescence, that too in a hostel with hardened molesters for company. I recall the India Lanka game in Delhi, many had escaped to watch it live on ground and remaining were glued in TV room, while I had a sizzling hot make-out, one of my firsts, in a closed dorm

This was the age when dreams were made. I had just finished high school and was about to change cities moving to Delhi, where I would reside for the next decade. I was also dealing with my first heartbreak, something so common for this tender age; infact I don’t think cricket was much on my mind as I now discover many hitherto unseen games of this edition during numerous TV reruns

The malaise gripping my present life had just begun to set-in, only I had failed to recognize the initial symptoms. I was about to finish my studies in a year and was eagerly looking forward to life, planning many things but did not know someone up above had a different script in store

Life had hit a nadir and much like this World Cup, my life was non-descript by all standards. I sometimes wish 2011 was 2007 but then those agonizing years taught me patience and tolerance; hopefully virtues which will never again allow me to be cynical about life

This is a bright young man who is enjoying his new found life, all the more gratifying as it has come after a long wait. He now understands that life has its crests & trough, at times life does throw lemons but also has its share of surprises; only those who take rough with smooth survive. Also he is now looking to settle down in life, a phase of life that he recognizes will bring its own challenges


  1. Yes, if i map my life in terms of 4 year long categories, I'd have pretty interesting chapters.

    p.s: thank you for the compliment.

  2. nice breakdown and congrats on the decision to settle down. no easy decision i take and a brave one at that.

  3. Good to know things have gotten better for you. But obviously it was the bad phases which taught you to appreciate the good ones.

  4. So finally things better for u :) Hope even world cup is better for india :)

  5. lyf changes every 4 minutes dear... i wud have sed 4 secs..but its a too short tym i thnk...

  6. Good to know that everything is getting better:)

  7. pesto do you think Mrs pesto will have ehr own blog, as her experiences being Mrs Pesto ??

  8. that life my friend good bad good bad they follow each other all the time .. a person is who get through each phase and stands tall ..

    and coming ot world cup ooh yes indeed .. i got my sky dish done and all installed jsut for this .. pity i had to take a 12 month contract ..

    it says outside india where do you live :)


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  10. I had never thought of it this way!

    PS. We are a cricket crazy country,aren't we?

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